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Alec Smith’s Workout of the Week is 😬😬😬

Morning Chalk Up

October 22   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The not-so-quick remedy for quick fixes.
  • Alec Smith’s workout of the week is 😬😬😬.
  • Eric Roza and Julie Foucher discuss the new CrossFit Precision Care.
  • Rogue Invitational schedule is out.
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“You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction.” - George Lorimer

  The Remedy for Quick Fix Culture and How to Have Lasting Success 


The Remedy for Quick Fix Culture and How to Have Lasting Success

For the most part, we can get anything we want within 24 hours simply by clicking a “buy now” button. We are conditioned for instant gratification and that extends into our relationships, careers, fitness, and health. Advertisers are smart. They know this. Hell, they created this. You can’t throw a rock without hitting an advertisement for a new quick fix, magic bullet, lifestyle hack, or get-rich-quick scheme. And worse, we allow ourselves to be convinced that people are actually getting results this way.

The truth is very much the opposite. Not to be annoyingly cliché, but good things take time.

Out of the roughly 1 million papers that have been published in nutrition, only a small fraction, maybe even only a few hundred are large, high quality randomized trials or properly done meta analyses. One of those studies out of Stanford in 2018 found that the best diet for health is one that can be stuck to. That’s it. Sticktoitveness matters more than macros, ketones, feeding windows, or food timing. Successful diets over the long haul are the ones that involve slow and steady changes and stop feeling like diets at all.

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Visit Podium at The Rogue Invitational

Visit Podium at The Rogue Invitational

Podium are heading to the Rogue Invitational and there are tons of opportunities for you to meet Mat Fraser, the Buttery Bros, and the whole team.

  • Mat Fraser and the Buttery Bros will be at the GNC Store (2200 E Palm Valley Blvd, Suite 110, Round Rock, TX 78665) on Thursday, 10/28 from 5-7 pm.
  • You can also sign up for a community WOD led by Mat and the team at CrossFit Round Rock on Saturday, October 30 starting at 7 am.

You can also drop by their booth to sample Hydro+Salt, Podium’s electrolyte and BCAA product designed especially for intense training.

Can’t wait till Rogue to try it ? Order it now and use code SALTY for a 20% discount.


What’s up with CrossFit’s Instagram? Many of you noticed and asked us why @CrossFit on Instagram was changed to @CrossFitMena. Don’t be alarmed, CrossFit MENA is a new account for Middle East and North Africa.
  • @CrossFitMena was previously being held by someone outside of CrossFit and when CrossFit asked for the username back, the form asked for a current account. @CrossFit was entered and whoops…changeroo. It’ll be back soon.
  • In the words of Tatooine stormtroopers…“Move along. Move along.”

MUST READ: Time Magazine dives deep into CrossFit Precision Care and the boutique health start-up environment:

  • Roza: “That people deserve better than today’s primary care model is an honest statement. I don’t say that to be controversial.”
  • Dr. Julie Foucher, an avid CrossFitter who helped design the program, says it will expand to the rest of the country next year, gradually adding more doctors depending on how many people enroll.
  • Foucher: “We want to try to set up a system that actually addresses those root causes [of health problems], which most of the time come from our diet, from the ways that we move, from the ways that we sleep, from the ways we interact with people, and the ways that we recover or manage our stress.”

Zelos Games Workout 0.2 Results: Payouts will be awarded down to 10th place with first place taking home $2,000.

  1. Arielle Loewen – 1064 | Matt McLeod – 1034
  2. Emma Cary – 978 | Cedric LaPointe – 1033
  3. Kari Pearce – 967 | Bartek Lipka – 1020
  4. Mikaela Norman – 965 | Olegs Lascenko – 999
  5. Fee Saghafi – 904 | Solodov Stanislav – 985

Register for the final two WODs. 

Learn more about the genesis of the Zelos Games.

Rogue released a full schedule of the upcoming Invitational, including details for the Legends and Strongman events.

  • 7 Individual Events
  • 3 Legends Events

P.S. Rogue has canceled Black Friday due to supply chain issues and rising cost of goods.

Guilherme Malheiros officially joins the FITAID team, joining Sara Sigmundsdottir, Laura Horvath and Jeff Adler.

  Alec Smith's Workout of the Week 

Alec Smith's Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. You can post your times or scores in the comment section.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by three-time Games athlete Alec Smith.

