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CrossFit’s 2023 Games Demo Team, and How You Know Them

July 24, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi @avakitzi | Athlete: Carolyne Prevost
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The CrossFit Games Demo Team is a group of “experienced CrossFit athletes” that demonstrate movements and workouts for the field of Games athletes during athlete briefings. 

  • The group of six will often test workouts prior to (and during) the Games in order to give organizers a realistic run-through at full speed.
  • For example, when rain caused a delay in last year’s Alpaca event, it was the Demo Team that came out to the field to test equipment and help determine next steps.

2023 Demo Team Members

  • Griffin Roelle
  • Carolyne Prevost
  • Mitchel Stevenson
  • Sydney Michalysen
  • Ashleigh Wosny
  • Victor Hoffer

How You Know Them

Carolyne Prevost has been to the Games three times as an individual (2022, 2021, 2019). She holds the Rogue Challenge Record in Deadlift for Reps by completing 66 deadlifts (225lb/102kg) in 2 minutes.

  • Prevost won two NCAA Hockey Championships with the Wisconsin Badgers before going pro in her home country of Canada in 2012.

Griffin Roelle competed in the Games as an individual (2020) and on Team CrossFit Dwala (2018). He was on the Demo Team last year, and competed at North America East Semifinals this year, but withdrew after an injury in Test 2.

  • Roelle earned 4th place in The Other Total (clean, overhead squat, bench press) during the 2022 Quarterfinals. He logged an impressive 1128lb/511.6kg.

Sydney Michalyshen is a two-time Games athlete (2022, 2021), and took 15th in this year’s North America West Semifinals including an 8th place finish in Semifinals Linda. She is coached by Ben Bergeron’s CompTrain out of CrossFit New England.

  • Michalyshen made headlines last year when she finished second overall (behind Danielle Brandon) in the MACC Semifinal, including an event win in 2015 Regional IE5’s rope climbs and shuttle runs.

Mitchel Stevenson competed with CrossFit I1uvit at the 2021 Games, and as an individual in 2018. He finished 10th in this year’s North America West Semifinals, only 36 points behind Cole Sager in 9th, including four top-ten finishes in the field of 60 men.

Ashleigh Wosny competed twice in the Games (2022, 2018) on two fairly high-profile teams, and took 2nd in the 16-17 Girls division the first year it was introduced (2015). This year, she was 16th at North America East Semifinals, including a 2nd place finish in Test 4 with a 205-pound max snatch (93kg).

  • Wosny competed alongside Kelsey Kiel on Team CrossFit OBA at last year’s CrossFit Games, and had Austin Malleolo and Spencer Hendel as teammates on Reebok CrossFit One in 2018.

Victor Hoffer most recently placed 13th at the 2023 Europe Semifinals in Berlin. A two-time Semifinals athlete for team CrossFit Grillen, 2023 was Hoffer’s first year competing at Semifinals as an individual. At only 20 years old, he is quickly becoming known for his quick and efficient movement.

  • Hoffer dusted the field in this year’s Semifinal with his 9:36 win in Test 6 (OH Squat, Row, Handstand Walk Pirouettes, HSPU, and Legless Rope Climbs).
  • His two event wins in Quarterfinals workouts include 2022 Test 2 (Pistol squats, GHD sit-ups, muscle-ups) and 2023 Test 1 (Front Squats, Handstand walks, Muscle-ups).

One big thing: The athletes on the Demo Team can often provide some level of hints for movements we might see on the competition floor.

  • Roelle–“CrossFit Thor”, as his Instagram states— is known for his strength, specifically when a barbell or max lift is involved.
  • Wosny was a Champion on the USA Weightlifting Youth National team. She had one of the top lifts worldwide in Semifinals Test 4’s max snatch.
  • Prevost holds the Rogue Challenge record for completing 66 deadlifts in two minutes with 225 pounds/102kg. She’s also a pro hockey player, can move heavy weight quickly and efficiently, and is an explosive power athlete.
  • Stevenson is a former soccer player that excels in conditioning and events with heavy upper body pulling. For example, Semifinals Test 1, with the sled and the machines, was a great workout for him (he took 7th place). 
  • Michalyshen was a gymnast that excels in workouts involving muscle-ups, and tends to perform well in “grunt work” strength events.
  • Hoffer was a national-level gymnast that has proven himself a specialist anytime single-leg squats, rope climbs, and high volume gymnastics are involved.

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