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Morning Chalk Up is the leading sports publication focused exclusively on the sport, community, and lifestyle of CrossFit. We reach more than 100,000 readers daily, totaling more than 10M+ page views a year. Through original stories, social content, and live reporting and video, our team of journalists travel the globe providing our audience the inspiration and stories they love.

Morning Chalk Up creates everything from long-form stories and feature articles, sports analysis, and investigative reporting. We help shape the daily discussions CrossFit athletes are having across the globe.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, check out the open positions below:

Department: Growth

Reports to: CEO (currently)

Job Title: Growth Hacker

Location: Remote, SoCal Preferred

Job Type: Full Time or Part Time

Morning Chalk Up is looking for an enthusiastic and experienced growth hacker interested in an opportunity to join the Morning Chalk Up team to work on growing our web, email and social audiences through paid and organic growth hacking. 

This position is perfect for an experienced professional interested in a part-time side hustle or a talented skilled professional that wants to join the team full time. 

A successful growth hacker:

  • Is passionate about building authentic audiences.
  • Has a growth mindset.
  • Is an excellent writer.
  • Is familiar with email marketing tools, campaigns and tactics. 
  • Is a self-starter who needs little direction. 
  • Has strong attention to detail.
  • Is familiar with publishing on social media channels. 
  • Freaking loves the Morning Chalk Up.

Skills and qualifications that will make you stand out from other candidates:

  • Experience successfully implementing paid marketing campaigns specifically with Facebook but also including a broad array of paid advertising platforms. 
  • Skill in SQL to run queries and extra data from tests. 
  • Experience managing large email lists and campaigns and building out engagement segments.
  • Strong familiarity using Google’s search and analytics tools, Optimizely or other metric-driven tools. 

What you’ll do:

  • Help lead our Ambassador program.
  • Ideate and draft email marketing for our premium membership program. 
  • Draft and execute reengagement segments for our newsletter subscribers. 
  • Organize and draft weekly growth reports. 
  • Work with brand partners on giveaways and engagement promotions. 
  • Work with social on growth-minded content. 
  • Conduct A/B email tests to increase newsletter engagement.
  • Monitor email deliverability to help increase daily email inbox delivery. 

Salary and Benefits

  • Flexible workdays.
  • Competitive pay either part-time or full-time.
  • Remote work optional but SoCal location is preferred.
  • Weekly digital high fives.
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