How Ricky Garard Used Kineon MOVE+ Pro to Bounce Back Quickly From Injury

September 12, 2023 by
Photo Credit: @kineon_labs
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Unless you have been under a rock this CrossFit season, you know there was a clear void at the 2023 CrossFit Games, and his name was Ricky Garard. About four months ago, the comeback kid, the 3rd place finisher in the 2022 CrossFit Games, crashed his mountain bike and suffered a severe fall.

  • “I went down heavily on the shoulder and managed to separate the AC joint within the shoulder. It was a grade 3 tear through the three ligaments.”

Ricky was told he would have to have surgery to be back to 100% and achieve the goals he had set for himself. Garard had surgery eight days after the accident, and the road to recovery began.

  • “I had to be in a sling for six weeks while the shoulder healed. I got one of the Kineon MOVE+, and every day after surgery to today, I have been using the machine.”

The results have been fantastic.

  • “Based on my recovery and my turnaround, the surgeons and the physios and even people that have experienced this injury, my turnaround has been pretty remarkable. It just goes to show that if you have the right tools, the right people, and the right mindset, you can turn things around quicker than you thought.”

Garard is now approximately 15 weeks post-op and back to full training, doing everything from Olympic lifting to handstand walks. He recently dominated the Rogue Invitational Qualifiers, coming in first to earn his spot at the Rogue Invitational. 

The most significant impact of the MOVE+ Pro dealt with inflammation.

Garard explains:

  • “Sometimes, after training or rehab, my shoulder would be a bit achy, throbbing, or overused. I would put it (the MOVE+ Pro) on at night to do two or three cycles of  15-minutes, and the next morning, the throbbing and pain were gone.”
Photo Credit: @kineon_labs
  • “My shoulder feels freer and healthier again. Every time I train or think I’ve overdone it, I run straight to the MOVE+.”

The MOVE+ Pro helped with more than just Garard’s shoulder. After wearing a sling for weeks, he began to have issues with his elbow and wrist. He grabbed the MOVE+ Pro immediately.

  • “My elbow and wrist tightened up from being stationary in the sling. I also used the MOVE+ on that, and it helped my elbow heaps!”
  • “It reduced the inflammation and freed it up. For any injury, it will help with inflammation and reduce pain in the joints in addition to healing and improving the mobility of a scar.”

Like most people, Garard didn’t know much about the benefits of red light therapy past using a sauna when he became aware of Kineon’s MOVE+ Pro.


  • “I knew a little about reducing information and stuff like that, but I never looked into it much. The science behind MOVE+ and the results people are getting – including myself – is remarkable.
  • “I think it’s a great investment for your recovery regime. I couldn’t live without it. I definitely believe in the Kineon MOVE+ and red light therapy.”

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