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15 Hours to Close

Morning Chalk Up

March 25


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on the Sanctionals season and yesterday the Rogue Invitational and the CanWest CrossFit Championship both made big announcements. And, earlier this week, Australian CrossFit affiliates (along with all other non-essential businesses) were given 15 hours notice for a mandatory lockdown — Brittney Kleyn has more. Today:

  • Big announcements from the Rogue Invitational and CanWest CrossFit Championship.
  • How Australian affiliates handled the lockdown notice.
  • WOD on the Waves announces refunds.
  • Unofficial winner of the Girls 16-17-year-old division, Emma Cary, trains for the CrossFit Games at home.

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CanWest Postpones, Rogue Invitational Moves to Online Competition

  CanWest Postpones, Rogue Invitational Moves to Online Competition, Nixes Invite  

The CanWest CrossFit Championship announced its postponement while the Rogue Invitational made a tough decision to remove itself from the Sanctional schedule altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday afternoon, CanWest posted on its Instagram account that it would postpone its competition to a later date still to be determined.

One big thing: With Rogue moving their competition online they will lose their Games invite. CrossFit Inc. made that clear when they told the Italian Showdown that online competitions wouldn’t be allowed to give invites to winners.

The bottom line: The CanWest announcement brings the total number of Sanctionals now postponed to 13. It joins the Madrid CrossFit Championship, Lowlands Throwdown, West Coast Classic, Italian Showdown, ELFIT CrossFit Championship and Atlas Games as Sanctionals who have yet to select dates for their competition.

  • The Rogue Invitational, who announced the postponement and rescheduling of their event to June 13-14 a week ago, will switch to an online competition.
  • The Rogue Invitational is the first Sanctional to switch to an online competition format. The Italian Showdown originally announced that it would do an online competition, but quickly changed the decision after CrossFit HQ said doing so would cause them to forfeit their Games invitations.
  • The format for the Rogue Invitational is still being worked on but all athletes will do the required workouts at their respective locations and will be streamed for fans to watch.
  • Confirmed athletes for the event have been contacted regarding the changes but no other details have been given to them regarding the competition format.
  • The prize money will remain the same which should keep all the all-star roster of athletes in place.
  • No information has been provided regarding the team or the Legends divisions. Regardless if there is a team online competition, they will not receive an invite to the Games. Currently, there are only 16 team invites left for the 2020 Games.
  • All tickets purchased will be automatically refunded.

Next up: The Granite Games, currently scheduled for June 12-14 will be the next Sanctional.


We’ll get through this, together.

We’ll get through this, together.

While individual gyms have faced and overcome challenges in past years, the Coronavirus pandemic is unlike any situation many of us have ever seen. The good news is that CrossFit is a community like no other, coming together as always to lift each other up.

Visit Wodify’s constantly-updated Resource Hub for tools and free resources that gym owners can use to get through these tough times.

Be safe and be smart!


Australian Affiliates Given 15 Hours Notice To Close

  Australian Affiliates Given 15 Hours Notice To Close  

Just before 9pm on Sunday March 22 (AEST), Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison placed the entire country on “stage one” lockdown. 

With just 15 hours notice: All “non-essential” services like bars, pubs, clubs, churches AND gyms would have to close indefinitely by 12pm Monday. 

Australians have been told the new “stage one” restrictions could stay in place for up to six months. 

The writing was on the wall: Just days earlier, gyms were among the “public places” mandated to ensure each member had a 4 x 4-meter square radius as part of the country’s social distancing measures. 

But both the PM and State Premiers were concerned Australians just weren’t taking the COVID-19 precautions seriously:

  • “So, unfortunately, because guidelines can’t be followed, then for public health reasons we now need to take further action which shuts those gatherings down,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. 

There’ll be no second chances for Australian affiliates: Both state and federal governments in Australia have enacted emergency powers that give them the right to fine and even jail people who breach lockdown orders.

  • The PM said further restrictions would be considered if social distancing measures were not adhered to. 
  • On Tuesday (AEST) an update was given that one-on-one training sessions – of up to 10 people –  would suffice. Although social distancing rules still apply. 

As of Monday, it’s a similar situation for affiliates across the ditch in New Zealand: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern issued a 48-hour notice for a month-long lockdown, in a bid to stop the community spread of coronavirus.  Schools, businesses and community services are now closed:

  • PM Arden said: “The worst-case scenario is simply intolerable, it would represent the greatest loss of New Zealanders’ lives in our history and I will not take that chance”.

WOD On The Waves Canceled: Customers To Be Issued Full Refunds

  WOD On The Waves Cancelled: Customers To Be Issued Full Refunds  

WOD on the Waves customers will now be entitled to a full refund after cruise company Celebrity Cruises extended the suspension period for its upcoming trips to May 12.

