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Tracking the 2024 CrossFit Open Registration, Week 2

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Week 2 of The Open Report with Mike Halpin from Known and Knowable drops today and not only provides a weekly update on current 2024 Open registration numbers, also provides a bit of a history lesson on Open (and Quarterfinal) clues and programming hints.
  • The Chasing Excellence podcast offers some thoughts and assessment of CrossFit HQ’s recent moves
  • Icelandic fan favorite, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, joins Relentless App as an investor with Games legend Scott Panchik
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“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” - Mary Shelley

  The Open Report: Week 2  

The Open Report: Week 2

Days until the 2024 CrossFit Open: 28

(Register for the Open now)

The Open is “Unknown & Unknowable”… but there are, thankfully clues.

“From the beginning, the aim of CrossFit has been to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. We sought to build a program that would best prepare trainees for any physical contingency—prepare them not only for the unknown but for the unknowable.” – Greg Glassman, “Understanding CrossFit,” The CrossFit Journal, 2007

Preparing for the Unknown and Unknowable is CrossFit. Founder Greg Glassman’s words are exemplified in the weeks leading up to The Open as athletes finish up their Open prep. With every new year and new Open, a question starts to bubble up around affiliate chalk buckets, text threads, and online forums, “What will we see in the Open this year?” Who’s ready for 7 minutes of burpees, a 4th year in a row of wall walks, or how about a repeat workout?

It’s anyone’s guess, so it’s best to be prepared and keep an eye out for clues.

As the weeks turn into days from the start of the Open we usually start to get some inclination, clue, or even an outright warning.

  • In 2017, Games Director Dave Castro posted a picture on his Instagram of two 50 and two 35-pound dumbbells with “you’ve been warned” written underneath them. Open workouts 17.1 and 17.2 both then used single or double dumbbell movements.

The posts from Castro and the Games team aren’t always as straightforward. Here are some of the recent clues we have seen and what then the workout was, if you connected these dots you’re a genius:

2023 – Aesop’s Fables: The Hunter and the Woodman: 23.3 – Wall Walks/HSPUs, Double Unders and increasing weight Snatches with a gated time cap for each round.

2022 – An 1831 drawing of a Philadelphia gymnasium: 22.3 – 21-18-15 of Pull-Ups/Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups/Bar Muscle-Ups, with two times the double-unders and increasing weight thrusters

2021 – A coyote skull: 21.1 – 1-3-6-9-15-21 Wall Walks / 10-30-60-90-150-210 Double-Unders

Besides cryptic skulls and fables, another clue we normally get is an equipment list. The list gave athletes and affiliates time to prepare similar to the 2017 warning.

  • Adrian Bozman announced that there will be no equipment list for the 2024 Open, so no clues there, and no freaking out over kettlebells in the Open like 2023.
  • The same goes for floor layouts which in the Quarterfinals and Age Group Semifinals gave a bit of a clearer picture of what may be up Boz’s sleeve, those look to be a thing of the past as well as Boz states that layouts will be simplified to only focus on safety concerns but not the multiple rolls of tape they used to consume.

The guessing game has turned into an annual talking point for the media as well. CrossFit Programming focused podcasts like, ‘the WODPrep Podcast’, ‘Get with the Programming’ and ‘Shut up and Scribble’ give their take on what they think we will see in the Open, based on what they’ve seen in the past, (see below for more on that), what’s likely from what they knew about Adrian Bozman’s and Dave Castro’s previous programming and skill sets, and what they believe would be a well-rounded test of fitness to find the top 25% to move on to Quarterfinals.

If you look back on what has been programmed over the years, repetition and frequency give additional clues into what’s likely to come back again. Here are the top 5 movements we have seen from 2011 to 2023 in the Open which gives a basis for what we may likely see in 2024. The Morning Chalk Up has kept a full list which can be found here:

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🏋️ New Training Cycles for Catalyst Athletics: Head Coach, Greg Everett’s Catalyst Athletics announced that new training cycles start next week for his teams, so its the best time to join.

iF3 Volunteer Search: The International Functional Fitness Federation is looking for volunteers for several committee positions as well as some general vacancies. If you would like to volunteer to help them grow functional fitness as a sport contact them today.

