No, literally. 

Among today’s newest and most ridiculous fitness fads, we’ve got something you can file right alongside naked CrossFit and beer yoga. Introducing “Napercise”.

That’s right. A nap WOD.

Napercise, not to be confused with “sleep yoga” (yep, that’s a thing), is a 60 minute class offered at David Lloyd Clubs in Cardiff, Wales designed for folks that just aren’t getting enough sleep. It promises 45 minutes of uninterrupted rest to “reinvigorate the mind and body and even burn the odd calorie”.

Kinda like kindergarten?

No quite. You’ll get a twin size bed, a cozy blanket, and an eye mask. They’ll bump down the A/C to a perfect sleeping temperature and play some atmospheric music— followed by some light stretching to get you moving again when you wake.

Meh, not for me.

It’s hard to argue the benefits of getting a little extra shut eye, but we’re just not sold. Paying money to sleep in a room full of strangers? Why not just take a nap at home?

At least then you don’t have to wear pants.

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