Not Your Average Honeymoon: Newlyweds Kyle and Taylor Flynn Go on “CrossFit World Tour”

August 20, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kyle Flynn
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Like many newlyweds, Kyle and Taylor Flynn decided to go on a European vacation for their honeymoon. 

But unlike most couples, Kyle and Taylor Flynn added CrossFit to their sightseeing. At almost all of their stops across the pond, the newlywed couple dropped in at a local gym, going on what they called a “CrossFit World Tour.”

About the Flynns: Kyle and Taylor Flynn are longtime CrossFitters and currently own a gym together. (The couple met through CrossFit – Taylor Flynn took a class at a previous affiliate Kyle Flynn owned, and the rest was history.)

They decided to go on a CrossFit tour to break up their sightseeing with a little movement. 

  • “Eating and drinking for 30 days straight wouldn’t feel so great,” Kyle Flynn said, “So we thought, ‘Why not go to a CrossFit gym at every stop?’”

Their trip: The CrossFitting couple started in Iceland, visiting — you guessed it — CrossFit Reykjavik. Kyle Flynn said they went straight from the plane to the box, hitting an 11 AM WOD in the infamous gym. 

From Iceland, they headed to Enschede, a town just outside of Amsterdam, where they checked out CrossFit Twente, a gym inside an old church. The structure and integrity of the church was kept intact—during their hero workout, Hotshots 19, Kyle and Taylor Flynn worked out below Basilica-style architecture and stained glass.

After a stopover in Vienna (with no WOD), the couple hit CrossFit Stigma in South Athens, Greece.

A few days later, on a Thursday, they headed to Egypt to drop in at Silver Giant Fitness in Cairo. This was one of the largest classes, Kyle said, with almost 40 people working out in the affiliate. “They said it was a super slow day,” he laughed. “It was unbelievable.”

  • After their workout in Cairo, gym members invited Kyle and Taylor Flynn to their post-Thursday routine: dinner and dessert.

Following Egypt was Rome, at CrossFit Villa Albani—where they worked out in a gym a few stories underground—then Paris, where they dropped in at CrossFit Louvre 1 and CrossFit Louvre 3.

  • “They had some fire breathers in [Paris],” Kyle said. “We did Kelly… I am decently fit and hit a 30-minute Kelly on vacation, which I was happy with. But some people in the class finished in like 20 minutes. They were cruising.”

Up next was XXI CrossFit in Portugal, located in an old, emptied-out Olympic swimming pool (“You had to climb down a step ladder to get to the gym,” Kyle explained) and finally, CrossFit PDL, a massive gym in the Azores Islands.

Their big takeaway: CrossFit communities are as welcoming as ever, wherever. Gyms opened their doors and communities to Kyle and Taylor Flynn, whether it was inviting them to stay and workout when they missed the right class time, paying for their drop-in rate, or taking them to dinner after a WOD.

  • “It was cool to see that was a common thread we have, even though we’re a thousand miles apart,” Kyle said. 

Their advice to anyone who wants to do their own version of a CrossFit World Tour? Aside from the practical things (like making sure to do research and reaching out to the gym before showing up), Kyle Flynn said, “Just do it. It’s an incredible experience that is worth every penny spent.

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