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What to Expect When You’re Expecting…You’re First CF Games

Morning Chalk Up

June 17   |   POWERED BY

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Rookie Christine Kolenbrander plans to make waves in Madison
  • Brent Fikowski and other Games vets offer advice to 2022 rookies
  • What can we learn from China and Brazil when it comes to CrossFit expansion?
  • What will happen to the team division when Rich Froning retires?
  • And, Tommy Marquez brings back the workout of the week (after a month off due to Semifinals)
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  CrossFit Games Rookie Christine Kolenbrander Looking to “Make Some Waves”  

CrossFit Games Rookie Christine Kolenbrander Looking to “Make Some Waves”

Christine Kolenbrander might be a rookie individual CrossFit Games competitor this summer, but the 30-year-old, two-time Games team athlete is no rookie to competition, and she’s bringing experience and confidence with her to Madison, WI.

Kolenbrander’s Competitive Journey to 2022

Kolenbrander, a former Level 10 gymnast, found CrossFit in 2015 before moving to Missouri in 2017 to join the CrossFit 417 team, a team that placed 12th at the Games in 2017.

She and her team improved their Games finish in 2018, placing fifth, but then failed to qualify in 2019.

That’s when a couple of Kolenbrander’s teammates decided to try their hand as individuals, something she had always wanted to do, as well.

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In case you missed it: Danielle Brandon is fitter than she’s ever been and people are noticing. The Bottom Line host, Lauren Kalil talks with Justin Cotler and Kiefer Lammi about how the Underdogs star looks heading into the Games.

Stay Tuned: At 6:00 AM PT, we’ll have an announcement about prize purses for the CrossFit Games on our Instagram. Follow us so you don’t miss out.

Fee Saghafi is ready for the LCQ: Check out her thoughts on the results from the Granite Games and how she feels heading into the Last Chance Qualifier.

Rogue is hiring: Check out the multiple open positions at the top supplier of CrossFit equipment.

  So You’re Going to the CrossFit Games: Veterans Give Advice to Rookies  


So You’re Going to the CrossFit Games: Veterans Give Advice to Rookies

In 46 days (not that we’re counting), 80 individuals will put on a custom jersey and take the floor in Madison, WI for the CrossFit Games–but for a third of them, for the very first time.

Why it matters: With 15 women and 12 men (thus far, two spots still to be determined in the last chance qualifier at the end of the month) never having competed at the CrossFit Games before, a sizeable portion of the athletes have no idea what to expect — mentally or physically.

Translation: Be afraid, be very afraid.

“Don’t try to beat me… it’s not going to happen,” Brent Fikowski said while laughing at the Post-Semifinals CrossFit Games press conference yesterday, before more seriously answering the question as to what a rookie should expect going into their first visit to the final stage of the season.

Remind me: As we near the Games, CrossFit HQ held an hour-long Post-Semifinals Press Conference on June 16, 2022 for members of the media led by Justin Bergh and Adrian Bozman, accompanied by athletes including Fikowski, Emma McQuaid and Lazar Đukić.

Seven-time CrossFit Games qualifier, Fikowski, has a wealth of wisdom to share with rookies.

What they’re saying: “The weekend is so much longer than any of the other competitions you’re used to, and the competition field is so much deeper.”

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  OPINION: CrossFit Graveyards in Brazil and China Remain Stark Reminders as Headquarters Flirts with European Expansion  

OPINION: CrossFit Graveyards in Brazil and China Remain Stark Reminders as Headquarters Flirts with European Expansion

Not to sound too dramatic, but 2022 may go down as a pivotal year in the 21st century. Pandemic fatigue has reached its peak, as the average citizen no longer wants to social distance, mask or get regular testing done for COVID. The virus is still running rampant through the population at will, but everyone has moved on – for better or worse.

What emerges in the next few years will be a new way of life, the “post-pandemic phase” where we should expect the unexpected. Companies and individuals have big plans, and the future forward from here could determine the next few decades of trajectory when it comes to our entire species.

CrossFit–as a company, brand and sport–finds itself at a similar crossroads: where to go from COVID? Rumors are, after the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games takes place in Madison, WI for what seems the umpteeth time, CrossFit is taking its show on the road.

Where to, you ask? This question can best be answered by a process of elimination. CrossFit’s general manager of Sport, Justin Bergh, alluded to a “non-US offering” in a press conference following Quarterfinals. We can rule out Canada, as leaving the North American continent seems to be the goal, and simply taking the Games north doesn’t seem like CrossFit really stretching its wings.

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  OPINION: CrossFit Graveyards in Brazil and China Remain Stark Reminders as Headquarters Flirts with European Expansion  

VIDEO: What Happens to the Team Division if Rich Retires?

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  Tommy Marquez’s Workout of the Week  

Tommy Marquez’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by the Morning Chalk Up’s very own Tommy Marquez. A staple of the CrossFit media space when it comes to broadcasting or co-hosting his very own podcast, Talking Elite Fitness, Marquez is one of our senior staff writers and one of the leading analysts in the sport. However he not only talks-the-talk but walks-the-walk, he’s a two-time individual CrossFit Quarterfinalist as well as competing in the 35-39 age group online qualifier.

  • Tommy Marquez
    For Time
    15 Clean & jerks (155/105 LBs – 70/47 KGs)
    30 Bar-facing burpees
    45 Wall Balls (20/14 LBs) to 10-foot target
    60 Abmat sit-ups
    120 Double-unders
    Rest 2:00 then repeat in reverse orders starting with 120 double-unders
    Time Cap: 24 Minutes

Scaling Options:

  • Clean and jerks – scale weight, should be able to cycle five-plus reps fresh
  • Wall ball – scale weight
  • Double unders – weighted jump rope singles or 300 single unders

Some advice from Tommy: “​​After the barbell, aim for large sets with steady movement. Everything is relatively approachable, and with the mandated rest, should allow for some aggressive pacing. Use your first half split as a guide for the way back, and much like doing the Filthy 50 in reverse yields a slightly different stimulus, take note of how the switch in order changes the way you approach the same work with a similar goal time in mind.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.

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How Adaptive Cognitive Athletes Feel About CrossFit

Check out how two CrossFit adaptive athletes, 7x World Record holder Julia Lane and worldwide CrossFit Open champion in the intellectual disability division Lance King, feel about competing in CrossFit and how it impacts their lives.




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  • Congratulations to Emma Baumert from CrossFit Fort Vancouver in Portland, OR on the 320 pound/145kg triple back squat PR.
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  • Congratulations to Chaz Barnes from CrossFit Pistol Creek in Maryville, TN on one year in CrossFit.
  • Mike Breuker and CrossFit Siargao are continuing to rebuild and see progress after Typhoon Odette wiped out much of the community’s infrastructure in December.

Tolland CrossFit in Tolland, CT participated in the Eva Strong partner workout this past weekend.

  • Affiliates around the globe are invited to join Shotgun CrossFit this Saturday, June 18 in the Eva Strong workout honoring the life of Eva Mireles.
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3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (Oceanside, Ca)
3/16: Shamwod & Shenanigains (oceanside, ca)
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