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59.7% of Gyms Are Closed Worldwide

Morning Chalk Up

March 30


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. United in Movement is the big story today. The massive online community event kicks off later this week and Tommy Marquez has more below. And, we’ve been crunching the data and have tracked the coronavirus CrossFit affiliate closures in an interactive map. Today:

  • United in Movement seeks to bring the CrossFit community together.
  • A coronavirus map, tracking CrossFit closures globally.
  • The CrossFit French Throwdown is the 15th Sanctional to postpone, in this case, until 2021.

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United In Movement: A Global Fundraising Initiative

  United In Movement: A Global Fundraising Initiative  

Last week, while the CrossFit Games community was still reeling from a series of postponements and delays to the season, a collection of the biggest brands, athletes, media outlets, and content creators in the CrossFit community gathered via video conference at the behest of Loud and Live Sports.

The purpose? An announcement and call to action for a new collaborative philanthropic effort known as United In Movement, a global fundraising initiative running Friday, April 3 through Saturday, April 11, aimed at uniting people through fitness.

Unite, inspire, support: The goal of the initiative is fairly straightforward, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, bring together a global community through the avenue of health and fitness, and in the process raise money and morale for those most affected by the pandemic.

  • Gyms, small businesses, and individuals on the front line including hospital staff, support staff, and other humanitarian efforts across the globe will be the focus of the relief efforts.  

How it will work: The initiative is a two-pronged effort: first, an online fitness competition available to the masses; second, a digital media platform designed to bring some of the best content available from the biggest names in the space.

  • On the media side: There will be a 24-hour livestream kick-off, followed by daily live broadcasts each day of the competition. The livestreams will include a variety of content from athletes, subject matter experts, coaches, influencers, and heads of some of the biggest fitness brands.
  • On the competition side: The competition itself will feature 7 workouts in 7 days. It is entirely free to register, workouts can be performed at home with little to no equipment, and the workouts will be accessible to all levels of fitness from competitive athletes to non-active individuals.
  • Workouts will be announced live, by elite athletes and coaches, and will be performed in real-time during the broadcast.

Observable, measurable, repeatable: No initiative in this space would be complete without some clearly defined goals and objectives. United In Movement is shooting for 48 hours of live content, $1,000,000+ raised, and 100,000+ participants in total during the week. For the fundraising efforts, there are three main pipelines.


Ex-Under Armour Execs Designed Jeans for Athletes

Ex-Under Armour Execs Designed Jeans for Athletes

Revtown was born when a few Under Armor guys took everything they knew about workout clothes and used it to make jeans that fit comfortably, are worn-in just right, and reasonably priced.

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Coronavirus Map: Tracking CrossFit Affiliate Closures Worldwide

  Coronavirus Map: Tracking CrossFit Affiliate Closures Worldwide  

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread closures of CrossFit affiliates across the globe. With 14,790 locations, CrossFit is the largest chain of fitness locations in the world. The following counts were tabulated through self-reporting by affiliates as well as government-mandated closures of all non-essential businesses.

If your affiliate is closed, please let us know here.

Confirmed Affiliate Closures Worldwide

Top Line Stats

  • 14,790 total CrossFit affiliates globally. 
  • 8,839 closures as of Friday, March 27.
  • That represents 59.7% of all gyms closed globally. 
  • 5074 of total closures in the United States, or 73% of the 6915 affiliates. 

The following countries have closed all gyms. If there are additional countries mandating gym closures, please send us a link.

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom

The United States

With 6915 locations, the United States has the largest concentration of affiliates worldwide, and represents a disproportionate amount of closures due to statewide closures of all but non-essential businesses. 

  • Currently, 73% of all locations in the United States are closed.

If your affiliate is closed, please let us know by filling out this form


The CrossFit French Throwdown Postponed until 2021

  The CrossFit French Throwdown Postponed until 2021  

On Sunday morning, the CrossFit French Throwdown announced on Instagram that “it would not be reasonable to keep working on an event” given disruptions and mandatory lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic. “This is why we [made] the decision to postpone the 2020 edition to 2021.” The event was originally scheduled to take place June 26-28 in Yvelines, France.

One big thing: While the CrossFit French Throwdown is the 15th Sanctional to be postponed, it is the first to announce that it will not try to reschedule in 2020. At this point, there remain only two Sanctionals on the schedule that have yet to announce a postponement or new date — the Asbury Park Summer Games (June 20-21, Asbury Park, NJ) and the Mayan CrossFit Classic (July 3-5, Riviera Maya, Mexico).

From the announcement: “In these uncertain times, our priority is to make sure the people implicated in the event, its life and its community stay healthy.”

  • “Taking this into account, we believe it would not be reasonable to keep on working on an event that would go against these priorities. It is not the right time to focus on organizing a sporting event but it is the time to be united with our family and friends. This is why we [made] the decision to postpone the 2020 edition to 2021.”
  • “This was a very hard decision but it is the best decision we could make. Of course, every registered athlete will automatically be registered for 2021.”

Leaving the door open: The postponement announcement hinted that the organizers, if able, could still try to pull off an event in some format this year, but reiterated that for now, it’s best to prioritize health, wellness and family.

  • “2020 is not over yet and if an opportunity presents itself, we will do our best to make the spirit of the 2020 FTD come to life but for now, stay at home, take care of yourself, eat well and move well. Spend time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to support your box and your communities. This is the only effective medicine against this disease.”



Road to the Games, Featuring Fittest in Denmark Julie Hougaard

The first episode of Virus’s 2020 Road to the Games series features Julie Hougaard’s experience at the 2019 Games and her thoughts on being cut after the second event.

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Matt O’Keefe Talks with Armen Hammer about United in Movement

On Friday, president of Loud and Live Sports, Matt O’Keefe spoke with Armen Hammer about United in Movement, a massive week-long online community event that will include workouts, competitions, fundraising, and more.

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Delicious Recipes Using a Can of Tuna

As we all try to minimize the number of trips we need to take to the store, check out these delicious, healthy canned tuna recipes that make the perfect quick lunch, dinner or savory snack! These easy ways to use a can of tuna combine it with fresh, simple ingredients and pack plenty of flavor and protein.





Community Roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of things happen in the CrossFit community, some coronavirus-related, some not:

  • The Broomstick Clinic: Everyone is crushing their bodyweight workouts at home, but Caffeine and Kilos knows that you are ready to get a barbell in your hands again. They are hosting a free at-home weightlifting clinic to help you work on technique and knock some rust off. All you need is a broomstick or a pvc pipe. Sign-up now for the clinic on April 4. 
  • The Phoenix: The sober active community at the Phoenix is hosting virtual classes and community events, including meditation, yoga, CrossFit and a recovery social hour daily. Zoom links and the full schedule are listed on the Phoenix website and all they ask is that you have at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety to attend.
  • Deep Athletics: The creators of Deep Athletics have developed an algorithm that generates custom, individualized workouts based on your goals, your abilities and your equipment. Although still in the beta testing phase, when you signup (and the first month is free), your programming is generated weekly and emailed to you each Saturday. Check it out.
  • RokFit: The apparel company, RokFit, has designed a t-shirt with the slogan “Support Your Local Box” and will donate the proceeds of every purchase to the box of your choice. And, when you purchase the shirt, they will give you a 20% discount on any other items in your cart. All you have to do is leave the name of the box you’d like them to donate to in your order notes, and they will handle the rest.
  • Dark Horse x Throwdowns: Dark Horse Rowing has partnered with Throwdowns to create a weekly rowing competition for all of you at-home rowers. They will announce three workouts per week and the winner takes home bragging rights. And, it’s free to enter!
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