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Did the week get ahead of you and you’re looking to catch up on the top trending stories in CrossFit and the fitness industry? You’ve come to the right place. Each week we will wrap up the major news and stories people are talking about inside the box.

Another weekend of Semifinals puts more Games tickets on the line, but this weekend, all three competitions will be held virtually. Who are the top contenders to potentially move on and how could “instagram stalking” be the best way to keep you up to speed on all the competition action? Find a good WiFi connection and place to plug-in, and get ready for another weekend of competition!

Games Bound Athletes:

The Granite Games

1. Saxon Panchik (580) | Arielle Loewen (608) | Omnia (647)

2. Chandler Smith (548) | Mallory O’Brien (604) | MoveFastLiftHeavy (558)

3. Tim Paulson (541) | Emma Cary (560) | I1uvit (548)

4. Roy Gamboa (513) | Alessandra Pichelli (527) | 8th Day Gym (542)

5. Colten Mertens (508) | Caroline Conners (465) | Ocean State’s Finest (531)

The Fittest in Cape Town

1. Jason Smith (668) | Michelle Basnett (636) | Eikestad Mighty Oaks (700)

A look at the variables in play for this weekend’s virtual Lowlands Throwdown:

  • When narrowing down the leaderboard in who could potentially rise to the top, we took a look at the components that play a part in athletes punching their ticket to Madison. Who are the Games veterans, who competes well virtually and how does the programming play to athletes’ strengths. Brian Friend lists out his predictions for this weekend.

Breaking down the contenders that could be on the podium at the German Throwdown:

  • With the European continent split between the German and Lowlands Throwdowns, it’s less likely we will have to bet against some of our favorite athletes like Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir. And although the German Throwdown is loaded with some previous Games athletes, there are some rising stars you may want to look out for.

It could be a nail-biting finish for who grabs the golden ticket from the Brazil CrossFit Championship:

  • With just two tickets in each division up for grabs to send athletes to the Games, a lot is on the line in South America. And if this weekend’s competition is anything like Quarterfinals, expect a tight race between several athletes for that top spot.

How to keep up with Semifinals this weekend through Instagram:

  • With all three Semifinals virtual this weekend, fans can either tune into the post-production live commentary on the CrossFit Games website, or they can follow along with their favorite athletes via social media. Our team compiled a list of social media accounts that you can keep your eye on for a little more immediate action.

Steph Chung discusses her elbow injury at Granite Games and how she’ll fight in the Last Chance Qualifier:

  • Steph Chung is no stranger to injury. She recently came back from a back injury, but now will be rehabbing again after an elbow injury during a snatch in the first event at the Granite Games. However, she was able to snag a spot in the Last Chance Qualifer in just three weeks.

A new study shows the current HSPU standard is a double whammy for taller athletes:

  • It’s the only movement in CrossFit where we see the standard change year after year in hopes that it will be “fair” regardless of height. Nottingham Trent University conducted a research project that suggests a person’s handstand push-up hand width should be determined based on their wingspan rather than using a predetermined maximum hand width for all competitors.

Finishing second in the Occupational Games, a Police Officer discusses how CrossFit has helped him overcome PTSD:

  • Johnny Hunka has seen a lot of trauma in the 15-years he’s been a police officer. He opens up about how he finally started using CrossFit as recovery which helped improve his PTSD, depression and anxiety. This year he placed second in the world in the law enforcement division of the recent Occupational Games.

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