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When a 10-year-old can out CrossFit you

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“I hope you live a life your proud of, and, if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


Brooklynn Sittner, aka Queen Beezy, has an incredibly bright future in CrossFit. The crazy thing? She’s ten-years-old.

Her dad runs her Instagram account that’s collected more than 30,000 followers. Through it she’s inspiring other little girls (and let’s be honest here, grown ups too) all over the world to move their bodies and push themselves to greatness. Did we mention she just broke the Montana State record in the snatch, clean and jerk and overall total the other day?

Tell me more.
Brooklynn has always been active. She started with gymnastics and got into CrossFit two years ago. Her goal? She’s training to make the CrossFit games when she turns 14. She can deadlift double bodyweight and bang out L sit pull ups and strict toes to bar with the pros.

She may have a slight advantage over most ten-year-olds — she’s homeschooled and spends up to eight hours training some days, but her motivation is definitely coming from within.

“She wouldn’t train the way she trains if it was me… It’s in her heart. You can’t teach that, you can’t coach that”, her dad told


Roundup — Congratulations to Andrea Montalvo (formerly Ager) and Peter Montalvo on getting married yesterday surrounded by family and friends in Estes Park, CO. USA Weightlifting announces the final team members for International Weightlifting Worlds in December. A Liberty University linebacker hang cleaned 475 pounds (hat tip FloElite).

CrossFit Invitational — The CrossFit all-star game kicks off in 5 days and Reebok Invitational gear is now available. Alessandra Pichelli is already in Melbourne and Tennil Reed-Beuerlein’s flight down under got canceled then re-scheduled so she’s probably somewhere over the Pacific right now.

Cole Sager to CBS in Spokane on why he wants to win the CrossFit Games — “…To build a platform in the community. I want to be an ambassador in the sport. I want to encourage people. I want to have people look at me and just see a person…you know…he is striving to be the best version of himself every single day. He’s a man of integrity and he loves and he cares about people. And, I want to share that message.”

What to tell your friend who lifts a lot and is always getting it from the guys…

Pardon me? For years at globo gyms, ladies have felt a lack of belonging in the guys part of the gym. For those of you unaware, that’s the part with all the big weight and heavy stuff. Women are only supposed to use the eliptical and machines; no free weights. Ask any powerlifter who’s dared to venture to the other side and put two plates on a bar the comments, or offers of help, she’s received. Well we’re glad BarBenddecided to ask some of the most famous powerlifters what the weirdest things guys have said to them at the gym. We’re not sure whether to laugh, cry or both — “Let me know if you ever want to workout sometime. I can spot you on squats or something.”


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Meet Hank Berger and Jacinto Bonilla. Together, these masters athletes combine for 138 years young and the duo teamed up for the 2017 CrossFit Team Series.

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DO: Burpee Madness
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How has CrossFit helped you achieve a goal?

“CrossFit has given me so much more than physical fitness. It’s given me the courage to stand up for myself. In the past two years, I’ve shed a lot of the fear I had of saying no, and I am much happier for it.” — Christine Parizo, Clear Lake CrossFit in Webster, TX

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