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Morning Chalk Up

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Happy Tuesday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • 10 questions with Maddie Sturt while she’s stuck quarantining.
  • How many total reps did individual athletes do at the Games?
  • We analyze the history of final events at the CrossFit Games.
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  10 Quarantine Questions with Maddie Sturt  

10 Quarantine Questions with Maddie Sturt

Like several other Aussie CrossFit Games athletes, Maddie Sturt and her partner Jay Crouch are currently under a mandatory two-week quarantine at a hotel in Australia. Citizens are required to stay in a hotel for a full two weeks upon re-entry, one of the contributing factors to why it cost some Aussie athletes up to $20,000 to compete at the CrossFit Games.

We caught up with Maddie Sturt while she’s quarantined to ask a few questions.

MCU: How long have you been quarantined so far? And when are you able to return home?

MS: Today is day 7 of 14. We are able to check out on the 23rd of August and have 24 hours to return to Melbourne and not go ‘into the community’/red zone of Sydney.

MCU: Describe the experience overall?

MS: Well we feel like prisoners. It is a massive difference from America to here. When we landed in Sydney we had Police and Army armed escorts to hotel quarantine. The room is fine and the hotel staff are super nice and very accomodating. I just wish we had outside access or could at least open our hotel room window. That is the super annoying part of this is that everyone is paying the same amount of money to hotel quarantine but it is a lucky dip in terms of what hotel you go to. Other Aussies got lucky and have a balcony.

MCU: What does a typical day look like?

MS: Not a whole lot. We have just been trying to keep ourselves occupied and productive. We were lucky enough to get a spin bike and some dumbbells.

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Adam Klink's New Chase For The Record Book

Adam Klink's New Chase For The Record Book

Back in 2020, CrossFit Games competitor and Legends athlete Adam Klink achieved a feat many thought impossible.

A 500lb back squat and 5:00 mile in a single day.

He successfully completed the task on July 12, with a 500lb squat and a 4:56 mile.

Now he’s back and attempting to not only beat his numbers from last time, but book his place in history with a new Guinness World Record.

Find out about his motivations, lessons learned, and new training regime in an exclusive Q&A powered by Legends.


The CrossFit Games launched a new sport-focused podcast currently hosted by Chase Ingraham and Dave Castro, though Dave teased the possibility of having rotating hosts. The inaugural episode featured guest Danielle Brandon walking through her experience on day 1 of the Games as well as Castro’s insight into the programming and operations behind the scenes.

What did Kristi O’Connell really think about the 2021 CrossFit Games, and why wasn’t she sore after 15 events?

The Fittest American woman is now the Fittest American homeowner: Haley Adams, the fifth fittest woman on Earth, bought a house.

NOBULL is now offering discounts to students, teachers, first responders, healthcare, military and government employees through ID.ME.

Annie Thorisdottir goes mainstream in a feature story in TODAY Parents, profiling her journey back to the CrossFit Games. Thorisdottir revealed that her doctors warned her that she “may not gain the strength in [her] pelvic floor again” which would prevent her from ever lifting heavy again.

  • Annie: “I hate it when doctors say things like that. As human beings, we never look for becoming the same as we were, we look for being better.”
  Total Reps, Distance and Work Performed at the 2021 CrossFit Games  

Total Reps, Distance and Work Performed at the 2021 CrossFit Games

Individual athletes at the 2021 CrossFit Games completed 15 events over the course of four days — five total days but one was a rest day — tied for the most events ever programmed. While most CrossFitters are used to putting in a solid week’s worth of work in the gym, the CrossFit Games is an entirely different experience, testing athletes to their max and having to continue to perform under multiple days of fatigue.

To help better understand how much work they actually did, we broke down all fifteen events into a total number of reps, distances, and movements performed.

A couple of quick points:

  • We know not all athletes completed every event under the time cap, nor every event. The data is representative of an athlete who completed all events and under the time cap.
  • We left out the 1RM snatch event. Our intention was to show volume over raw strength.
  • We didn’t add in odd object movements like cheese curd burpees over the hay bale and sandbag carries.
  • We didn’t quantify the handstand walk obstacle course because CrossFit never published the distance of the walk.
  • We combined lunge movements like overhead, back rack and front rack to present a total distance.
  • For Events 6/7, we tallied up the total weight cleaned for athletes who completed the entire event.
  • For Event 11, which was an AMRAP, we quantified the mean female score to establish a number of pegboard ascents, DB overhead squats, and double-unders.

All tallied up: While the numbers themselves are impressive, it’s also important to factor in the total weight moved by an individual over the course of the week.

  • An individual female at the 2021 CrossFit Games would move 3,500 pounds of the pig over the course of the entire workout, while an individual male would move 5,100 pounds.
  • Individual females had to move 7,425 pounds of weight in thrusters during the wall-walk thruster workout on the first day of competition and individual men had to move 10,175 pounds of weight during the same workout that day to complete the workout.
  • Athletes had to climb 320 feet of rope to complete workout five on day two in the rope climb, sandbag, ski erg workout.

  How Does Event 15 Compare to Past Final Events at the CrossFit Games?  


How Does Event 15 Compare to Past Final Events at the CrossFit Games?

Justin Medeiros and Tia-Clair Toomey cemented their spots atop the podium at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games at the completion of the final 36-foot overhead walking lunge. They crossed the finish line and celebrated with their loved ones, capping off another exciting final event. But how does Event 15 stack up against past finales?

One big thing: Throughout the history of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro has used the final event — or combination of events — to create battles between the podium contenders. However, some champions — Toomey and Mat Fraser — locked up their gold medals well before the final event and simply had to complete the minimum amount of work to solidify their respective titles.

  • Whether a final event is memorable is based slightly less on the workouts and more on the competitors taking part. A hard-fought battle with the podium as the prize does more to burn the event into the minds of the fans and analysts. Although a poor mix of movements can derail an entertaining event.
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  How Does Event 15 Compare to Past Final Events at the CrossFit Games?  

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