5 Rounds
1 minute rest between each round
21 Deadlifts (135/95 or 60/40)
15 Burpee Over the Bar
9 Bar Muscle Ups (or 15 Pull Ups)
Time cap: 30 minutes

Some advice from Alec: “Choose a number of bar muscle-ups you can hit unbroken, while fatigued. Attack the burpees with intensity knowing you have rest after each round!”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.


RX Stories You Can Read for Just $1

Every week, our team of journalists publishes exclusive stories available only to RX members, covering topics from professional coaching, the latest affiliate trends, feature stories on CrossFit Games athletes, and more. Here are a few RX stories we published this week. Start reading for just $1.



Kicking Up Into a Handstand

It's all well and good giving tips on HSPU and handstand walks, but some of us are still getting used to kicking up and not smashing into the wall. Check out this drill you can do using a box to get used to kicking up into a stable handstand without bouncing straight back off.




A Hypervolt And Free FITAID For Your Pumpkin Carving Skills

Better with a brush than a barbell? It's your time to shine. LIFEAID wants you to get creative for the fittest pumpkin carving contest on earth. Just post a photo of your creation on Instagram, tag FITAID, and use #pumpitupkin to enter. Winners get a Hypervolt massager, a $100 LIFEAID gift card, and serious bragging rights.



The Misfit Power Clean Complex

Anytime there's a new complex, we have to give it a go. And this one is deceptively nasty. Start light, give it a go, and see how heavy you can go in this set from Misfit.



A Nano X1 and Lifter Bundle From Reebok

Be ready to crush new PRs with this lifter bundle from Reebok. Get a pair of Legacy Lifters and a pair of Nano X1 for only $199. Use code "WOD" at checkout to save on the two fundamental training shoes.



Slow Down To Row Faster

Trying to get done with a row as fast as possible is a pretty solid plan in CrossFit, but sometimes you have to take a breath and work smarter, not harder. Check out this guide from Dark Horse Rowing to get your speed right, to get your speed fast.


Celebrating a PR, hosting a fundraiser, this, that, or otherwise. Send us a tip.

  • 🎂 Happy birthday Facundo Etchecolatz.
  • 🎂 Happy birthday Roger Gillros, director of the Norwegian CrossFit Championship.
  • 🎂 Happy 9th anniversary to Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach, CA.
  • Congratulations Amanda Fischer from CrossFit Breaking Boundaries in Roswell, GA on matching your lifetime back squat PR at 335 pounds/152kg.
  • Congratulations Sabrina Oostburg on the 220 pound/100kg back squat PR.
  • ❤️ This 83-year-old doing sit-ups is everything that matters about CrossFit.
  • Congratulations Coach Janet Allen of CrossFit Surmount on getting your USAW L1-Certification.

A prep school in Hertford, England a city just north of London, has fully integrated CrossFit into their sports programs school-wide, saying it “plays a vital role in enhancing children’s wellbeing and mental health.”

CrossFit Identity along with CrossFit Faru in the Serengeti are hosting a fundraiser WOD to help get an L1 certification course to the Serengeti so the scouts protecting the wildlife from poachers can can train others in their native Swahili. The WOD will memorialize Kitaboka Wagora, who was killed by a poison arrow by a poacher.

2/4: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Tucson, AZ)
2/4: The 2023 Winter Classic (Danbury, CT)
2/4: GOAT Youth/Teen Fitness Competition: Individual, Age Groups 10-17 (Olyphant, PA)
2/4 - 2/5: Modena Challenge: Intermediate and Rx (Modena, Italy)
2/10 - 2/12: Fittest if the Coast Championship (Charleston, SC)
2/11: Valentine’s Day Crush (North Hollywood, CA)
2/11: The Big Chill (Chillicothe, OH)
2/11: Cupid’s Clash at THRIVE CrossFit 103 (Staten Island, NY)
2/11: The Big Chill (Chillicothe, OH)
2/11: Cupid’s Clash (co-ed pairs) (Staten Island, NY)
2/12: The 2023 RCF Winter War (Londonderry, NH)
2/18: Moultrie South Georgia Classic (Norman Park, GA)
3/1 - 3/31: Barbells For Bullies: Sit Ups For Pups (Online Event, United States)
3/18 - 3/19: Okanagan Valley Throwdown (Penticton, Canada)
3/25 - 3/26: Costa Dorada Fitness Challenge (Tamarit, Tarragona, Spain)
3/25: No Weak Links (Marcy, NY)
3/30 - 4/8: Nine27 Athletics Spring Showdown (Online, Virtual)

See all upcoming events

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