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Morning Chalk Up is the leading sports publication focused exclusively on the sport, community, and lifestyle of CrossFit. We reach more than 100,000 readers daily, totaling more than 10M+ page views a year. Through original stories, social content, and live reporting and video, our team of journalists travel the globe providing our audience the inspiration and stories they love.

Morning Chalk Up creates everything from long-form stories and feature articles, sports analysis, and investigative reporting. We help shape the daily discussions CrossFit athletes are having across the globe.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, check out the open positions below:

Social Media Manager and Homepage Editor

Department: Editorial
Reports to: TBD
Location: Remote
Type: Full-Time

Morning Chalk Up is looking for a full time social media manager and homepage editor to oversee and manage all of Morning Chalk Up’s publishing channels including all social media accounts, the website, mobile app and assembling the daily newsletter. 

We are looking for a motivated individual with a proven track record in building social media engagement and managing day to day publishing of a news website. 

In addition, this person will oversee Morning Chalk Up’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms.

Customer Service Representative

Department: Customer Service
Reports to: Tessa Garrett, Growth Manager
Location: Remote
Type: Part-time, hourly

Morning Chalk Up is looking to hire a remote, part-time Customer Service Representative to join the team. We are looking for a person who embodies the spirit of the CrossFit community and loves to help others. This person will utilize existing technology to answer customer service questions and act as the touch point for all Morning Chalk Up member questions.

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