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Preliminary Age Group Online Qualifier Results: A Review

March 18, 2020 by
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The Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) wrapped up on Monday, March 16th. HQ will request workout videos for review from the top 25 men and women in each age division. The review period will be completed by April 13. Just like with the Individuals in the Open, expect scoring adjustments and leaderboard shifting. Age Group athletes currently finding themselves in the 11th, 12th, 13th, or so places should remain ready. After the 2019 AGOQ, there were a total of twelve athletes below the cutline before the video reviews who ended up making the Games due to scoring adjustments or by qualified athletes pulling out for various reasons. 

With that said, let’s review the preliminary leaderboards and resultant historic Age Group records. Note, this analysis is a snapshot of the leaderboard on March 18 with the understanding that qualifiers, point totals, event winners, etc will shift around some before the leaderboard is final on April 13.

Competition numbers for each age division.

  • Participation rate: Just 64% of the 2,400 eligible Masters and 71% of the 800 eligible Teenagers competed in the AGOQ. 2020 was the lowest participation rate ever for the AGOQ, down 21% from the historical participation rates for Masters and down 14% for Teenagers. Obviously the COVID-19 virus pandemic impacted the AGOQ. Some athletes were unable to do the workouts because their gyms were closed. Others may have decided it just was not worth the exposure risk and/or were too busy with more pressing needs, especially the most vulnerable division of 60+ athletes who had the lowest participation rate at 55%.
  • Open placement correlated well with the AGOQ Top 10 for the Masters women and all Teenagers. There was a wider range in some of the Masters men’s divisions.
  • Past Games experience means a lot for Masters by evidence of just 29 Games rookie qualifiers (24% of the field).

Outstanding Master Performances

  • Will Powell (60+) 15 points – lowest point total of all Masters divisions
  • Alexandre Jolivet (40-44) 21 points
  • Karen McCadam (45-49) 23 points

Outstanding Teenager Performances

  • Sophia Shaft (14-15) 13 points – lowest point total of all divisions
  • Emma Lawson (14-15) 14 points
  • Tudor Magda (16-17) 15 points
  • Emma Cary (16-17) 20 points

Career AGOQ Overall Wins and Event Wins

  • Will Powell (60+): second Master to win three AGOQs
  • Karen McCadam (45-49): wins her second AGOQ
  • Gregg Geerdes (50-54): wins his second AGOQ
  • Tudor Magda (16-17): third Teenager to win multiple AGOQs with two
  • David Hippensteel (60+) and Giulio Silvino (45-49): tied for 2nd all-time with seven Masters AGOQ Event wins
  • Will Powell (60+): five career AGOQ Event wins
  • Emma Cary (16-17): all-time Teenager AGOQ Event winner with seven
  • Tudor Magda (16-17): second all-time Teenager AGOQ Event winner with six

Significant Games Master Appearances/Streaks

  • Lynn Knapman (60+) 11th Consecutive Games – every CrossFit Games Masters Competition, the Ironwomen keeps going
  • Ron Ortiz (50-54) 9th Games – 2nd most all-time
  • Will Powell (60+) 8th Consecutive Games
  • David Hippensteel (60+) 8th Consecutive Games
  • Laurie Meschishnick (55-59) 8th Games
  • Janet Black (45-49) 7th Consecutive Games (8th Consecutive including CFG13 Team)
  • Linda Elstun (55-59) 7th Games
  • Heidi Fish (60+) 7th Games
  • Sue Velott (55-59) 7th Games
  • Karen McCadam (45-49) 6th Consecutive Games
  • Jennifer Dieter (45-49) 6th Consecutive Games
  • Patricia Failla (60+) 6th Games
  • Colleen Fahey (55-59) 6th Games
  • Jolaine Undershute (45-49) 6th Games

Significant Games Teenager Appearances/Streaks (16-17 Divisions)

  • Tudor Magda: 4th Consecutive Games – third Teenager to make all four eligible years
  • *Olivia Sulek: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • *Gigi Sabatini: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • *Paulina Haro: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • *Amato Mazzocca: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Paige Powers: 3rd Consecutive Games
  • Cole Martinez: 3rd Games

*chance to make four Teenager Games at CFG21

Multi-Games Champions Return

  • 3x Masters Champion Will Powell (60+) – chance to become the first three-division Masters Champion
  • 3x Masters Champion David Hippensteel (60+)
  • 2x Masters Champion Janet Black (45-49)
  • 2x Masters Champion Ron Ortiz (50-54)
  • 2x Masters Champion Anna Tobias (35-39)
  • 2x Masters Champion Joe Ames (55-59)

Oldest Age for a Division: The Masters divisions’ average age is between the first and second year of the division with it being extremely difficult to make the Games in the division’s last year. These Masters did just that (ages shown are at the time of the CFG20): Thomas Ackerman (66* – will be oldest athlete at the CFG20), David Hippensteel (64*), Bianca Williams (59), Ron Ortiz (54), Julie Rappaport (49), and Rebecca Voigt Miller (39). 

* no age limit in 60+

Teenager Division Ages Conversely for the Teenagers, most are the older age for their division. For the Boys, there are no 14-year-olds that qualified and only one 16-year-old. The Girls had just three 14-year-olds qualify and four 16-year-olds.

Notable athletes just on the wrong side of the cut line:  Kyle Kasperbauer, David Levey, Jason Grubb, Jeffery Tincher, Chris Nelson, Brynjar Ari Magnússon, and Lea Malo.

Notable athletes that did not submit AGOQ scores:  Samantha Briggs*, Alethea Boon*, Kristen Clever, Jason Smith*, Dan Bailey, Joey Kimdon, Nuno Costa, Robert Davis, Brent Maier, Josh Everett, Bill Grundler, Marco Casali, and Scott Olson.

*denotes already qualified for the CFG20 in another category

2020 Rogue Invitational Legends:  Rebecca Voigt Miller (3rd 35-39), Graham Holmberg (18th 35-39), Stacie Tovar (59th 35-39), Christy Adkins (68th 35-39), Tanya Wagner (118th 35-39), Josh Everett (DNS 45-49), Samantha Briggs (DNS 35-39), Dan Bailey (DNS 35-39), and Kristan Clever (DNS 35-39).

Notable Observations

  • Rebecca Voigt Miller (35-39) keeps her consecutive Games Streak alive at 13 which started at the 2008 Games: ten Individual and now three Masters.
  • Jessica Core (35-39) will be making her 9th Games appearance. Her first as a Master, plus seven Team, and one Individual.
  • Anna Tobias (35-39) keeps her options open by qualifying for the Games, and also is looking to qualify for the Olympics in sailing. However, the CrossFit Games and Olympic Games are currently overlapping on the calendar. She possibly could do both given potential COVID-19 rescheduling of either competition.
  • Age Group athletes throwing up big C&J weights in Event 5: Games qualifiers Erast Palkin (37 years old) 375 lbs, Jimena Delamer (38 years old) 247 lbs, Michelle Suozzi (42 years old) 245 lbs, and Paulina Haro (16 years old) 240 lbs. For reference, the heaviest live CrossFit competition C&Js were 387 lbs men and 257 lbs women.
  • Taking full advantage of not having the Open Scores counting for the AGOQ scores were: Franklin Winters (9th 55-59) 166th in Open; and Claudia Jacober (10th 50-54) 109th in Open.

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