Who’s Competing at the 2023 Down Under Championship?

September 25, 2023 by
Photo Credit: @downunderchampionship
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The leaderboards for the Down Under Championship qualifiers (DUCQ) have been finalized, and invites have been sent to the top:

  • 20 Elite Individuals, men and women
  • 20 Elite Teams, male and female teams
  • 8 Futures, male and female (16-19 years) 
  • 8 Masters, men and women in each age group
  • 16 Intermediate Teams, male and female 

Remind me: The Down Under Championship (DUC) is Australia’s largest off-season competition. Online qualifiers took place over two weeks–September 4-8 for Elite Individuals and Teams, and August 21-25 for Futures, Masters and Intermediate teams.  

Elite Women Leaderboard

  1. Katelin Van Zyl (CrossFit Urban Energy)
  2. Grace Walton (CrossFit Dignus)
  3. Marnie Sykes (CrossFit Selwyn)
  4. Laura Clifton (CrossFit Awaside)
  5. Jaime Goodwin (Wolfe Den CrossFit)
  6. Julia Hannaford (NTRS Performance)
  7. Aimee Cringle (Blueprint Training)
  8. Alethea Boon (CrossFit Botany)
  9. Jess Green (Starr Strength and Performance)
  10. Daisy McDonald (Wolfe Den CrossFit)
  11. Briony Challis (CrossFit Hero)
  12. Michelle Hayes (Unbound Fitness)
  13. Lisa Burrill (CrossFit Torian)
  14. Christina Livaditakis (CrossFit Crossaxed)
  15. Brodie Preston (The Concept)
  16. Emily Clements (CrossFit Adelaide)
  17. Georgia Pryer (Snake Athletic)
  18. Ella Price (CrossFit Central Wellington)
  19. Amanda Mackay (CrossFit Selwyn)
  20. Katie Brock (CrossFit Newstead)

Elite Men Leaderboard

  1. Peter Ellis (CrossFit Peak Blaxland)
  2. Zac Thomas (CrossFit Wollongong)
  3. Zane Shellabear-Healey (Independent)
  4. Jonathan Dunlop (Independent)
  5. Luke Fowler (CrossFit Selwyn)
  6. Luke de Jonge (CrossFit Wollongong)
  7. Dante Karangaroa (Team Taurus)
  8. Adam Mansy (CrossFit Bil Athletic) 
  9. Andrew Sambell (NTRS Performance)
  10. Toby Crouch (Reebok CrossFit Frankston)
  11. Zach Poulos (Chronical Athletic Development)
  12. George Rhigas (CrossFit Adelaide)
  13. Jack Jeffery (CrossFit Torian)
  14. Thor Hajnal (CrossFit Artax)
  15. Ethan Van Der Velden (Club Revive CrossFit Uplift) 
  16. Jake Standen (CrossFit CQ)
  17. Johann Van Zyl (CrossFit Urban Energy)
  18. Isaac Newman (Hustle and Harvest)
  19. Alec Leitch (Nepean CrossFit)
  20. Matthew Smith (CrossFIt Tullamarine) 

Elite Teams – Women

  1. Nexletica Gold (CrossFit Torian)
  2. The Fit Mummas Club (CrossFit Botany)
  3. Fit Friends (Wolfe Den CrossFit)
  4. Renegade Girly Pops (CrossFit East Tamaki) 
  5. Starr Strength Fitness Alley (Fitness Alley)
  6. Starr Strength Sonics (The Concept)
  7. GMC (2100 Tribe CrossFit) 
  8. Torian Gold (CrossFit Torian)
  9. Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne (Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne)
  10. Snake Athletic (Snake Athletic) 
  11. CrossFit Taurus (CrossFit Taurus)
  12. The Wild West ((CrossFit Peak Blaxland)
  13. NTRS JMC (CrossFit 2571 Picton)
  14. Starr Strength Black (Independent)
  15. Peak129Alley  (Alley Fitness)
  16. Urban Gals (CrossFit Urban)
  17. Frog Force (Hillside CrossFit)
  18. Redback Gals (CrossFit Southwharf) 
  19. CrossFit Karuna (CrossFit Karuna) 
  20. Starr Strength Neon (Starr Strength and Performance)

Elite Teams – Men

  1. Pawn Starr’s (CrossFit GEO)
  2. CrossFit Artax (Artax CrossFit)
  3. Starr Strength Play (CrossFit Play)
  4. Team EXF (CrossFit EFX)
  5. Dignus Daddy’s (Independent)
  6. CQFC (CrossFit CQ)
  7. Starr Strength Gold (Independent)
  8. Two and a Half Men (CrossFit Wollongong)
  9. Father & Sons (CrossFit Peake Blaxland)
  10. Greater West HQ (Greater West HQ)
  11. Reverse Oreo (CrossFit Dux) 
  12. The Bil Effect (The Bil Effect Athletic)
  13. Starr Strength Hawkesbury’s Finest (CrossFit Artete) 
  14. 129 (CrossFit 129)
  15. Greater West Connex (Greater West HQ)
  16. Umami Dawgs (Independent)
  17. Alumni 2015 (The Concept)
  18. Unbound Athletic (Unbound Athletic CrossFit Speed)  
  19. Carbon Method CrossFit (Carbon Method CrossFit)
  20. Instinct Exports (+64 Fitness)

Check out the results for all divisions including Futures, Masters and Intermediate Teams. The roster for all divisions will be finalized by September 27, 2023. 

The bottom line: The Down Under Championship final will be held in Wollongong, Australia, on December 1-3, 2023. Athletes who competed and qualified in multiple divisions will have to select a single division to compete in.

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