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Kicking Off Thursday, How to Watch Team USA at Worlds

Sep 17, 2019 by

Team USA is currently in Pattaya, Thailand gearing up for the International Weightlifting Federation 2019 World Championships. The competition is set to kick off Wednesday local time.

Team USA is sending a total of 20 athletes; seven in the A session, 11 in the B session and two in the C session.

Thursday 9/19: Converted to Pacific Time

  • Morghan King (49kg B): 10:00 PM PT Wednesday
  • Alyssa Ritchey (49kg A): 3:55 AM PT 
  • Jordan Wissinger (67kg B): 10:00 PM PT 
  • Alex Lee (67kg B): 10:00 PM PT 

Friday 9/20:

  • Jourdan Delacruz (55kg B): 12:25 AM PT 
  • Hunter Elam (59kg B): 10:00 PM PT
  • Jessica Lucero (59kg B): 10:00 PM PT

Saturday 9/21:

  • CJ Cummings (73kg A): 6:25 AM PT
  • Christian Rodriguez Ocasio (81kg C): 10:00 PM PT

Sunday 9/22:

  • Harison Maurus (81kg B): 12:25 AM PT
  • Mattie Sasser (64kg A): 6:25 AM PT

Monday 9/23:

  • Jordan Cantrell (89kg B): 12:25 AM PT
  • Mattie Rogers (71kg A): 3:55 AM PT
  • Kate Nye (71kg A): 3:55 AM PT
  • Jason Bonnick (96kg C): 8:00 PM PT

Tuesday 9/24:

  • Nathan Damron (96kg B): 12:25 AM PT

Wednesday 9/25:

  • Jenny Arthur (81kg A): 3:55 AM PT

Thursday 9/26:

  • Wes Kitts (109kg B): 12:25 AM PT
  • Caine Wilkes (+109kg B): 9:00 PM PT
  • Sarah Robles (+87kg A): 11:25 PM PT

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