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What To Expect From Boz’s Programming This Season

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Dissecting CrossFit’s new Strength of Field rankings
  • Some thoughts on what to expect from a full season of Adrian Bozman’s programming
  • James Sprague’s workout of the week
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  Understanding CrossFit’s Strength of Field for Semifinals  

Understanding CrossFit’s Strength of Field for Semifinals

This season CrossFit has introduced a number of new changes as they begin laying the foundation for a more standardized and consistent model in qualifying athletes for the CrossFit Games.

We’ve seen the introduction of the new worldwide ranking system and a process for rewarding regions for their strength each year by giving them the opportunity to earn additional Games qualifying spots. Today we’re giving you a high level overview of how the new strength-of-field calculation works.

Overview: There are 40 CrossFit Games qualifying spots for each of the male and female divisions. This year, 23 of those spots will be guaranteed, being distributed across seven Semifinal regions:

  • North America West: 5
  • North America East: 5
  • Europe: 5
  • Oceania: 3
  • South America: 2
  • Asia: 2
  • Africa: 1

Of the 40 spots, 17 will be reserved for the strength-of-field calculation, which will use the top 100 athletes in the worldwide rankings after the 2023 Quarterfinals to determine the final number of Games-qualifying positions at each Semifinal.

The calculation: The strength-of-field calculation is based on the D’Hondt method, which will use rounds of calculation to award qualifying spots after each round. Since there are 17 unassigned Games positions, it means there will be a total of 17 rounds using the below calculation.

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Fuel Your Best Open Performance

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The Open is coming!: The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open is now just six days away and we will have you covered. Keep an eye on our competition hub and social media for all the latest updates and breaking news.

Lovely idea: Wondering what to get your swolemate for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our gift guide. Get your fella or your lady a gift they’ll love! 😍

Great cause: The Iron Game Athlete Fund is back for the 2023 Rogue Invitational. Along with Cash, Bitcoin, and ticket sales contributing to the fund, $5 from every Rogue Invitational T-Shirt and GORUCK Ballistic Trainers sold will be added to the prize purse.

Local love: Great piece out of Panama City, Florida about a local CrossFit box helping a food bank charity.

Interesting: A new study has found that a calorie-restricted diet may slow aging in healthy adults.

  What Can We Expect From a Full Season of Adrian Bozman’s Programming?  


What Can We Expect From a Full Season of Adrian Bozman’s Programming?

Last year’s CrossFit Games gave us the first real look at Competition Director Adrian Bozman’s programming, and now we will get to see how he designs the different stages over a full competition season, so what can we expect from the new mad scientist who will be looking to test athletes and regulars alike with his programming?

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  James Sprague's Workout of the Week  

James Sprague's Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by James Sprague out of CrossFit Naples in Florida. The two-time age-group CrossFit Games athlete (2017, 2019) is looking to make it in the individual elite division this year, coming up on his 7th consecutive CrossFit Open season.

James Sprague

E2MOM x 5 Rounds (or until failure)

  • 7 Deficit Strict HSPU (4/2 inch)
  • 12 Dual KB Hang Clean and Jerks (53/35lb)
  • 2/1 Legless Rope Climbs

“Score is total reps or the ability to complete this all the way through. The stimulus is a push-pull with a huge grip limiter that sets in exponentially as the rounds go on. Crossfit is all about your ability to flush muscle fatigue and produce more power, force and endurance, even when it may feel like nothing is there. This workout will make you push your upper body to places it hasn’t been before if you want a good score!”

Scaling options: Scaling this workout starts with taking away the deficit on the HSPU and modifying to one legless for males and one regular rope climb for the females. Keep the kettlebell weights the same unless you can’t do a set of 12 unbroken while fresh.

Some advice from James: “This piece is an aggressive benchmark I like to use for my own training to see where I am with these movements under intense fatigue. I recommend this benchmark to any high-level athlete who wants their arms to feel like noodles.

I have always been the tall guy in the room who struggles with gymnastics under fatigue, it is one of my main focuses day to day in training, so seeing improvements in workouts like this really get me amped up on a new level. Good luck and tag me in your videos of you guys crushing this one!”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.



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