Reebok Europe Re-Ignites CrossFit Focus, Launches Nano Bold, Signs Elite Athletes

November 8, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Reebok Europe
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Long before CrossFitters were outfitting their closets with a collection of shoes, clothing and accessories with a wide array of brands, all competitive in the CrossFit space, there was one brand, one shoe, that identified a person as a CrossFitter. If you happened to see someone trudging through the supermarket, in shorts and a t-shirt, clad in Reebok Nanos, you knew they were either on their way home from or on their way to a CrossFit gym. 

Early on, Reebok recognized the brilliance in CrossFit and could see the potential of it becoming a global, competitive sport, one that would continue to grow in popularity year after year. 

As Reebok has forged a close bond with the sport and the brand of CrossFit, so it has with many of its athletes over the years from Rich Froning and the Mayhem crew, to Saxon Panchik, Chyna Cho, Christian Harris, and more. 

The big picture: Being a global brand, with an international reach, Reebok has always had large markets in countries other than the United States, but it’s been recently that Reebok Europe has been re-igniting its focus in the CrossFit world. 

Just recently released in the European market, was the latest iteration of the Nano, the Nano Bold. 

Senior Reebok Product Manager, Tal Short, discussed the evolution of the iconic shoe and why it’s something that Reebok continues to revamp and improve: 

  • “Reebok was born in the box and is always going to be in the box. We had to evolve with our community. Our goal is to inspire people to move… CrossFit has done such a great job in that, and we just want to be there to help support it.” 
  • “At a certain point, we saw running more, as the sport evolved so has the shoe. We’re constantly updating it, and giving the community what they need and will want to use. We also are always trying to look ahead and apply what we know to what the community could need,” said Short.

Short expressed that Reebok Europe was anxious for this launch of the Bold, as this is a trend seen to be very popular worldwide. While neutral and simple colors are becoming commonplace for clothing, many gym-goers love expressing themselves with bright and colorful footwear. And the specific colors offered in the Nano Bold line are a nod to Reebok’s heritage. The palette, including teal and purple, is one that lifelong Reebok fans find nostalgic. 

Reebok athletes: As Reebok Europe is growing, so is its roster of signed athletes. Recently signed and renewed partnerships have been inked with Jelle Hoste, Nienke van Overveld, Elisa Fuliano and Linda Keesman. In speaking with the athletes, they all expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude to be tied to such a brand, one that has led the way in our sport for so many years. 

When asked about these newly formed and continued relationships, Short reiterated the athletes’ sentiment, that Reebok truly prioritizes the well-being of the individuals and does its best to treat them as family. 

  • “Yes, we are a big brand, but we like to act as though we are a smaller brand when it comes to community. We don’t want it to be transactional, and we hope that people can see that. We truly care about these athletes. It’s important to us that we’re forming authentic partnerships,” said Short.

As Reebok continues to grow overseas, Short mentioned that the brand is always keeping an eye out for the next up-and-comer in the sport. 

  • “Reebok looks for organic relationships, those that are passionate about the brand…and we’re always keeping an eye on the young guns. We are always wanting athletes at the highest levels,” he said.

With the market gaining strength in Europe, the community is growing in turn, full of fresh new thoughts and ideas. The Europe team is introducing new innovations, brought on by fresh and new excitement. 

New activations: One of Reebok’s newly signed athletes, Elisa Fuliano, is helping to host the Fittest Freakest in Barcelona, Spain, which involves a competition of teams organized by the Fittest Freakest and Reebok, with a unique format: 13 three-person teams will have to complete 13 tests, all in one day, at various locations around the city of Barcelona. The winning team will be awarded a year of free training, as the Fittest Freakest and Reebok will pay the annual fees to the box of the winner’s choosing. 

For this competition, there is no registration fee, no qualifier, no gender separations and no categories. Luck will decide the participants, with a random drawing of those entered to compete. 

As the ambassador of the event, Fuliano will be attending the event, supporting the participants and will be taking part in a meet and greet during check-in. 

The bottom line: Reebok continues its reputation as a powerhouse in the world of CrossFit and continues to innovate its products to evolve with the sport and the community. And as that evolution expands across countries, the support for the fitness brand expands with it.

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