CompTrain Releases New App, Aims to Deliver Most “Well-Balanced Program”

November 21, 2023 by
Photo Credit: @colesager35
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CompTrain has just released the third iteration of its training app aimed to “create the most well-balanced program that can possibly be available,” explained CompTrain and CrossFit New England owner Ben Bergeron.

Remind me: CompTrain, best known for its programming for elite CrossFit athletes, started out as a free blog Bergeron offered online. 

  • As it gained traction, he turned it into a business and offered CompTrain programming on SugarWOD before building their own app in 2019. 
  • Shortly after that came CompTrain 2.0, which was a major update from the first version, and now they have released the third iteration, which is a “completely new rebuild,” said CompTrain head coach and 10-time CrossFit Games athlete Cole Sager.

The details: The biggest difference with the new app is that it also includes a programming track for really fit people who aren’t interested in competitive CrossFit.

  • “Our apps in the past–versions one and two–have been training focused on competitive CrossFit athletes. (This app) has a different track for people who aren’t necessarily interested in the CrossFit competitive sport, but want to get really really fit,” Bergeron said. 

That being said, the new GPP programming track is more of a “GPP elevated” or “elite physical preparedness (EPP),” Bergeron explained. 

  • “It’s not a program for, get off the carbs, get off the couch. (It’s for) people who want to work out really hard.”

Athletes using the app who follow this EPP track will receive their programming from Bergeron, while competitive CrossFit athletes will get theirs from Sager.

On top of receiving daily training sessions complete with coaches’ notes from either Bergeron or Sager, the app also provides warm-ups, daily mindset videos, training session strategies, an explanation of the intended stimulus, and equipment substitution options. 

Further, the new app allows for “far more function and features and communication and community…so we can better communicate, serve and connect with the people,” Sager said. 

This includes message boards and a leaderboard, information about nutrition and recovery, video-based coaching content, as well as a map for users to find various CompTrain gyms around the world.

Further, there’s a personal records page that provides the athlete, not only their PR numbers but also their percentile ranking in their age group on each movement, which allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Worth noting: Before the programming hits the app, it gets tested, not only by both Sager and Bergeron personally but also by CrossFit New England’s 300 members.

  • “I write the program. I coach the 9:30 class through the program every single day. I coach my coaches on how to be better at coaching this program every single day, and then I vet it (personally) before giving it to you,” Bergeron said.

The same is true of Sager and the competitive programming track.

  • “I’m going through it, I’m experiencing it, and then I can coach people, ‘Hey this is how you should be feeling, and you should not be feeling that way,” Sager said, adding that it makes him a more effective coach.

One big thing: What really sets the CompTrain app apart from others on the market is that it’s largely centered around time-based training, which Bergeron identified as being missing from the space today.

  • “The first question I need to ask (a client) is, “How much time do I have with you today?” And we’re going to have a very different experience if you tell me you have four hours than if you tell me you have 40 minutes,” Bergeron said. “We saw this as one of the bigger misses in the fitness space…people aren’t even asking that question.”

Thus, the first question the app asks the athlete each day is how much time they have, and the app provides an appropriate training session for that amount of time.

  •  “If you only have 30 minutes, we’re going to figure out what the most impactful thing is that we can do in that 30 minutes,” Bergeron explained.

(The 30-minute programming track is free on the CompTrain app, while the one-hour, two-hour and Open to Games programming tracks, as well as various other features on the app, can be accessed for $39 a month).

The big picture: After committing the last 15 years of his life to CrossFit Games athletes, such as Sager and two-time champion Katrin Davidsdottir, Bergeron has decided it’s time to spread “the lessons I have learned and bring them to a wider audience,” he said. That’s the overarching impetus behind the new CompTrain app.

  • “That’s what this thing is really all about…This is the best available way that I can take the lessons I have learned and share them with more people,” he said.

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