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Tia-Clair Toomey Flirts with CrossFit Immortality

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The G.O.A.T. debate (Greatest of All-Time) is one that rages through the halls of every sport. Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan, is Lionel Messi better than Cristiano Ronaldo, will Connor McDavid be better than Wayne Gretzky?

CrossFit’s parity within its own sport between the men and women brings about an even more fulsome discussion, who is the best of all-time, male or female? Rich Froning has four individual titles, and five team ones, Mat Fraser has five, and then there is Australian superstar Tia-Clair Toomey.

Right now Toomey is flirting with CrossFit immortality as she has won every event through two days of competition at the Torian Pro, which would be an unprecedented show of domination if she can keep this up through the end of the competition, and two more events. No recorded CrossFit athlete has ever run a sanctioned competition, winning every single event.  

Not only has Toomey won events this week, she’s been so far ahead of her competitors, it’s easy to imagine their frustrations. She won the “2014 Regionals Event 5” by :30 seconds in a workout that only lasted four minutes, broke the programming in “Don’t Stop Me Now,” finishing the event in only two rounds, she was the only athlete male or female to do so. Oh yeah, and she’s tied for the world record in the barbell complex at 245 pounds (she could’ve hit at least 250 as well).

The competition is no slouch at Torian Pro either, as she is up against a stacked field that could send a handful of women to the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games with podium potential. 

New mom Kara Saunders, Jamie Simmonds, back from injury, an up and coming Ellie Turner eager to prove herself are all formidable opponents, and Toomey could have hit cruise control after day one and most likely coasted to a berth, but her plans seem to be otherwise–total domination. 

Barring the completely unforeseen, she will also be in line for her sixth CrossFit Games title this summer, which would see her eclipse Froning and Fraser. Barring those few who think Froning’s team accomplishments stack up against individual titles, which they don’t to most, after this summer there will be no debate anymore, Toomey will be the greatest CrossFit athlete of all-time, and she will have set a benchmark so high, so unobtainable, it will most likely etch her in the halls of immortality like Gretzky and Jordan. 

Accomplishments so big and grandiose, Toomey’s legacy will stand the test of time. Thinking in this new age of CrossFit parity that someone can string together six straight titles is completely unfathomable, and the only person who is remotely close to it is Justin Medeiros, with one to his name. 

Toomey’s rise to CrossFit dominance is well documented, a crucial mindset shift in 2016 after she came second twice led to a new athlete between the ears, and one who was virtually unstoppable on the competition floor. Whatever went on in Toomey’s head during those moments when she reevaluated her career as a CrossFit athlete should be studied by clinical professionals, because it birthed one of the greatest athletes of all-time, and the greatest CrossFit athlete we have ever, and will, most likely see. 

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