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Noah Ohlsen and Team Peak Get Ready for the 2024 Season

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Meet Team Peak
  • Does being a CrossFit national champ correlate with Games performance?
  • Lauren Kalil became the first woman to call play-by-play at a major CrossFit event at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza
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“I don’t have much context on what teams typically look like when they start training together at the beginning of the season, but it’s hard to imagine it going better than it has. That’s been getting us all pretty fired up because we still have so much time to continue getting fitter together and dialing everything in.” - Noah Ohlsen, on Team Peak's early season training

  Team Peak Joins the Superteam Fold for the 2024 Season  

Team Peak Joins the Superteam Fold for the 2024 Season

The CrossFit Games Team Division is taking shape as more and more rosters are announced.

  • Mayhem Thunder will see the return of Kara Saunders, Khan Porter, and James Newbury to the competition floor along with Emily de Rooy.
  • Elliot and Jamie Simmonds are joining Kristóf Horvath and Mia Hesketh to form Team Walleye.
  • CrossFit Invictus just revealed its Team Invictus Unbroken, featuring Tyler Soderback, Jenn Ryan, Lauren Stallwood, and Sean Early.

Most recently, Noah Ohlsen, Tola Morakinyo, Lena Richter, and Matilde Garnes announced that they were joining forces to form Team Peak for 2024. In the announcement, made via social media, the four highlight that amongst them, there are 22 CrossFit Games qualifications, five podiums, and four silver medals.

Some background: Like Team Walleye, Team Peak is heading into the season rich in team experience, although this will be the first time for this four-person combination.

  • In the past three years at the CrossFit Games, Lena Richter, with CrossFit Oslo and CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue, has taken two second-place finishes in 2021 and 2022 and a third in 2023.
  • Fellow Norwegian Matilde Garnes, also no stranger to teamwork, competed on Team Maxplus in 2018, only to move on to Individual for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.
  • Tola Morakinyo, with perhaps the most experience to boast, has five Games appearances in the team division, three top-ten overall finishes, and a silver medal last year, (beating out teammate Lena Richter’s CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue).

Noah Ohlsen, after competing for ten years as an individual, is a CrossFit Games team division rookie. While he has experience in off-season competitions like TYR Wodapalooza and the Down Under Championship, this will be his first time on a team for the CrossFit season.

  • “This is, in fact, my first time ever preparing for a full season on a team, but I have done a good handful of off-season team competitions over the years,” Ohlsen tells Morning Chalk Up.
  • “Those had always piqued my interest but I knew I wasn’t quite ready to make the shift. After closing out a decade of competing solo, I’m ready and hopeful that all of that experience will carry over and help me be a significant contributor to our team, in many capacities,” Ohlsen says.

Team Peak has already settled into their unique roles, and at this point, they have a full month of training behind them. Ohlsen expressed that he feels incredibly lucky that Morakinyo, Garnes and Richter were able to move across the world for this team to come together.

The training plan: Hence the name, the four are training at Peak 360 in Miami, FL, where they’re being coached by Joakim Rygh of Kriger Training (Rygh has coached the CrossFit Oslo team and led them to three podiums).

  • Rygh has years of experience, and most importantly, with Garnes and Richter. Having built a strong relationship with Max El-Hag over the years, Ohlsen still consults with him, because as he stated, “I love him and (I) wasn’t ready to let go of that coach-athlete relationship yet.”

At this point, the four train together five days a week, and complete their strength work together, even if some of the components are slightly different. Ohlsen shares that Morakinyo has been taking on an in-person coaching role when it comes to strength training, as that is his field of expertise.

  • “We run the track together with at least half of our intervals as a team. Multiple times a week, we do workouts as a team with the worm and with synchro movements in pairs or all four of us. We’re already figuring out the dynamics of working well together and little nuances in body language and communication that I think will help majorly throughout the season,” Ohlsen says.

The bottom line: For those who have followed Ohlsen and Garnes’ careers as individuals, as well as the team performances by Richter, Garnes, and Morakinyo, there is no doubt that Team Peak will be a major contender for the 2024 CrossFit Games. The four have greatly enjoyed this shift for the 2024 season and as their training progresses and continues to improve, their confidence is soaring along with it, rightfully so.

  • Ohlsen: “I don’t have much context on what teams typically look like when they start training together at the beginning of the season, but it’s hard to imagine it going better than it has. That’s been getting us all pretty fired up because we still have so much time to continue getting fitter together and dialing everything in.”
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  Why Being a National Champion Doesn’t Always Mean Games Success  


Why Being a National Champion Doesn’t Always Mean Games Success

Becoming the fittest man or woman in your country during the CrossFit Games season is one of the most sought-after titles, thanks to local bragging rights.

On average, though, only about 25 countries are usually represented at the Games between the men’s and women’s sides in the individual division. During the Open, athletes in over 150 countries get to fight for the right to be called the fittest in their respective countries.

By looking at the top of the Open leaderboard, however, we noticed that many of the national champions from the countries who scored highest on the global leaderboard don’t ever make it to the Games level at all, with some not even making Semifinals.

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  Lauren Kalil Becomes the First Woman To Call Play-By-Play at a Major CrossFit Event  

Lauren Kalil Becomes the First Woman To Call Play-By-Play at a Major CrossFit Event

“What if I sound dumb? What if my voice is too high-pitched? What if people think I was only hired because I’m a chick? What if I am only being hired because I’m a chick?”

These were the questions and self-doubt running through Lauren Kalil’s mind the night before she stepped behind the microphone at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza in Miami to call play-by-play.

One big thing: While women have been working as sideline reporters and in other areas of media coverage in the sport of fitness, the role of calling play-by-play has been exclusively male.

  • This year, CrossFit reporter Lauren Kalil changed that when she became the first woman to call play-by-play at a major CrossFit competition during TYR Wodapalooza this January.
  • The role marked a breakthrough in the sport, not just for Kalil and her career as a sports journalist but also for all women working in the CrossFit media space.

The road there: Kalil’s path was not an easy one, nor was it straightforward.

In an interview with Morning Chalk Up, Kalil said that she attended speech therapy growing up.

  • “Pronunciation of words was always something I struggled with,” she said.
  • “I had to study and try hard just to pass in school. Which was great, because I learned from a young age I have to be a hard worker if I want to succeed,” she continued.

Despite struggling early on in school, Kalil went on to study broadcasting at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. A degree that would kick-start her career in broadcast journalism.

  • While she didn’t start in CrossFit, she ultimately made the transition to work full time in CrossFit in 2023 after taking a job with Talking Elite Fitness.

Since then, she’s made her mark covering the sport of fitness in a variety of ways, but until this past month in Miami, she had yet to enter the realm of calling play-by-play.

“My passion has always been in play-by-play,” Kalil said of her decision to make the push into the role.

  • “But I had this fear that as soon as I let people know that was what I wanted to do all these people would look at me and say well ‘women don’t really have that position… women have the position of sideline reporter,’” she continued.
  • “I also know there are only so many openings for these gigs, so I don’t want to act like I’m coming for somebody else’s job,” Kalil added.
  • “So up until the summer, I didn’t tell anyone that I wanted to call play-by-play.”

Even after expressing her desire to move into the role, Kalil still had to overcome her self-doubt.

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