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A “Quiet Uprising”

Morning Chalk Up

August 1

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It’s the first day of August, welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Nutrition coaching has become a key element of CrossFit gym offerings and has ebbed and flowed over the years, Emily Beers offers up some key ideas about what nutrition coaches are working on today. And, a CrossFit competition in Spain tested out some health and safety protocols, including the creation of an athlete “bubble,” Patrick Clark breaks it down.

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Nutrition Coaching: A “Quiet Uprising” Gathering Steam in the CrossFit Community

  Nutrition Coaching: A “Quiet Uprising” Gathering Steam in the CrossFit Community  

Like many CrossFit athletes and coaches, Meredith Root drank the Paleo Diet juice hard when she got into CrossFit in 2012.

  • “I was a diehard Paleo, always reading about it, always doing Paleo challenges, always arguing about it and defending it. I really just bought into that way of eating,” said Root, a 2018 CrossFit Games competitor.

She certainly saw results by following the Paleo Diet, but it soon became “an exhausting way of eating,” she said.

  • “I was a pain when I went out with family, a pain to eat out with because of my weirdo way of eating….And the truth is, I did see results, but I hadn’t been doing a ton of exercise before I had gotten into CrossFit, so I attributed a lot of that to Paleo. But it was confirmation bias. Had I eaten the way I do now, I probably would have seen even better results,” she said.

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Taronja Games Utilizes “Bubble” for Athlete Safety

  Taronja Games Utilizes “Bubble” for Athlete Safety  

In what will no doubt be a trend in the fitness competition realm as long as the COVID-19 pandemic runs rampant across the globe, the implementation of the “bubble” model for combating the spread of the virus seems to have gained traction. The organizers and the competing athletes of the Taronja Games will confirm this after becoming one of the first CrossFit competitions to adopt this safety practice.

Following the lead: Two days ago the NBA restarted their 2019-2020 season with much fanfare. The reason they were able to do this was the creation of the “bubble,” a highly restricted, guarded and sanitary community of athletes that are closely monitored, tested, wearing masks and social distancing. After their second-straight week of zero COVID-19 positive results among their 344 athletes, they have so far been the standard-bearer of how to continue sports at the highest level. With Major League Baseball, international soccer leagues and college football teams all struggling to find the safest path to start or resume play, the NBA model is one that appears to be successful and one that will be adopted in a similar fashion for the 2020 CrossFit Games.


The Taronja “bubble:” According to Taronja Games director Iván Colmenarejo safety and security were the priority when he decided to continue his three-day competition in Valencia, Spain.

  • In its sixth season and claiming to be the first post-COVID European non-professional sporting event, Colmenarejo wasted no expense in regards to athlete and staff safety protocols.
  • With just a two month window, the organizers obtained permits and consulted with local and international health professionals on creating the protocols for over 200 athletes and staff from 13 different European countries in attendance.



Your Quads and Glutes, Using a Landmine

Want stronger legs? We all do! In this video from Barbell Shrugged, learn why the landmine is a great implement to work into your training, especially if your squat mobility is an issue. And, learn a hack to make your own landmine at home, as well as three landmine exercises we should all be doing.

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Workout In Your Sunglasses

50 reasons you should try goodr sunglasses: 1. They don’t slip or bounce, even while working out. 2. They start at just $25. 3. They look AMAZING. 3. They have fun names like Silverback Squat Mobility, Firebreather’s Fireball Fury and Mint Julep Electroshock. 4. The lenses are polarized, so you can see your instructor’s forehead vein pop out while yelling “NO-REP!”. 5. Umm…oh no we have to do 45 more of these?! Eff that. Blah blah blah, buy shades.

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Your Coaching Value System

If you are a coach of any kind, having a set of core values can help you make decisions and guide your actions. But, how exactly do you determine your core values? In this episode of the Working Against Gravity podcast, Michael and Adee Cazayoux break the values of WAG coaches, explaining where each came from and why it’s important.

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Personalized Fitness Tracking With WHOOP

Optimize the way you train, sleep, and recover with true 24/7 heart rate monitoring from WHOOP. Get your data delivered to you in real-time so you can truly understand what you’re putting your body through on a daily basis unlock your best self. Try the WHOOP platform today and get 10% off (no code needed).

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Why Justin LoFranco Thinks CrossFit’s Best Days are Ahead

Editor-in-Chief, Justin LoFranco sat down with the crew at the Team TAC podcast to talk about the history of the Morning Chalk Up and his thoughts about the future of the sport and business of CrossFit. According to LoFranco, CrossFit could and should develop into a multiple billion-dollar industry, and Eric Roza’s got what it takes to do it.





Community Round-Up

Here’s a quick round-up of some news items and fundraisers around the community:

  • Secret Stuff Hygienic Liquid Chalk: The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical School just released a study that showed FrictionLabs Secret Stuff Hygienic liquid chalk kills coronavirus on the hands. Many gyms have re-opened without community chalk buckets and this product could help support a safe return to box for many people. Check out the research results.
  • Semillas de Vida School: CrossFit Peru, an affiliate in Lima, supports a school in the Peruvian Andes called “Semillas de Vida” (meaning “Seeds of Life”). The school is run by CrossFitter Jennifer Hrinkevich, a native of California and a CF-L1. The school is doing great work but needs support. Check out this video (in Spanish, but subtitled in English) and donate.
  • Barbells for Bullies Sit Rep Success: For the second year in a row, Barbells for Bullies and VETWOD teamed up to raise money and awareness for veterans and help shelter dogs in the process. The online functional fitness competition, “Sit Rep” was programmed by Street Parking and more than 200 athletes participated. Together, they raised $6400 for Healing 4 Heroes, a Georgia-based nonprofit that pairs veterans with service animals. They were also able to save 12 pups from death row and pair them with veterans.
  • CrossFit Excursion Gets New Location: The Johnstown, PA affiliate, CrossFit Excursion, opened its new location this week; the opening had been postponed since March due to COVID-19. The gym, which opened in 2018, took the name “Excursion” because the owners, J.P. and Kara Skelley like to take their classes on fitness excursions through parks and trails downtown.
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