How to Program 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Open Workout 23.3 For Kids

March 2, 2023 by
Image Credit: Ava Kitzi
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We’re back for the third and final week of the CrossFit Open, and just like the previous two weeks, we’re not leaving the littlest athletes out of the “fun.” From toddlers to high schoolers, here’s how you can adapt 23.3 for your CrossFit Kids. 

PreSchool and Elementary Age

In general, shorter time domains will suit little brains better, so the complex time-adding scheme doesn’t need to make its way to your CrossFit Kids workout. Instead, a simple six-minute AMRAP will get kids the stimulus they need. 

Plus, making workouts into a game can add motivation to an otherwise grueling workout. Here’s how to make 23.3 into a rock-paper-scissors battle for your littles. 

  • Set up 10-15 10-lb plates across the floor in a winding pattern. These are the “lilypads” for athletes to hop on. 
  • On either side of the gym, two athletes complete the allotted reps. 
  • Once they’ve completed the reps, athletes hop on the “lilypads” as fast as possible until they reach the middle. Athletes then play rock-paper-scissors. 
  • For larger classes, try a tournament-style workout where athletes compete to be the ultimate winner. 

23.3 rock-paper-scissors

  • 4 rounds 
  • 5 wall walks 
  • 15 dumbbell snatches

Hopscotch on “lily pads” to the middle, and play rock-paper-scissors. 

Middle and High School Age

While the counting and movement skills might be more intact for older athletes, scaling the workout from the prescribed teen divisions can still create a more positive experience. 

Feel free to again get rid of the time-adding scheme, instead doing a simple 9-minute AMRAP with the same movements.

  • Stay with wall-walks throughout the entire workout or allow scaling options such as pike-pushups and shoulder taps for the handstand pushups. 
  • Scale the snatch weight or forego the barbell altogether and provide athletes with a dumbbell. 

Whether you’ve got a large group of kiddos competing in the Open this year or just one, we’re so glad to help include them in these three weeks of worldwide fitness!

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