Battle Cancer Caps Off Record Year With Massive London Event, Raising More than $400K

October 25, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Battle Cancer
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The end of 2021 is quickly approaching, and Battle Cancer is celebrating a standout year. The movement that creates one-day competitions to raise money for cancer and mental health charities, held its largest one-day event and reached more than $400,000 raised in 2021 to provide support for post-cancer treatment. However, there are still more events on the horizon that functional fitness enthusiasts can embrace. 

One big thing: Battle Cancer held an event in London on October 17, which featured 1,600 participants. This event marked the largest in Battle Cancer’s history, and it served as a return to the pre-COVID days where fans could attend and cheer on the athletes while helping raise crucial funds. 

  • Scott Britton, Battle Cancer founder: “This year, we’ve had five events across the world, our second biggest event was around 800 people. 800 people is a lot, but 1,600 is huge. So because we don’t have a barbell, because we don’t do gymnastics, because everything is really accessible, it’s phenomenal to walk around and see an actual true reflection of the community.” 
  • “So this year, we’ve raised half a million, which has still been kind of crazy when you start using the ‘m’ word. And then now we’ve fundraised nearly $2.3 million in total, but it was a very epic moment at the weekend to see 3000 people.” 

Future fundraising: The Battle Cancer events in Manchester, London, Berlin, and Madison among others were only the tip of the fundraising iceberg. The organization has even more planned heading into 2022. 

  • Some of the Battle Cancer events will take place in Dubai, Dublin, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Scotland, London, Los Angeles, and Houston. 
  • Britton and Battle Cancer will also head to CrossFit hallowed ground. They will hold an event at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN, where Rich Froning Jr. and the defending Affiliate Cup champions train. 

One event, in particular, will cap off a challenge that starts in 2021 and runs into 2022. Battle Cancer will hold an event at Wodapalooza and try to reach 1.8 million calories burned, representing people who are diagnosed with cancer every year. 

  • “It’s an unfortunate statistic that 1.8 million people are diagnosed in the US every year with cancer,” Britton said. “You know, it’s a huge, huge amount of people that are diagnosed and certainly, in the past 18 months have been forgotten about. So we want to try and burn one million calories.”
  • “Between now and finishing Wodapalooza, we went to hit that 1.8 million at Wodapalooza collectively. So what we are going to do is encourage gyms to take part. If they want to sign up, we give them an event pack.” 

Britton and the Battle Cancer crew will help the gyms and functional fitness enthusiasts set up their stations, so they can all participate in the challenge and burn as many calories as possible. They will interact virtually with each person who participates and provide some extra motivation.

The bottom line: Battle Cancer has already achieved a considerable amount in 2021, reaching new highs in fundraising. However, there is even more progress to make in the coming months and years. Battle Cancer will only grow, especially while partnering with other nonprofits and sharing programming information with CrossFit Health.

  • “We’re predominantly for cancer charities and mental health charities. But we want to use the platform that we’ve built and the concept that we’ve built to allow the other nonprofits a chance to be involved.”
  • “Not only are we changing lives through functional fitness, but we’re also collecting data on how people are getting stronger, fitter, they’re reducing chronic fatigue, they’re reducing chronic pain, they’re increasing mobility. So we’ve thought about sharing that data, both with CrossFit Health, but also with CrossFit Health sharing back with us.”

To take part in the calorie challenge, email [email protected] or reach out on the Battle Cancer Instagram account. To pre-register for any 2022 events, visit the Battle Cancer site.

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