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CrossFit Announces the L4

Morning Chalk Up

November 4   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • CrossFit announces L4 for 2023
  • Argentina inflation woes continue as SouthFit Challenge soldiers on during tough economic times
  • Mat Fraser and Emma McQuaid exclusive interview from Ireland
  • Looking at the field for the Zelos Games, which kicks off next weekend
  • Lucy Campbell’s Workout of the Week
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  CrossFit to Release Level 4 Coaching Credential in 2023  

CrossFit to Release Level 4 Coaching Credential in 2023

CrossFit HQ announced they will be offering a CrossFit Level 4 (CF-L4) Coach credential, designed for “the most senior trainers,” starting in the new year.

“Earning the L4 credential will move the coach into a small yet highly accomplished group of CrossFit coaches who have demonstrated excellence and commitment to their craft,” CrossFit’s General Manager of Education, Nicole Carroll, told the Morning Chalk Up.

The details: The CF-L4 will be an in-person performance evaluation that requires no coursework or educational content, Carroll explained.

  • “The evaluation consists of a candidate coaching two workouts and is evaluated across six domains: teaching, seeing, correcting, class management, presence and attitude, and application. The CF-L4 is an evaluation only, and onsite feedback or development is not provided,” she added.
  • Registration for the CF-L4 assessment will open in January 2023, but in order to qualify to take the evaluation, you must be at least 18 years old and, possess an active Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer credential, and submit proof of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training, completed within the last two years.

Some historical context: Between 2008 and 2010, a “small number of people” who passed the old Level 2 and the CCFT exam were awarded a L4 credential, Carroll explained. However, this is the first time CrossFit will be offering a formal Level 4 credential.

  • “The new evaluation has an updated content outline and exam format, and third-party testing consultants have validated the evaluation process. This makes for a better and more rigorous exam but in a more standardized format,” she said.
  • The release of the CF-L4 makes CrossFit’s suite of credentials the most advanced in the industry,” she stated in CrossFit’s November 3 press release.

The Big Picture: For Caroll, the CF-L4 is a key component in “the professionalization of a CrossFit coach” and in creating more opportunities for senior CrossFit trainers.

  • “Undoubtedly, advanced credentials lead to greater opportunities for professional recognition, and earning this credential is no small feat. It means an individual has demonstrated advanced coaching abilities through a real-time performance assessment. This is an essential milestone in a coach’s career and one that signals coaching mastery developed over many years. Our trainers need to have the option to earn the CF-L4 as it fuels the advancement of their careers while simultaneously positively impacting CrossFit affiliates, athletes, and the CrossFit community,” she said.
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In case you missed it: Morning Chalk Up’s Justin LoFranco sat down with Mat Fraser and Emma McQuaid in Ireland to talk about coaching and competing, and how Fraser is transitioning into his new role as a teacher of CrossFit.

Tune in today: Live at 1pm CT, Morning Chalk Up’s Preslie Hirsch will be chatting with Aimee Anaya Everett. As the coach of HWPO’s newest program addition, HWPO LIFT, we’ll be chatting about helping athletes with the right cues to improve, working weightlifting-specific work into CrossFit, and more. ☕️

Sara’s In!: The one and only Sara Sigmundsdottir will be competing at the TYR Wodapalooza and everyone in CrossFit just did a collective high five for this news.

Interesting read: Insightful story about what CrossFit taught a writer about praying for the dead in the University of Dallas’ student newspaper.

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  Inflation Woes in Argentina Persist as SouthFit Challenge Presses into Second Decade  


Inflation Woes in Argentina Persist as SouthFit Challenge Presses into Second Decade

According to the latest world rankings, Argentina’s inflation rate has topped 80 percent in recent months. This surge hits the pockets of Argentina consumers the hardest as prices for goods and services skyrocket and they watch as the power of their currency continually decreases. This uncontrollable economic condition presented many obstacles for the Southfit Challenge, a licensed CrossFit event.

Event director Nicolas Ini and his team had one major goal in mind while organizing the Southfit competition for its 10th year: celebrate the Latin American CrossFit community, and help make fitness accessible to more athletes. That started by securing one of the largest sporting and event arenas in Buenos Aires, La Rural.

