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Pan Ams and the Road to the 2020 Olympic Games

On the road to the 2020 Olympic Games, athletes in the sport of weightlifting must compete in at


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Pepsi, Gatorade Threaten CrossFit with “Legal Action”

On March 27, PepsiCo sent CrossFit HQ a cease-and-desist letter demanding CrossFit “immediately


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Austin Malleolo Deadlifted 600 Pounds then Ran a Marathon

Yesterday, about 30,000 runners assembled to run from Hopkinton to Boylston Street for the annual


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Give Aloha with CrossFit Anahola

The story. Bronson Lovell noticed that the church he had grown up in had been taken over by drug


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“I’m good. I think I found home.” How a Combat Vet Found Home in CrossFit

A little background. Jake Worthington joined the United States Marine Corps in June of 2000. On


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A Redemptive Road with CrossFit

Some backstory. Damian Arguello is currently serving a life sentence at Limon Correctional Facility


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“I don’t find muscular women attractive,” one wife’s tale.

I started my CrossFit journey in late 2016, at the recommendation of a friend who knew of my type


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Battle Cancer Comes to the States

Some news. Battle Cancer is hitting Los Angeles with a tour of local gyms ahead of its first US


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Your Chestee Now Comes With a Little Brown Bag

Say what? The Chestee, the only patented sports bra with built-in collarbone protection and every


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Sticking With CrossFit Through Cancer

The story. Ben Laekas was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016. Since then he’s


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Adaptive Athletes in Wheelchairs Find Their Own Box

The story. In South Orlando, FL a new pilot program through Orlando Health is getting athletes


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Brianna Battles Wants to Keep Pregnant Athletes in the Gym

Who is Brianna Battles? Brianna Battles is the Founder of Pregnant and Postpartum Athleticism, a


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A CrossFit Affiliate was Invited to Facebook

The story. A few months ago, Nikole Gessler, owner of CrossFit Recursive in Madison, WI got a


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Photo Journal: USAW Junior Nationals

Taken during the 2019 USAW Junior Nationals in Lombard, IL.