The Eight Positions of a Bar Muscle-Up You Must Hit To Be Efficient

September 27, 2023 by
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Starting a bar muscle-up can be a daunting task. That is why we have created “THE 8 Positions of Performance Bar Muscle-Up” to help you on your way! This video describes how to use more momentum than strength so you can hop off the bar and still have something left for the other parts of your workout.

8 Positions of a Bar Muscle-Up

It is important to understand that we teach bar muscle-ups (and all other gymnastics movements) based on physics. We are also very aware that CrossFitters are not always the most mobile people, but rest assured that the movement patterns that we have designed to teach our thousands of athletes over the years will not require you to take Yoga or a gymnastics class. The skills will also only require a minimal amount of strength (which is made possible by the non-magic of physics!), and that’s how we’ve been able to get so many athletes their first and multiple bar muscle-ups!

Invictus Bar Muscle-Up Program

At Invictus Gymnastics we really care about the quality of your movement! All too often we see athletes learning bar muscle-up movement patterns that lead to the dreaded chicken wing or shoulder injury. We don’t want you to pick up an unsafe movement pattern that leads you to years of habitual poor performance of your gymnastics skills, as these habits are very hard to break! Because of that, in our Bar Muscle-Up Program you will NOT be doing banded bar muscle-ups, or (even worse) the hips-to-bar drill (yikes!). Our drills are designed to teach you a clean, smooth bar muscle-up that makes you look and feel weightless, and they only get better with practice!

Join the Invictus 8-Week Bar Muscle-Up Program now! 

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