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  Inflation Woes in Argentina Persist as SouthFit Challenge Presses into Second Decade  

Coaching and Competing: Mat Fraser and Emma McQuaid Talk Approach to Upcoming Season

Morning Chalk Up’s Justin LoFranco sat down with Mat Fraser and the 12th Fittest Woman on Earth, Emma McQuaid, for a catch-up interview during the Filthy 150 in Dundalk, Ireland.

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  Who to Watch Live at the Zelos Games  

Who to Watch Live at the Zelos Games

This time next week we’ll be gearing up for the Zelos Games live showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 12 elite-level men and women will throw down across four workouts. Who are the big names we are excited to see? And who should you keep your eye on? We’ve got you covered with who to watch as the action unfolds.

As a reminder, in an innovative two-part fashion, spectators can watch the event (streaming online or in-person as a spectator), and then compete themselves to earn substantial prizes in the online version of the same workouts which takes place November 11-21. To register, get spectator tickets, see the workouts and learn more, visit our event page here.


The ladies are bringing the heat to the desert with three 2022 team first place semifinal finishes among them (Alexis Johnson, Brittany Weiss and Devyn Kim).

In workout 1.3, “Ace of Spades”, athletes will work through a relatively small set of double-unders in between a snatch ladder on a 90-second clock. If you clear all the bars, you get three minutes to find a 1-rep max snatch — and who doesn’t love a little strength test after getting your heart rate up?

According to their CrossFit Games profiles, Christine Kolenbrander has the heaviest snatch on record at 215 lbs/97 kg, followed closely behind Ro Scott with 207 lbs/94 kg.

Michelle Basnett, the only other athlete in the field who snatches over 200 lbs/90 kg, narrowly missed her chance at the Games this year after finishing third individually at the Fittest in Cape Town Semifinal (where only one Games spot is allotted). While she was tied for first with Michelle Merand going into the final day, the last two workouts were her lowest finishes of the weekend (7th and 12th, respectively). Given the reduced volume of this competition overall, we anticipate Basnett will fight for a podium spot.

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  Lucy Campbell’s Workout of the Week  

Lucy Campbell’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games rookie Lucy Campbell. The 26-year old Brit made waves (literally and figuratively) by winning two events at the Games enroute to a 16th place finish. She was one of just four women at the Games to win multiple Games events. Not surprisingly the former open-water swimmer won the “Rinse ‘N’ Repeat” workout in exciting fashion before ending her first Games trip with an event in “Jackie Pro”.

  • Lucy Campbell

For Time
250 meter swim
21 Double Kettlebell Overhead Squats (2X70/53 LBs – 2X32/24 KGs)
250 meter swim
15 Double Kettlebell Power Snatch (2X70/53 LBs – 2X32/24 KGs)
250 meter swim
9 Double Kettlebell Squat Snatch (2X70/53 LBs – 2X32/24 KGs)
Time Cap: 40 minutes

Scaling Options:

  • Swim = 60/50 Cals on Ski Erg.
  • Weight = 70/53 LBs – 32/24 KGs

Some advice from Lucy: “We did this workout as part of our RedPill Games replication weekend. The weights were pretty heavy for me so I used the swim as recovery to be able to push on the kettlebell movements. If the swim is going to be a challenge for you, reduce the weights here so you can use that to recover slightly instead. Enjoy!”
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  • 🎂 Happy birthday, Katie Amirian and Julian Marquez.
  • 🎉 Happy 10-year affiliate anniversary to CrossFit Unknown in Morgan, UT.
  • Congratulations to Lucy Saltmarsh from Atlanta, GA on the new front squat PR— 175 pounds/79.5kg for two reps.
  • CrossFit Games veteran Ben Smith took on the 100 snatch challenge, completing 100 reps of 225-pound/102kg snatches in 47:09.
  • Javier Arencibia from Syracuse Sweat Club in Syracuse, NY does a 135 pound/61kg sots press for three reps.
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