Kari Pearce Partners with Kane Footwear on Recovery Shoe ‘Kane Revive,’ Highlights Message of Self Love

October 16, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Kane Revive Website
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Seven-time CrossFit Games athlete Kari Pearce launched a new limited edition version of recovery shoe, Kane Revive. Kane Footwear and the Kane Revive has gained popularity in the CrossFit community as elite athletes like Pearce have started to wear them. 

Remind me: Pearce is a CrossFit Games veteran and the four-time fittest American woman. In 2020 she took third place at the COVID-affected Games at the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, CA. She’s been a force in the sport for a long time now and announced her retirement from the sport following the 2021 season. 

  • “My theme is ‘Love Yourself, Love Your Body’,” said Pearce. Her limited edition shoe has black on top and the sole is white with colorful specks and bright pink ties in the back. 
  • The background of Pearce’s shoe design stems from when Pearce was 15 years old and doing gymnastics, “ I remember my coach asking if I had cake for my birthday and I said I had ice cream and he said ‘I could tell.’ My mom noticed I was losing weight quickly and it’s just something I’ll never forget.” 
  • “At that age you’re so worried about what people say and that isn’t healthy. So after dealing with coaches saying, ‘I want you to look a certain way’ that’s what I wanted the premise of the shoe to be.”

Kane Footwear is a brand started by John Gagliardi, whose mission was to create a shoe that was environmentally friendly and specifically made for athletic recovery. 

Gagliardi shares in his biography on his website that he was just 11 years old when he began working at his Dad’s shoe store in Queens, New York. That experience and his time as a professional athlete helped him to “understand that footwear can have a profound influence on recovery.” 

Kane offers roughly 20 different color options for their Revive shoes and also has a whole line of college affiliated shoes. The shoes are made of Brazilian sugarcane, which is a renewable resource.  The company has also partnered with other athletes such as endurance athlete, five-time Ironman Eric Hinman. 

The details: Kane Revive shoes provide a ton of support with a 10mm heel raise and arch support that ensures “an easy transfer from heel to toe, allowing foot and leg muscles to recover,” according to the brand’s website.  

  • “Everything stems from your feet whether you realize it or not. Even with rope climbs your feet take such a beating. I feel like it’s just very important to take care of your feet for that reason.” 
  • “The shoes are super comfortable and good to just throw on when you’re getting groceries or going for a walk.” 
  • Pearce adds, “One thing I did throughout my career was I loved going on walks. It was such an easy way to get a little recovery in and I made it a habit.” 

Every person who gets a pair of Pearce’s shoes will see ‘Love Yourself’ in the left shoe, and ‘Love Your Body’ in the right in neon green. 

The bottom line: Pearce shares she’s had to adapt as her body has changed since retiring from competitive CrossFit: “The body you’ve had for 34 years is not attainable and anybody training, even the way I did, or an elite level athlete, you may not look like it. There is only one you.”

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