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CrossFit Athlete Alison Scudds Showcases Full Day of Nutrition and Training

May 13, 2021 by
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With the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games approaching, the Morning Chalk Up reached out to multiple top-level CrossFit athletes to create a video series that digs deeper into their approach to fitness and nutrition. Cole Sager, Alison Scudds, and Kelsey Kiel all responded and provided insight into their training and daily eating routine.

Remind me: A competitor at the 2019 CrossFit Games as a member of Central Beasts, Scudds has alternated between team and individual competition. She posted a fifth-place finish with Central Beasts at the Games and then a career-best seventh as an individual at the 2017 Atlantic Regional. Scudds is now set to compete at the West Coast Classic after finishing 43rd in the Quarterfinals stage. 

Morning fuel: Scudds takes a different approach to her first meal of the day given that she doesn’t have much of an appetite. She eats a couple of Trifecta hard-boiled eggs and then drinks a breakfast smoothie. The meal isn’t massive, but Scudds needs something to fuel her training session. 

  • “Next up is the breakfast smoothie,” Scudds said. “I start off with one banana, about 70 grams of oats, 20 grams of syrup, and then a scoop of protein. I’m using the Xwerks Peanut Butter Grow.”
  • “I’ve found this breakfast to be pretty much perfect before my first training session. It’s really easy to get down because I just have to drink this guy and have the two hard-boiled eggs.” 

Time to work: As a competitive athlete, Scudds needs a place to put in the work. However, she had to improvise in 2020 when all of the gyms shut down. The solution was putting together a garage gym at her boyfriend’s mother’s house, which is only one mile away from her own home. 

  • “On my first session, I’ve got rowing and burpees,” Scudds said. “Pretty simple. I’m getting some cardio in, and I’ll start off my session with some stretches and prehab exercises that I do every day.” 
  • The first session featured a 10-round workout for time: 500-meter row and 15 burpees. Scudds also provided footage of her doing heavy alternating dumbbell snatches, handstand walks, and some heavy shoulder-to-shoulder push presses. 

Meal No. 2: Following the first training session, Scudds eats her second meal of the day. She keeps lunch simple with another prepared meal from Trifecta — chicken tenders with brown rice and mixed vegetables. 

  • “To spice it up a little bit, I’m going to add this Greek salad that I made the other night for dinner and some Buffalo Sauce from Primal Kitchen. They have a lot of good flavors and super healthy ingredients that take any meal up a notch.” 

Scudds’ day does not end with only one training session. She heads back to the gym after eating lunch to put in more work. As Scudds drives to the garage again, she crushes a packet of fruit snacks and drinks an Xwerks shake featuring creatine, protein, and “lots of carbs” to fuel her body. 

  • “Ok, first part is going to be a 21-minute EMOM,” Scudds said. “First minute is supposed to be a pegboard, but sadly, that’s one of the only pieces of equipment that we don’t have here. So I’m going to do some sort of pull-up modification.” 
  • “Second minute is two ring handstand push-ups, and (the) third minute is just like an easy row at your 2k pace.”

Pizza night: With her training sessions done for the day, Scudds enjoys a delicious treat for dinner. She makes pizza while focusing on healthier ingredients. The base is a Banza pizza crust made from chickpeas to provide more protein. She then adds some Trifecta bison and other toppings. 

  • “The macros on these (pizza crusts) are really good, and the texture is super-airy but also crunchy. Which is phenomenal, in my opinion.” Along with the bison, the pizza featured salami, Italian hot pepper sauce, and fresh bell peppers. 
  • Scudds does not cap off her night with a sweet treat. Instead, she simply makes some sleepytime tea before doing some final stretching to help her body recover from the training sessions. 

The bottom line: Scudds keeps her nutrition essentially the same throughout the year, whether she is training for a competition or just living her daily life. The only minor change is that she is more regimented during the competitions. She has so many details to focus on, such as workout strategy, that following a set nutrition plan keeps her on track. 

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