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20 of the Best Photos from 2022 CrossFit Semifinals

June 15, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Athlete's Eye Photography
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As CrossFit continues to grow and mature, there is more digital content being produced by more content creators than ever before. If you follow the sport of CrossFit on social media at all, your feed has likely been inundated with photos, videos, and stories from the last four weeks of the 2022 CrossFit Semifinals.

We reached out to some of the top CrossFit photographers from around the globe and gave them a nearly impossible task: “Send us your favorite shot from Semifinals.” Their submissions have been compiled below.

A Quick Note

I know it can be tempting to scroll quickly through, hastily seeking the flashiest win, the best flex, or your favorite athlete in the bunch. I’m guilty of that myself.

With this collection, I encourage you take the time to sit with each image. Embrace the story that it tells. Acknowledge the dedication, the art, the commitment, and the humanity on display.

If you like what you see, feel free to comment or send the photographer a message. We’ve linked each photographer’s instagram page next to their work for easy finding.

  • If using or displaying the images contained in this article for any reason, please credit the photographer.

Without further ado…

Here are twenty of the best photos from CrossFit Semifinals:

By Carlos Bown | Bown Media

Athlete: Rich Froning, Jr.

Event: Syndicate Crown

“This photo shows a lot of emotion— grit, determination, focus, and power.

Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the years are of Rich Froning doing rope climbs. He has a history with the movement, and nowadays he could be considered the best at it. I was able to capture this movement in an angle that’s not very common.”

By Justin Tamane | Tamane Photography

Athlete: Hayley Murillo

Event: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Games, where she and her husband Josh officially announced her pregnancy.

By Anders Malm | Hype Machine Sports Group

Athlete: Tola Morakinyo and Khan Porter

Event: Lowlands Throwdown

“It was nothing less than expected for Tola to dominate the snatch ladder at Lowlands, but what was not as expected was the emotion that followed from Khan Porter as he ran onto the platform after his teammate successfully made his lift.

It’s one of my all time best captured moments in Crossfit to this date.”

By Ava Kitzi | Ava Kitzi Photography

Athlete: Timothy Paulson

Event: Granite Games

By Karly Ann Johnson, PRVN Fitness

Athlete: Tia-Clair Toomey

Event: Torian Pro, Barbell Complex

“This is my favorite photo I’ve taken of Tia, because it perfectly shows her competitive spirit.

This was taken immediately after she completed the Barbell Complex event and hit 245 pounds, giving her the third event win of the weekend.

She’s a true fighter.

By David Soo | Training Day

Athlete: Freya Moosbrugger

Event: Atlas Games

“I chose this photo, because it’s not a typical style or something you see in a lot of content. A ‘panning shot’ is quite difficult to shoot and holds a 50/50 risk of either getting it right, or losing the moment.”

By Thai Oliveira

Athlete: Guilherme Malheiros

Event: Copa Sur

By Wendy Nielsen

Athlete: Julia Crawford

Event: Granite Games

“This is one of my favorite shots from The Granite Games. I like it because of the colors, and [Julia is] one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s got an awesome ponytail, and I love photographing athletes that don’t often get the big spotlight.”

By Jordan Brown | Flashlight Fitness

Athlete: Kara Saunders

Event: Torian Pro

By David Risdon | Crispy Dudes

Athlete: Tia-Clair Toomey

Event: Torian Pro

“This was my first time watching Tia compete in person and she didn’t disappoint. There was a buzz in the crowd when she came out; cell phones all around the arena lit up to capture her in action. After winning another event, she strolled across the line and gave the crowd a flex.”

By Dylan Shoemaker | The Fittest Photographer

Athlete: Haley Adams

Event: Syndicate Crown

“I love this image because it demonstrates the effort, the heart, the pain, and the commitment that being a CrossFit Games athlete takes. I also love that it shows the community’s reverence for these competitors’ dreams and hard work.”

By Alex Sroka | Shots by Sroka

Athlete: Matt Dlugos

Event: Granite Games

“I took this as Matt Dlugos was running toward the finish line during the final event at the Granite Games. He finished first in the event, which lifted him to seventh place overall and earned him a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier.”

“I think this is my favorite because you can feel the energy and emotion in the photo. I know this was a special moment for Matt, and to be able to capture it was special for me.”

By Nero Dusevicius | RXd Photography

Athlete: Katrin Davidsdottir

Event: Strength in Depth

“I chose this image of Katrin because it’s from the final event at Strength in Depth, where she took the win. Though the weekend didn’t go the way she wanted, I love this photo from her winning event.”

By Aine McAlea | AMC Creative

Athletes: Jacqueline Dahlstrom, Sam Briggs, Emma McQuaid

Event: Far East Throwdown

“This is my favorite shot because it captures the sportswomanship in the sport, and what CrossFit is all about— community.”

By Patrick Clark | Athlete’s Eye Photography

Athletes: Spencer and Scott Panchik

Event: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, after the announcement of Spencer’s first CrossFit Games qualification

By Lucile Phelouzhat, BELIKEWATER Agency

Athlete: Roman Khrennikov

Event: Far East Throwdown

“This was my first time shooting high-level athletes on request.

Roman barely knows how to speak English, but he knows how to light up the crowd!”

By Isi Ferrier | Isi Ferrier Creative

Athlete: Ricky Garard

Event: Torian Pro, Don’t Stop Me Now

By Charlotte Foerschler

Athlete: Kyra Milligan

Event: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge

By Kelly-Jayne Trindade

Athlete: Jason Smith (left) and Kealan Henry (center)

Event: Fittest in Cape Town, Event 5: Stellie’s Chipper

“Only one spot from Africa earns a ticket to the Crossfit Games, so the ‘want’ for it runs deep. It was incredible to watch Kealan Henry and Jason Smith battle back and forth all weekend. In the end, Kealan came out on top, earning his very first ticket to the Crossfit Games.”

By Bruce Williams | B.A.W. Media

Athlete: Fee Saghafi and Alex Gazan

Event: Granite Games

By Renato Macassi | Fury Photography

Athlete: Dani Speegle

Event: Granite Games

“If I had to pick one favorite, it would be this one.

Just you vs. the event.”

Honorable Mentions:

Asking photographers for one shot is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child— each is loved for very different reasons.

So, below are photos from the “I couldn’t pick one” category:

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