🎟️ 🎟️ 2024 CrossFit Games Tickets Are Sold Out: Tickets for the CrossFit Games in Fort Worth, TX at Dickies Arena are currently sold out, according to an email from CrossFit LLC.

  • It’s worth noting, however, that there will likely be additional tickets made available in June.
  • In the email, Dave Castro said “The excitement the community is showing for the 2024 CrossFit Games is echoing that of ours at CrossFit as all available tickets have sold out for our first trip to Dickies Arena in Fort Worth. It’s nice to receive such a great welcome from our friends in Texas and tickets moving this fast only builds on the momentum that we’ve already had in the state.”

👑 Queen of Hustle Swag: If you missed it, Sherpawerks had limited stock of Lauren Kalil “Queen of Hustle” gear at the Fittest Experience in Austin, TX, over the weekend. If you want to get your hands on some, it will be available online soon.

ICYMI: In a big industry move, Tom Brady partners with NOBULL and merges the TB12 and Brady brands with the former CrossFit Games title sponsor.

  Make More Magic: A Response to CrossFit HQ’s Bold Changes  


Make More Magic: A Response to CrossFit HQ’s Bold Changes

In late November, CrossFit HQ announced its first affiliate fee increase in 11 years. In an interview with this publication, CEO Don Faul said that the company was “break even” in 2023, which “[doesn’t] allow us to make the types of investments in our community, our growth, that we need.”

On a recent episode of Chasing Excellence, we sat down to talk about Ben’s overall assessment of the changes. Since the gym opened in 2007, CrossFit New England’s affiliate fee has been $500 annually. CrossFit HQ recently announced it’s increasing to $4,500.

Here’s our conversation, edited for clarity and brevity.

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  Sara Sigmundsdóttir Joins Scott Panchik as Investor in Relentless Coaching App  

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Joins Scott Panchik as Investor in Relentless Coaching App

The Swedish-based company Relentless announced today that six-time CrossFit Games athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir has bought into the company as an investor, joining nine-time, now retired Games athlete Scott Panchik, who became a part-owner last summer.

  • “It’s so cool that they’re trusting us with what we hope will be the future in this space,” said Relentless founder Marcus Herou, a software engineer who also has more than a decade of coaching experience, about having both Panchik and now Sigmundsdóttir onboard.
  • “When [Sigmundsdóttir] started [CrossFit], she did not fit the norm as a strong girl but loved performance. She kept on showing up and never looked back, fighting to the absolute top. At Relentless, we want to challenge the norm, break the box, and inspire people to show up for training. Sara is the ultimate spokesperson for our core principles,” he added.

Remind me: Relentless is a coaching app that provides individualized programming based on your personal fitness abilities and goals, and it also adjusts sessions each day based on how much time you have, how you slept, and how you feel.

  • The app will build “a draft of your upcoming sessions,” so to speak, Herou explained, but if, for example, you wake up on Tuesday morning feeling exhausted and stressed out, the app will adjust your plan to ensure you’re successful that day.

The Relentless Method uses the data it gathers about you over time and also integrates with other wearable technology—such as Garmin, WHOOP, Google Fit and Apple Health, Strava and FitBit—so it can design the most effective training sessions for each unique individual. That being said, Herou insists the more important part of the app isn’t the AI piece—“We would like to use the word AI as little as possible,” Herou said—but rather the human touch.

  • Panchik added: “AI is just pulling everything off the web, so there could be something crazy out there that says, ‘If you do this workout you’re going to get abs.’”

The Relentless Method, on the other hand, has been built on sound training principles from experienced coaches like Herou and Panchik.

  • “I got to put a lot of my training principles and all of the things I have learned from working with athletes of all ages, teenagers all the way up to 70-year-old masters athletes…to help guide this technology to create these training programs to better serve people that don’t have access to a coach all the time,” Panchik said of his involvement in the company.

Who it’s for: The Relentless app is useful for those who don’t have the ability to go to the gym to receive hands-on coaching, but it can also be useful for athletes who follow a core program, such as a gym’s group class programming, but who also want a little more “individualized attention and structure that you need to progress,” Panchik said.

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Talking Elite Fitness

Check out the newest episode of Talking Elite Fitness, where Tommy, Sean, and Lauren discuss breaking news in our sport: the merging of Tom Brady's TB12 with NOBULL and an interview with Jack Farlow.




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