One Cue to Create Stability in Your Jerk Catch

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Do you want to be more stable in your catch? Or do you lose a lot of lifts out front? Then don’t just think of driving the bar UP, think of driving the bar BACK more in your jerk! This will help create stability and also help you save a LOT more jerks too.

You will be a lot less stable if the bar is in front of your ears so aim for punching it at LEAST over your ears, if not behind them. This puts the bar right over your absolute midline which gives you the most STABILITY in the catch position. 

To achieve this, make sure that you are punching the bar back versus driving your head through your arms to achieve this. There is a difference! So pick an imaginary spot and drive it there every time. Start with just the barbell and practice this position until you can find it every. single. time. You should be able to hold it there for an extended period of time with little effort. 

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