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6 Days Until the First CrossFit Games Qualifiers are Set

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“In baseball and in business, there are three types of people. Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”  – Tommy Lasorda

There are only 3 freaking days until Regionals, but even bigger, it’s only 6 days until we know the first wave of Games athletes. Here’s the line-by-line schedule of each Regional.

IN OTHER NEWS… The world wants to know. So why didn’t Mattie Rogers make it to Rio? FloElite puts together a fantastic lift-by-lift analysis of what happened (PS videos of all the lifts inside). 15-year old weightlifting phenom C.J. Cummings, who has been heralded the Michael Jordan and Lebron James of weightlifting, didn’t make the cut either.


What sets the top athletes apart from everyone else (besides the obvious physical differences?) Pure Pharma assembled a list of the top mental strategies used by elite athletes. A tax on sugary drinks could be making its way on the Colorado ballot this November. CrossFit HQ is now offering a“scaling course” designed to “[reinforce] the skills a CrossFit trainer will use when modifying workouts for their athletes.” Here’s a little video explanation on the importance of scaling and why it should be encouraged. One month on this fitness plan and Colleen Fotsch is looking, well, more fit. PS How is that even possible?


Road to Regionals. Pure Pharma catches up with Rasmus Andersen and Zach Anderson as they discuss the hardest Open workout and some of their recovery tips for Regionals. Alec Smith has gone through all 7 Regionals events already. Mathew Fraser looks ready. Sevan Matossian demos some good reps of strict muscle-ups. Noah Ohlsen makes these weighted strict muscle-ups look way too easy. Ben Smith snatches 295 pounds after practicing Event 1. Sheila Barden has confirmed it, Event 4 is going to hurt lots.

Jenn Jones asks a really important question: so what exactly is the definition of strict anyways? “Have you ever watched an athlete struggle to get a one rep max STRICT press and they get a little wiggle momentum to help them successfully complete their lift. ”


Remember how Dave Castro was on the road a lot during the Open? Go behind the scenes with Dave Castro as he travels to five different host cities for the 2016 live Open announcements. CrossFitter and Paralympic athlete is heading to Rio despite being hit by a drunk driver at 18 and losing one of her legs. Reebok released a limited edition sneaker in honor of Israel’s 68th anniversary of their independence. Annie Thorisdottir takes some time to ride dirt bikes. All Kara Webb wants to do is be able to text her dog. What does Val Voboril do when she’s not competing at Regionals? She practices wall tucks, duh!

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