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Rogue Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Mar 22, 2020 by

As the United States continues its fight against COVID-19, Rogue Fitness has announced that it will devote part of its operations in combating medical supply shortages throughout the country. Rogue has dedicated product development teams manufacturing and supply chain operations to producing masks, gowns and face shields for medical personnel. They will also start manufacturing ventilators for those suffering from respiratory issues brought upon by CONVID-19.

The bottom line: Rogue has been proactive against the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on medical supply shortages by creating new job positions.

  • On Friday, Rogue Founder and Owner Bill Henniger announced they were hiring 100 new employees to join the company specifically to help sew masks and build medical equipment.
  • The new positions were also created as a response to people losing their jobs due to the pandemic.
  • Full and part-time positions are available.

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