Quick recap: WOD on the Waves had alerted passengers earlier this month that the April 16 cruise would still go ahead despite mass cancelations by major cruise lines worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Morning Chalk Up has been following developments closely after we were alerted by concerned customers, demanding the company issue full refunds.

More than 40 celebrity guests — including Rich Froning, Patrick Vellner and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet — were also still contractually obliged to attend while the cruise was scheduled to go ahead.

While fans had forked out between $699 — $3,999 for the five-day trip (not including airfare) WOD on the Waves had already paid charter company Celebrity Cruises for rooms onboard the ship and was bound by their decision whether or not to sail.

What this means for passengers:

  • WOD on the Waves CEO Christopher Brauser told the Morning Chalk Up thst, because the company is set to receive a full refund from Celebrity Cruises, it can pass that onto customers.
  • Anyone who cancels during 2020 will get a full refund of their purchase, although the company’s urged passengers to be patient, as it may take some time for reimbursement from Royal Caribbean, the owner of Celebrity Cruises.

CEO Christopher Brauser said: “We sincerely apologize for the challenges all of you faced during this time in dealing with the ramifications of the Coronavirus pandemic. This has been a stressful time for all of us, and we are all greatly relieved by Celebrity’s decision. Thank you all for your patience during this difficult time.”


Teen Athlete Profile: Emma Cary, Girls 16-17

  Teen Athlete Profile: Emma Cary, Girls 16-17  

Emma Cary isn’t worried about having to prepare for the 2020 CrossFit Games at home.

That’s because the 15-year-old, who turns 16 in May, has a fully loaded home gym in her hometown of Marshfield,  Mo.

  • “I have an amazing home gym. Barbells and plates, pull-up bars, an Assault bike, all of the ergometers, rings,” said Cary, who topped the worldwide leaderboard for Girls 16-17 during the CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier and is headed back to Madison, Wi. this summer.

That is, if the Games don’t end up canceled like everything else these days, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cary’s approach: Prepare as normal.

“I’m really just trying to control what I can. Of course, I have thought about the Games getting canceled, but I’m just going to work as hard as I can,” Cary said. She will have extra time to give to her training, considering her school has been canceled indefinitely.

Cary admits it’s challenging sometimes being 15 with peers who do not understand why she trains six days a week, twice a day, for up to four or five hours a day.

  • “I don’t really think anyone at my school really understands why I do what I do. I don’t have anyone at my gym my age either,” she said. “People at school are like, ‘You go home every day after school and you suffer for fun?’ It’s hard to explain it to them.’”

They also don’t understand why Cary brings chicken and rice with vegetables, and hummus with bell peppers, for lunch, while they devour hot dogs and pizza next to her.

  • “They look at my food and they say, ‘Oh, I feel really sorry for you that you have to eat like that,’” she said. “I try to explain that I don’t have to, that I choose to.”



Maximum Effort Chest, Bis and Tris with Dan Bailey

Check out this “Clang and Bang” bodybuilding-style workout for your upper body. It’s all about intensity, focusing on challenging weights for low reps and supersets. This is a perfect combo of movements for an at-home workout too.

  Morning Chalk Up  



Become An Online Nutrition Coach

Two days ago, Working Against Gravity opened up registration for their Nutrition Coach Certification to allow people the opportunity to work online during this challenging time. They are offering a huge discount, and today is the last day to register.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Training on the Assault Bike

We know, quarantine seems like the perfect reason to avoid the Assault bike, but if you have one locked away in your garage, it’s great for isolation training. This episode of The Fitness Movement podcast covers protocols for power-based and endurance athletes, as well as basic topics like biking in a metcon and proper bike set-up.

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Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Anyone out there stress-baking right now? Yeah, us too. Try to stay on your nutrition plan, though, with this delicious, super-moist, healthy banana bread made with whole wheat flour, protein-packed Greek yogurt and sweetened naturally with pure maple syrup. Easy to make and perfect for brunch or snacking.





Quick Community Roundup

While almost all of our attention is focused on developments related to the coronavirus, there are other things going on in the community. Here are a few we have our eyes on:

  • The Sally Challenge: CrossFit Zillertal in Tirol, Austria is pulling the community together to do a “Sally Challenge” each day. Check them out and join in!
  • Cash WOD: Are you struggling to feed your competitive hunger in quarantine? Cash WOD is the answer for you. Cash WOD creates virtual competitions that you can join for as little as $1. New WODs are posted every Sunday.
  • “Tinder Meets Rescues”: CrossFit Raeford in Raeford, NC is using its social media platform to help dogs in the local rescue find forever homes. Check it out
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