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May 7, 2020 by
Photo Courtesy: Adaptive Training Academy
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As affiliate owners and trainers navigate the challenges faced by the coronavirus pandemic, there are educational organizations working hard to provide advanced certificates that can set your gym apart. Following the trend of converting education to online formats, like CrossFit HQ’s CF-L1 and Kids courses,  the Adaptive Training Academy (ATA) has converted their live seminar into an interactive online course.

  • If your gym is looking for a way to attract new members, this certificate course will help your coaches and facilities to become truly accessible to anyone.

It seems fitting that ATA is capable of adapting its education to become more accessible. Since 2016, the ATA staff have been providing adaptive fitness education via live seminars around the world, graduating more than 1,000 trainers from 800+ affiliates.  Now without the ability to hold in-person education, ATA has gone digital.

The Adaptive and Inclusive Training online certificate course is essentially the “CF-L1” for how to train people with disabilities: It provides an introductory, yet comprehensive, education in the specialty of adaptive fitness methodology, concepts, and adaptations. Graduates of the certificate course will learn and practice principles that will enable them to conduct fitness training for people with disabilities while maintaining an inclusive setting, whether online or in-person.

Photo Courtesy: Adaptive Training Academy
  • Kevin Ogar, ATA Seminar Staff: “This education should be required for all affiliate owners and trainers so that you can be prepared to train anyone who walks or rolls into your gym. The worst thing that could happen would be for an affiliate to turn someone away. People with disabilities already tend to feel like outcasts and the one place they should feel welcome is a CrossFit box.”

Going Online: In an effort to become more accessible, ATA now offers their course via an online format. The Adaptive and Inclusive Training online course will look and feel familiar to anyone who has experienced CrossFit’s new online courses, like the Programming or Dumbbell course.

“We used the same online course authoring program and course outline as CrossFit HQ, and that’s no coincidence,” said Alec Zirkenbach, Director of ATA. “We’ve seen the success of online education from CrossFit HQ and have essentially copied their model of course creation.”

  • Alec Zirkenbach:  “We’re very thankful for the mentorship and guidance CrossFit HQ staff have provided us in creating this course. Boz (Adrian Bozman) has been a huge help for us. He guided us on selecting the right program to create the course and provided mentorship on how to take the live seminar content and convert it online. And Amy Hollingsworth, the jedi master of certificate and certification standards, has helped us develop our own ATA version of the CF-L1 certificate and CF-L3 certification.”

What the Course Covers: The adaptive course includes education that covers everything from proper disability language, to adaptive equipment, and provides detail on how to train various types of adaptive athletes. Some new chapters have been added to the online course that have not been present in the live seminar.

  • Logan Aldridge: “For our course content, we were somewhat constrained by the timeline of a single-day, live seminar. There’s only so much time we have to provide the education in a seminar format and it already feels like we’re making trainers drink from a firehose of information. But with the online course, we were really excited to be able to add almost double the content because of the self-paced format. Trainers can now have access to new lessons like training people with intellectual disabilities and sensory (vision and hearing) impairments.”

Course Chapters:

  • Disability Language and Nomenclature
  • Principles of Adaptive and Inclusive Training
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Training Considerations and Movement Adaptations
    • Upper Extremity Impairments
    • Lower Extremity Impairments
    • Seated Athletes
  • Additional Common Impairments
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusive Onboarding

About Adaptive Training Academy: The ATA was formed in 2019 by the original staff of the “CrossFit Specialty Course: Adaptive Training.”

ATA uses a collaborative network approach which relies on the knowledge and experience of many trainers, athletes, and physiotherapists through their ATA Advisory Board. ATA also uses subject matter experts (SMEs), like Kristen Arnold, who joined ATA to author the new intellectual disabilities training.

But the one characteristic that makes ATA so special is that the core Seminar Staff are all adaptive athletes themselves and all own and/or coach at CrossFit affiliates. This isn’t a hobby for them, it’s their life’s personal and professional passion.

ATA Online Course Information:

Cost: $399

Prerequisites: None, anyone can take this course. You do not need to be a CF-L1.

Included in the Course:

  • Access to the course education for six months
  • Trainer Certificate
  • Access to ATA staff through scheduled videoconferencing for discussing specific course questions and ongoing mentorship

Find out more about ATA and the Adaptive and Inclusive Training Online Certificate Course and sign up now.

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