Access to Sport – Access to Hope

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‘Hope’ has been defined in many ways since the beginning of time. However, no definition may be as complete or useful as the one late psychologist C.R. Snyder (2002) suggested that Hope was “The perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways.” In layman’s terms, he believed the ability to set goals, find pathways to those goals, and muster the will to take those paths, led to the emotional state of Hope.

Hope can elude any community. Hope can be in short supply no matter your zip code. However, there are communities where access to hope is readily available and its people have the ability to ‘chase their dreams’. On the fl ip side, there are communities around the world in which that emotional state of hope is lacking or absent altogether.

So, what’s the solution?

How do we ensure all communities have access to hope?

We believe sport and exercise programs can cultivate hope, and lead to long-term community transformation. Sport has the unique power to bring people together. It offers the opportunity to practice achieving our goals and finding creative ways to reach them without fear of real consequences.

It creates a space for people to exercise their minds, body, and spirit simultaneously and escape the often unforgiving nature of their circumstances. When done well, with access to safe spaces, mentors,
teammates, and inclusive programs, it has the ability to inspire teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and belonging. It gives us room to practice hope.

It provides communities with the privilege of Hope a way to support the sustainable futures of their neighbors and contribute to making the world a better place by ensuring sport programs and facilities are available. Sport and exercise play a role in our lives; for many of us, it helps shape who we are. It is something that all people deserve access to. Making access to sport SIMPLE for everyone is a goal worth pursuing and one we can follow together as a world.

So, let’s lace ’em’ up’ and get to work.

We need your help to make Hope through sport accessible in Jericho! Sign up to join our Dream Team of monthly supporters. $25 will cover one child’s access to sport for an entire year!

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