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Today’s workout is programmed by OG CrossFit Games athlete, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. In 2010, the 21-year-old Quebec native earned her first trip to the CrossFit Games, which kicked off a ten-year career that included five Regional Championships, ten consecutive Games appearances (nine individual and one team), four top-ten finishes, and a championship title in 2014.

During her tenure as a professional CrossFitter, Leblanc-Bazinet wore the iconic red shirt on HQ Seminar Staff from 2012-2019 and became a CrossFit Level-3 trainer, all while earning her Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Sherbrooke. She married Dave Lipson, a fellow CrossFitter and “Red Shirt,” in 2013 and has gone on to start her own fitness and nutrition business, coach thousands of athletes, write four books (and endless programs), and—her greatest accomplishment of all—became a mother to her daughter Zoe in 2020.

Today’s workout is from Camille’s hand-written training program, Feroce Fitness.

How it works: “Build” is Feroce’s highest level programming track designed for intermediate to advanced athletes. Build blends hypertrophy methodology and high intensity workouts in order to increase athletic capacity while improving aesthetics. Look amazing, and perform even better.

  • Each training day includes:
    1 Fasted Cardio Workout
    3 Bodybuilding Sections
    1 High Intensity Functional Fitness Workout

First, complete the warm-up and three strength segments from today’s workout – keep scrolling to skip ahead to the functional fitness segment.


Clean Progression

Part A: 

5 sets
3 muscle cleans
Rest 1 min between sets
Build up in load.


Part B: 

Every 90 seconds for 8 sets (12 minutes)
5 power cleans + 5 front squats
Build up in load.


Notes: In part 2, start a clock and complete 5 power cleans into 5 squats without taking any rest. Then you will start set 2 once the clock reaches 90 seconds. Build up in load as you go to find a heavy complex for today. Use part 1 as a warm up and focus on having a fast turn around at the elbow during the muscle cleans.

Deadlifts + Plyometrics

Immediately after each set of deadlifts, complete 5 long jumps. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.


Set 1: 15 reps at a light weight

Set 2: 12 reps with 2 sec negative (down)

Set 3: 10 reps with 3 sec down/ 3 sec up

Set 4: 12 reps with double contraction at the top (come all the way up, back down 4 inch then back up for 1 rep)

Set 5: 10 reps, drop 30% load, 10 reps, drop 30% load, 10 reps

Stop if the technique breaks at any point

Notes: Technique is king during this movement. It is not worth it to push the load if the technique isn’t right. The tempo and volume will build muscle, so start with light weights and move up only if you are able to maintain technique through all repetitions. Avoid any bouncing on the floor, this is bodybuilding! For every set, go directly into the long jump as soon as you drop the load.

Bulgarian Split Squat Death

**Feroce Weekly Challenge**

  1. Record yourself doing this segment
  2. Post on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram feed
  3. Tag Feroce Fitness to be entered for some free swag!

Grab a light set of dumbbells (or no weight) and complete the following:

90 sec Bulgarian split squat right leg

Rest 2 minutes 

90 sec Bulgarian split squat left leg

Rest 2 minutes

60 sec Bulgarian split squat right leg

Rest 60 sec

60 sec Bulgarian split squat left leg

Rest 60 sec

30 sec Bulgarian split squat right leg

Rest 30 sec

30 sec Bulgarian split squat left leg

Notes: This is a grinder… only the brave will survive! Choose a load that allows you to move during the whole time of the working set (no stopping once the clock starts).Make sure that your front foot is far enough from the bench that at the bottom your knees don’t go further than your toes. If needed, use a pole or racked barbell to aid you through the whole complex. Reduce load as needed as you go – it’s more important that you continue moving for the entire working period.

Finish with today’s functional fitness workout:

  • EMOM 21 (7 Rounds)
    Minute 1: 5 hang squat snatch + 5 burpees over the bar
    Minute 2: 10 shoulder to overhead + 10 toes to bar
    Minute 3: 5 front squat + 10 deadlift

Choose a load that allows you to complete all repetitions unbroken. Score is weight used.

Note: We intentionally don’t prescribe weights in Feroce Fitness. For affiliates, a suggested “RX” level weight would be 115/85, or 135/95 for RX+.

Scaling Options:

  • Complete a shortened version of the workout – EMOM 15 (5 Rounds)
  • Hang Squat Snatch – perform 3 complexes of hang snatch + overhead squat.
  • Burpees-over-Bar – step over the bar or perform regular burpees
  • S2OH – use dumbbells.
  • Toes-to-Bar – perform toes-to-eyes, toes-to-hips, hanging knee raises, V-ups, or Lying toes-to-rig

Some Advice from Camille: “This is a very challenging workout. Choose a load that allows you to do all repetitions unbroken and log your score as the weight used. If needed, reduce the repetitions as you go so you have about 10-15 seconds between the minute to transition. Keep your back arched all the way through the weightlifting movements and move smoothly through all the repetitions. Enjoy!”

Ready to dive in? Camille is giving Morning Chalk Up readers one free month of Feroce Fitness and Feroce Nutrition with code “TRYFEROCE”

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