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What will the CrossFit Games look like for Spectators?

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Public health officials are lifting all public health orders in Madison and Dane County, WI. What does this mean for the CrossFit Games?
  • Brazilian women overwhelm the South American Semifinal roster.
  • CrossFit HCS expands its inclusion efforts with Trans Health Matters.

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  Madison and Dane County to Lift All Public Health Orders; What Does This Mean for the CrossFit Games Spectator Experience? 

Madison and Dane County to Lift All Public Health Orders; What Does This Mean for the CrossFit Games Spectator Experience?

Public Health Madison and Dane County, WI announced Tuesday that all public health orders, “including mask requirements, and gathering and capacity limits” will be lifted, effective June 2.

What this means: While half of the Semifinal events will be held virtually, this week’s announcement from local public health officials, as well as current trends in Dane County and across the US, suggests that by late-July, spectators at the in-person CrossFit Games can expect a relatively “normal” (read: pre-pandemic) fan experience.

What they’re saying: The Morning Chalk Up spoke with Brent Kyzer-McHenry, the Executive Director of the Alliant Energy Center prior to Tuesday’s public health announcement and how thoughts were very consistent with what local officials ultimately revealed. He indicated that if Dane County continues to trend in the right direction in regards to their COVID numbers and positivity rate, things could look pretty normal.

  • “Given the strong trend in vaccinations, reduction in the spread, hospitalizations, etc. it is very likely there will be no restriction to capacities at the time of the Games,” said Kyzer-McHenry. “We will continue to work with CrossFit on their planning to ensure safety and that the best Games can happen.”
  • From the Public Health Madison and Dane County announcement: “Today I applaud the 63% of Dane County residents who have gotten vaccinated. This extremely high number allows us to make the decision today to lift our orders on June 2, when we estimate that 75% of those eligible for the vaccine will have received their first dose,” said Janel Heinrich, Director of Public Health Madison & Dane County.
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Team O2 Announces Winner of their Gym Appreciation Week's Ultimate Gym Upgrade

Team O2 Announces Winner of their Gym Appreciation Week's Ultimate Gym Upgrade

Congratulations to Mi5 Fitness/CrossFit Lakeville in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Team O2 wants to thank Eric Haeg for nominating Mi5 Fitness, who will now receive an Ultimate Gym Upgrade valued at over $8000 with prizes from Yeti, Assault Fitness, and Hyperice.

O2 is beyond thrilled to make this happen and excited for the Mi5 fitness family as they continue to work together, build community, and break records.

Thank you to everyone who took part in Gym Appreciation Week, and you can now watch all the thank you videos O2 collected on their site.


  • The CrossFit Pair Up ThrowDOWN workouts will be announced today. The workout will be released at 12:00 PM PT and athletes in M/M, F/F, and mixed pair teams will have until Monday, May 24 at 12:00 PM PT to submit scores.
  • MUST READ: Kansas City star, Patrick Mahomes’ WHOOP data for the 2020 NFL season is available, and it reveals how strain and recovery ebb and flow throughout each week leading up to and after game day.
  • Individual event five at the Torian Pro is the “Clean and Jerk Ladder“:
    • Athletes will work their way through 16 barbells of ascending weights and will have 50 seconds at each bar to complete one clean and jerk. If he or she cannot complete the lift in 50 seconds, they will not advance to the next bar.
    • Men’s weights begin at 106 kg/235 pounds and end at 161 kg/355 pounds.
    • Women’s weights begin at 70 kg/155 pounds and end at 111 kg/245 pounds.
    • The Torian Pro is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, on Instagram.
  • The Granite Games released its next individual workout yesterday. This one is called “Back to Back 1 and 2“:
    • 3 Rounds For Time
      33 Wallballs (30 pounds, 20 pounds)
      22 GHD Sit-ups
      11 D-Ball Cleans (150 pounds, 100 pounds)
      Time Cap: 13 Minutes
      2-Minute Rest, Then:
      2 Rounds For Time
      22 Toes to Bar
      11 D ball Step-overs (100 pounds, 70 pounds) (24 pounds, 20 pounds)
      Time Cap: 6 Minutes
    • The Granite Games is releasing one workout per day, in advance of its Semifinal event, at 12 PM ET on Instagram.
  • The 2022 International Functional Fitness Federation World Championships will be held in Moscow, Russia.
  • The 2020 USA Weightlifting Olympic team was announced yesterday and is the largest team since 1996.
  Brazilian Women Overwhelm the South American Semifinal Roster 


Brazilian Women Overwhelm the South American Semifinal Roster

With the Semifinal stage of competition looming, there is a lot going on in the competitive landscape. However, down in South America as athletes are prepping for the virtual Brazil CrossFit Championship there is an overwhelming trend on the women’s leaderboard; nearly two thirds (19 out of 30 athletes) are from Brazil.

Despite the significant majority in terms of numbers, what can we expect from them once the competition actually begins?

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  CrossFit HCS Expands Inclusion Efforts Through Trans Health Matters Movement 

CrossFit HCS Expands Inclusion Efforts Through Trans Health Matters Movement

In 2019, CrossFit HCS in Ferndale, MI introduced Robin Hood Fitness, a program aimed at broadening its reach to people who don’t have access to general physical preparedness training. Owners Sarah “SayKay” Brown and Cam Brown expanded their community support to marginalized communities by creating the Black Health Matters movement and now have a new focus, the Trans Health Matters movement.

How it started: After moving CrossFit HCS into a larger space, the gym sought out to supplement its own offerings and support trainers who lost their building or were not ready to sign a lease yet.

  • “There’s a long history of…minorities and LGBTQ being denied loans that could come easier for other people,” SayKay Brown said. “If we have trainers that are like-minded like ourselves…that’s more of a community having a wider range to choose from for trainers and health providers that not only look like them, but they can be comfortable with.”
  • The tumultuous events in cities across the US last summer prompted SayKay and Cam Brown to provide more inclusivity in the CrossFit community through the Black Health Matters movement. They sold T-shirts with a reflective “Black Health Matters” logo to spread awareness around marginalized communities, raise money to supplement members who couldn’t afford a full-price membership, and keep CrossFit HCS on its feet during the pandemic.
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