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17-Year Old Does How Many Rounds of “Murph”?

Morning Chalk Up

July 16


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In June, CrossFitter Amanda Nye experienced every parent’s worst nightmare, her seven-year-old son, Kevin, passed away in a tragic accident. In the days after, her own community and the global CrossFit community offered her love and support and today she sends a message of thanks. And, Tyler Friese broke the world record for number of “Murphs” completed in 24 hours, Patrick Clark has more.

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“Surround yourself with people who love and support you and ignore the noise in the background. Love those who are hurting and who need you, and help where you can. For me, that is making a world of difference right now. The CrossFit community is good people.” – Amanda Nye


Grieving Mother Offers Message of Thanks to the CrossFit Community

  Grieving Mother Offers Message of Thanks to the CrossFit Community  

Three minutes: That’s all it took for 7-year-old Kevin Nye to tangle himself in the tarp used to cover his family’s above ground swimming pool. He died the following day, on June 18, from the injuries he sustained.

  • “The pool was 33 inches deep and he was 52 inches tall. He has been a great swimmer his entire life. We often went to the YMCA and he passed their most rigorous swim test. I never worried about him in the pool. So I went upstairs to grab the trash. I was only gone for three minutes according to video footage.” said his grieving mother Amanda Nye.
  • She paused and added: “ I wish I had never gone up to get the trash.”

Three minutes later, Amanda returned and found her son unconscious in the pool, tangled in the tarp they used to keep out Arizona’s notorious dust. A paediatric nurse, she performed chest compressions on her son and managed to regain a pulse.

  • “The ambulance arrived within six minutes and Kevin started taking breaths on his own again. They told us we would be able to take him home from the hospital the next day, that he would need physical therapy, but that he’d be OK,” Amanda said.

But then things went downhill. Kevin’s brain had swelled, and he passed away unexpectedly, leaving Amanda, Kevin’s father Adam Nye and 5-year-old sister Kayla Nye “completely shattered,” Amanda said.

The CrossFit community steps in: Though nothing can ease the pain of losing a child, Amanda is adamant that the CrossFit community has made these recent days just a bit more manageable.


How Many Calories Should You Eat?

How Many Calories Should You Eat?

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17-Year Old Tyler Friese Sets New Mark for 24-hour “Murph”

  17-Year Old Tyler Friese Sets New Mark for 24-hour “Murph”  

It didn’t take long for the world record for total number of “Murphs” completed in a 24-hour period to be broken. Last week, 17-year old Tyler Friese took on the challenge and finished 16.75 rounds of the iconic workout, setting the new standard to beat.

The bottom line: Lee Davis set the unofficial mark of 16 rounds of “Murph” on Memorial Day and it stood for almost a month and a half before Friese broke it.

  • Friese started his record-breaking attempt at 8:00 am CST on Sunday, June 5 and stopped at 8:00 am Monday, June 6 a mile run short of completing 17 full rounds.
  • Friese accomplished his record-breaking feat at FUEL Fitness in Oak Creek, Wisconsin with fellow gym members joining him throughout the 24 hour period.
  • Friese also started a GoFundMe to accompany his performance with a goal of raising $1,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation in honor of Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy.
  • To date, Friese was halfway to his goal.
  • “Murph” is named after Lieutenant Murphy who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.  Murph is a commemorative workout done by athletes around the world every year on Memorial Day.
  • The record-breaking performance garnered national attention after ESPN’s SportCenter highlighted his accomplishment.

Inside the numbers:

  • Friese completed all 16 rounds of “Murph” under one hour each, averaging 51 minutes per round.
  • In all Friese ran 33 miles, did 1,700 pull-ups, 3,400 push-ups and 5,100 air squats finishing his final air squat right before the 24 hour time cap.

Preparing for the record: Friese in an Instagram post said he did “little to nothing to train for it,” the most he trained was doing a double “Murph” three weeks prior to setting the record.

  • Friese credited Josh Bridges’ Training Program for preparing him for the feat. Bridges is a retired Navy SEAL and has developed a 4-in-1 training program for military, strength, fitness and competition.



Jared Enderton on Body Image and More

On this episode of Make Pods Great Again, hosts John Wooley and Niki Brazier talk with CrossFit Games athlete, Jared Enderton about his home training, staying motivated and his strategy for returning to the CrossFit Games. Enderton has battled weight gain throughout his life and in the interview talks about body image issues, something that we often do not imagine men worrying about.

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Your First Kipping Handstand Pushup

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Melt-In-Your-Mouth Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Check out these incredible, melt-in-your-mouth grilled Brussels sprouts made with just 6 simple ingredients! These easy foil pack grilled Brussels sprouts make the perfect plant-based side dish for any summer meal.

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