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Semifinal Seeding Subtleties and the Finalization of Individual Rosters

May 8, 2022 by
Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC
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CrossFit announced the finalization of the Semifinal rosters for individuals at the ten Semifinals on May 5. For those counting, that’s 39 days after Quarterfinals ended and 15 days before the first weekend of this stage, featuring three Semifinals. 

In the last week prior to that there were several changes to Semifinal rosters that probably went unnoticed by most:

Men’s Roster Changes
  • Seth Stovall was removed from the Syndicate’s men individual roster because he is going team with CrossFit Mayhem Justice.
  • Tristan Maiorano was moved from the Atlas Games men’s field to the Syndicate men’s field replacing Stovall.
  • Kyle Bernier withdrew from the MACC men’s field. 
  • Logan Collins was moved from the Atlas Game’s men’s field to the MACC men’s field.
  • Ryan Sowder withdrew from the Atlas Game’s mens field.
  • Parker Foster was added to the Atlas Game’s mens field.
    • That makes him the seventh backfill athlete in the men’s field at Atlas Games.
    • There are 0 backfill athletes in the other three men’s field for North American Semifinals.
  • There are now 29 men in the Atlas Games men’s field and it appears they will not be backfilling the final spot.
Women’s Roster Changes
  • Taylor Streid withdrew from the Syndicate women’s individual roster because she is going team with Blues City CrossFit.
    • It appears that spot is not going to be backfilled.
  • Hannah Hardy withdrew from the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge women’s individual roster because she is going team with CrossFit Westchase. 
  • Hardy’s spot at the MACC was backfilled to Kenzie Nolte who was 136th in North American Quarterfinals.
  • Both Jenn Ryan and Rebecca Voigt Miller opted to go the Masters route for Semifinals and were therefore removed from the Granite Games women’s field.
  • The two Granite Games spots were backfilled by Chloe Carano (133rd in Quarterfinals) and Brittany Bolella (137th in Quarterfinals).
  • Sabrina Gordon (139th) and Ally Duckworth (140) were backfilled into the final two spots for the Atlas Games women’s field.
    • That brings the total number of backfill athletes in the women’s field at Atlas Games to seven.
    • There are a total of nine backfill spots between the other three North American Semifinals for women (Syndicate has two, MACC has three, Granite has four).
  • There is still one opening for women in the Far East Semifinal (and one in the Syndicate Crown, mentioned above) that appears is not going to be backfilled.
Worth noting

Athletes who are known to have travel issues and will not be attending in-person Semifinals, specifically in Asia, are still on the rosters for that competition. While it is also known that they have been offered a spot in the LCQ, it appears that CrossFit is still holding their spots in the Semis in case they somehow can make it in the last hour. 

This is not unprecedented for CrossFit to do with athletes like Roman Khrennikov or Samantha Briggs for Games spots in years that their attendance was in question, but it would establish a new standard for that also being the case for the Semifinals stage of competition.

Note: As of the time of writing this, both CrossFit’s Instagram post and the May 6 Email of the Day feature images with athlete rosters that are not congruent with the athlete rosters displayed on the CrossFit Games leaderboards. The bullets outlined above mirror the leaderboards displayed on the CrossFit Games website at the time of publishing.

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