The Siblings of the 2023 Season

October 10, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Alec Smith | @alecsmith8
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In addition to serving as the stage for the highest level athletes to show off their chops, The CrossFit Games have long doubled as sibling reunions. Or at least, they have in years past for the Panchiks, Smiths, and Djukics. 

At the 2023 NoBull CrossFit Games only one sibling pair took the floor together. 

The solitary sibling pair.

Ben and Alec Smith competed together on team CrossFit Krypton alongside Erin O’Donnell and Caroline Spencer. They took home 19th. 

Going into the Semifinals, most fans of the sport would have predicted that there’d be several more sibling pairs taking the Alliant Energy Center floor in August. 

Four other families with fit sibs.

During the early stages of competition we saw a number of additional pairs with the same parents throw down. Including: 

  • Saxon and Spencer Panchik 
  • Brittany and Allison Weiss
  • Lazar and Luka Djukic
  • Brooke and Sydney Wells

Two sidelined siblings, one per family. 

Spencer and Saxon Panchik both competed in the North America East Semifinal. Saxon withdrew after the 3rd test, due to an ankle injury. Spencer went on to come in 12th, earning the last qualifying Games spot at his Semifinal event. 

The Djukic brothers faced a similar fate to the Panchiks. Sick with the flu, Luka withdrew from the Europe Semifinal after Day 1. 

Lazar took home gold at the same Semifinal event, earning him the right to compete at the 2023 Games where he came in 9th overall. 

Sister, sister. 

Brooke and Sydney Wells also competed side-by-side at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida this past May. 

In her second ever Semifinal competition, Sydney came in 7th overall at North America East Semifinal, earning her an individual spot at the 2023 Games. At her first ever Games not in the stands, Sydney placed 28th amongst the individual women. 

Meanwhile, eight-time Games Athlete Brooke Wells came in 14th overall at the Orlando event, narrowly missing out on a Games spot by 3 placements. 

Both Brittany and Allison Weiss competed at the North America West Semifinal. 

Brittany competed on a team with CrossFit Invictus, who came in 2nd at the Semifinal event but went on to earn the title of Fittest Team On Earth. 

Allison competed as an individual woman and came in 27th overall. While 2023 was Allison’s first time competing as an individual woman, she competed in the Girls (16-17) division in 2015 and 2016 at the Games, where she podiumed both times. 

Looking forward, family edition. 

Time, training, and tests are the only way to know for sure what we can expect from these aforementioned sibling pairs in 2024.   

As of right now, however, we know the following: 

Brittany Weiss is planning to compete as an individual, which means we may see the Weiss sisters taking on tests side-by-side. 

Brooke Wells has switched from PRVN to HWPO programming, while Sydney is staying at PRVN. While the Wells sisters are no longer training buddies, if all goes according to plan they will both be individual competitors. 

Ben Smith partially tore his patellar tendon during the 2023 Games, but does not yet know what the future holds regarding the upcoming season. Likely, Ben’s health and decision will impact whether Alec takes on 2024 as an individual or team member. 

No one from the Panchik nor Đukić family have made any announcements since The Games regarding retirement or programming changes.

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