The Unassuming Athletes Turned World Record Holders: And How You Can Claim One Too

December 3, 2019 by
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Almost by accident.

That’s how Australian Kate Hilliard claimed her first Concept2 SkiErg world record.

In fact, the 28-year-old didn’t even know there was such a thing when she claimed the fastest female time trial for 2000 meters on the Ski.

“I was in the middle of it and I was you know, dying and the owner of the gym came up and said 7:28,” she told the Morning Chalk Up. After finishing 26 seconds faster (7:02) unbeknownst to Kate at the time, she’d claimed her first world title.

The Australian swim coach and personal trainer has since added three more world records on the Concept2 SkiErg to her resume:

  • 500m: 1:33
  • 1000m: 3:20
  • 5000m: 18:43

Bragging rights: While a cowbell hanging at 98Gym in Sydney, Australia is her only physical trophy, Kate admitted she doesn’t feel hard done by that the record is little more than “bragging rights.”

“Being able to measure yourself against people and a little bit of a reward for hard work,” she said.

The self-proclaimed wannabe CrossFitter had more than a decade experience in competitive swimming before first stepping foot in a gym. She now trains up to three sessions a day, with a strength focus instead of just programming to dominate on the Concept2 machines.

From retired rugby player to record holder: James Hall may be the brother of World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, but he also has adequate “bragging rights” of his own.

When the former professional rugby player was forced into retirement due to a knee injury, James found the SkiErg gave him a low impact, heavy cardio workout combined with muscular endurance.

“I found out I was good at it and I got a few world records,” he laughed.

2 minutes and 45 seconds for 1000 metres isn’t a bad day at the office. In fact James – who’s based on Australia’s Central Coast – has now created his own online coaching business ‘SkiSquad’ based on helping others improve SkiErg times.

“It’s like exclusive content, weekly ski erg, weekly weights and it’s sort of like an online community, like push each other to get our own PBs and stuff like that,” he told the Morning Chalk Up.

Concept2 World Records: The equipment manufacturer has official world rankings for the Rower, SkiErg, BikeErg and Ergathlon – a workout combining all three.

Records are broken down into the categories of time (everything from one minute – to a half marathon) distance, age, weight, even a category for adaptive athletes.

In fact, anyone can log a score on the worldwide leaderboard here and see how your pulling power compares with the best.

How to claim a Concept2 record: If think you’d got what it takes to make a run for a new world record, you need to do one of the following to make it official.

  • Log the special verification code (PM3/PM4/PM5) that’ll register on the Concept2 machine for your attempt.
  • You can compete in official indoor races (mainly rowing) that are held around the world.
  • Your attempt can be witnessed and signed off at a public club or by a Concept2 official
  • Like the Open, you can film and submit your world record attempt by video.

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