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Individual Quarterfinal Floor Plans Have Been Released

March 21, 2022 by
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As promised, CrossFit HQ released the floor plans for the five Quarterfinal workouts at noon pacific on March 21.

The details: If you qualified, you better get ready for some funky WODs.

  • Workout 1 shows taped boxes against the wall at 40” and 24” as well as DBs and stacked plates (or similar items, to create a deficit) as well as eight feet of space in between.
  • Workout 2 shows a GHD plus a set of gymnastics rings.
  • Workout 3 shows a climbing rope, a wall ball target and 25’ space to move across.
  • Workout 4 shows a rack and a barbell. While it does not show a flat bench, we could imagine it being included here.
  • Workout 5 shows a barbell, a plyo box and a Concept2 rower.

The bottom line: These floor plans will allow for a lot of speculation as to what the workouts are for Quarterfinals.

  • At first glance, there is no flat bench, which was added late, although it could be part of the setup for workout four, even though it’s not clearly laid out.
  • We see a setup that might involve deficit HSPU, in workout one.
  • There are gymnastic rings in workout two. That could mean ring MUs or toes-to-rings.
  • Workout three has a rope, a wall ball target and a set flat distance, so we can only assume rope climbs, wall balls and a handstand walk.
  • Workout four shows a rack and a barbell with plates. If the flat bench is incorporated, this is where it will likely be.
  • The final workout–number five–looks gnarly. It involves a barbell, a plyo box and a rower. The combinations of these movements are infinite.

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