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January 4, 2024 by
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Today’s workout is programmed by CrossFit Games veteran, Kelly Baker. Baker has competed at the Games three times, twice on a team and most recently as an individual. After squeaking out a spot to Madison, taking 10th place at North America West, Baker made it through more cuts at the Games, ultimately finishing in 21st. Baker had her top two finishes at the Games on Saturday, taking 8th in the Cross-Country 5k and 9th in the Olympic Total.  

Kelly Baker

9-Minute AMRAP:

3 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit 
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
6 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2-inch Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
9 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2″ Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds
12 Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups, 3.5/2″ Deficit
6 Deadlifts, 275/195 pounds

* Deadlifts stay at 6 repetitions, Deficit Wall-Facing Hand Stand Push-Ups increase by 3 repetitions each round. 

Score is total reps.

Intended stimulus: Overall, this is a shoulder endurance piece that mirrors the classic CrossFit benchmark workout “Diane.” The main difference here is that the rep scheme on the wall increases which forces athletes to be smart with how they break up those HSPU to ensure they do not hit complete failure. The goal of this metcon is to work through a difficult HSPU variation while taxing our midline and, indirectly, our shoulders, with some moderate deadlifts.

Scaling tips: To adjust the wall-facing handstand push-ups, athletes can perform wall-facing HSPU without the deficit, or drop to strict HSPU, kipping HSPU, or regular push-ups/box pike push-up/DB strict press.

For the deadlift weight, adjust accordingly. The weight should be a moderate to moderately heavy weight that you can complete in 1-2 sets throughout the workout.

Advice from Kelly: “Aim for sustainable sets on the HSPUs. We never want to go to failure here. I would recommend coming off the wall when you feel like you are about 2-3 reps from failure. Since we are wall walking up each time, rest enough time to make sure you are not walking up the wall to only get 1-2 reps in. Our sets should be almost repeatable. 

The majority of the workout is spent on the wall. Therefore, breaking the deadlifts into two sets is not a bad idea. We don’t need to rush through the deadlifts, but we want a smooth transition back to the wall to have time to work through the HSPUs as the reps are ascending there.” 

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