Mayhem Libertad and Four Other Argentinian Teams Disqualified

March 15, 2022 by and
Photo Credit: Instagram @nicolasbacha
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On March 12, CrossFit announced that five teams have been disqualified from the 2022 Affiliate Cup competition.

The five teams who have been disqualified include:

  • CrossFit SDC Mayhem Libertad (Nicolas Bidarte, Melina Rodriguez, Jimena Delamer and Santiago Comba)
  • CrossFit SDC Four Wild (Jenni Reyes, Lucas Arce, Mailu Maucci and Ivan Adamenas)
  • CrossFit SDC Ghostbusters Team (Matias Berretti, Kiara Schneider, Flor Brohman and Lautaro Brichetti)
  • CrossFit SDC Samurai Team (Tomas Borghiani, Pau Martinez, Facundo Lobalzo and Fernanda Palacios)
  • CrossFit SDC Revolution (Rodrigo Santorum, Cielo De La Canal, Facundo Nino and Sofia Strada)

The disqualification, as outlined by CrossFit, is a result of CrossFit SDC not having a physical training location. The athletes on these teams have been training primarily in secondary locations unrelated to the affiliate.

It’s important to note that none of the individuals on these teams are disqualified and can still compete throughout the season as individuals.

According to the rulebook: In the 2022 CrossFit Games Rulebook, rule 1.14 (“Affiliate Cup Team Eligibility Requirements) states “Athletes competing for a team must be active members of that team’s CrossFit affiliate for the duration of the CrossFit Games season.”

  • “Team members are required to continue being active members of the team’s CrossFit affiliate until the team is eliminated from competition or until the start of the Games.”
  • “In addition to being active members of the team’s CrossFit affiliate, team athletes all must live within 100 miles of the CrossFit affiliate they are representing. If an athlete intends to compete on a team located more than 100 miles from their current residence, they must complete their move to a new residence within 100 miles of that affiliate and be able to document their move (lease, driver’s license, etc.) no later than Jan. 13, 2022.”
  • “Should there be any doubt about whether an athlete or team is meeting the requirements or intent of the Affiliate Cup competition, CrossFit may, at any time during the CrossFit Games season, require athletes to produce documentation proving they have indeed met the team requirements.”
  • “Documentation demonstrating the athletes are active members of the team’s affiliate should include proof of the following:
    • The athletes live within 100 miles of the affiliate (utility bill, driver’s license, etc.) 
    • The athletes are active members of the affiliate (signed waivers, client management software, whiteboard pictures, social media posts) 
    • The athletes are regularly training at the affiliate (social media posts, whiteboard pictures, workout tracking software, etc.)”
  • “If a request is made, CrossFit will provide details as to when the documentation will need to be provided. If athletes cannot prove they meet the requirements stipulated by CrossFit, the team and individual athlete may be subject to disqualification.” 

Worth noting: In many Latin American countries, as well as others around the world, paying a CrossFit affiliate fee and covering rent for a physical training location is not sustainable. In these regions, affiliate owners often list their own home gym space as the training location. 

  • In the case of Argentina, conducting any transaction in United States currency is almost impossible, that includes paying an affiliation fee to CrossFit. 
  • On top of that, Argentinian inflation is rampant and as of February 2022 was just over 52%.
  • In his first Town Hall meeting as CEO, Eric Roza discussed scaling affiliation fees for countries with struggling economies to make gym ownership equitable. This process has begun, and many countries are able to affiliate under the $3000 USD per year rate, currently Argentinians looking to affiliate can pay $1,500 USD.

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