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Aaron Scott Makes Huge Impact in Detroit

Morning Chalk Up

July 18


Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. A sanitation and janitorial services company in the northeast has created a system to help ease gym owners’ sanitation stress. And, Tommy Marquez has the third and final installment in our series of profiles on Mayhem Madness qualifier teams. This week: Team Chasing the Madness. Today:

  • Games veteran and CrossFit strongman Rob Orlando struggled with gym sanitation until he turned to Purifly.
  • Last but not least in our series on Mayhem Madness online qualifiers: Team Chasing the Madness.
  • Emily Beers profiles coach Aaron Scott, a tireless trainer making a huge impact in Detroit.

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Purifly Seeks to Ease Sanitation Stress for Gym Owners

  Purifly Seeks to Ease Sanitation Stress for Gym Owners  

Rob Orlando admits he “didn’t know the first thing about keeping the gym sanitized.”

  • “Clean? No problem. Sanitized is a different story,” said Orlando, a CrossFit Games athlete, who has been in the fitness industry since 1997 and has opened multiple CrossFit affiliates through the years.
  • He added: “The process of reopening…was daunting. I started making preparations to buy the cleaning supplies necessary to keep the gym CDC compliant and realized that supply was already falling short of demand.  Then I thought of the vast amounts of time it would take to effectively clean my gym after every class — up to eight times per day — and it was obvious to me that I needed some help.”

One big thing: Purifly, a professional grade cleaning company that has years of experience in the janitorial and sanitation industry, expanded its services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a program specifically designed for gym owners.

Purify’s solution: Building upon years of experience with clients that include the Boston Celtics and the Children’s Hospital in Boston, as well as daycares and casinos, Purifly developed a “one-stop shop” for gym owners seeking help with sanitation.

  • Their five-step process involves education, designing an effective disinfection plan for your facility, a video library, visual messaging for staff, and scripted messages to clients about what you’re doing, the goal being “to provide peace of mind to clients that they can come to the gym safely,” said Purfly CEO Jonny Beale.
  • When Orlando heard about it, he hopped on board immediately.

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Mayhem Madness Team Profile: Chasing The Madness

  Mayhem Madness Team Profile: Chasing The Madness  

We’re past the halfway point of July already and we are inching closer to finally having live CrossFit competition with Mayhem Madness just over a month away now. Continuing our coverage of the teams that earned their way into the competition through the online qualifier, we turn our attention to the third and final team to make it in — Chasing The Madness.

Chasing The Madness finished 5th overall in the qualifier and was ranked 4th out of the teams that had yet to qualify. That originally placed them on the bubble and first in line for a backfill position but the team one spot ahead of them aptly named The Canadians — with a roster that included four Canadian athletes currently qualified for the Games as individuals — decided to decline their spot from the qualifier. Chasing The Madness finished all five qualifier workouts in the top 10 including a win in workout 2.

  • Feerozah (Fee) Saghafi: Fresh off a strong finish in her rookie season at the CrossFit Games, Saghafi originally earned a second consecutive trip back to the Games through the Mayhem Classic before the qualification realignment meant her invite would be rescinded. A young and rising star within the sport, she got her first taste of live CrossFit competition back at the 2017 Central Regional as a member of CrossFit Mentality’s team. A small but explosive athlete, Saghafi shines when you mix higher skill gymnastics with a moderate barbell, evidenced by her 5th place finish in first cut at the Games in 2019. As a bonus, she’ll square off against mentor and CrossFit Mentality (her home affiliate) owner Scott Panchik.
  • Christian Lucero: Following his rookie campaign at the Games in 2016, Lucero’s career has been up and down, with flashes of brilliance intermixed with difficult breaks. He was well on his way to a second Games berth in 2017 before a pec injury forced him to withdraw on the final day. He’s got a ton of competition experience — going to Regionals six times by the age of 26, and even though he doesn’t have the high level experience on a team that some of the other big name Games athletes may have, he’s seen more than enough time on the competition floor to be an integral piece that can mold to any situation. Lucero had a decent showing in a stacked Wodapalooza field finishing 12th, which was even more impressive given the recent revelation that he came down with COVID shortly after.

Spotlight on Coach Aaron Scott: Making a Difference in Detroit

  Spotlight on Coach Aaron Scott: Making a Difference in Detroit  

Ask anyone in the southeast Michigan CrossFit community, and not only will they know who Aaron Scott is, “they’ll tell you what he means to this area and how many lives he has changed for the better.”

Those are the words of Coach Scott’s friend Tony Atwater, who met Scott three years ago at a local CrossFit event.

  • “He and I both kind of stood out at the comps because we were two of usually only a handful of African Americans. I just kind of sat back and watched in amazement how people just naturally gravitated towards him,” Atwater said of his friend.

“He’s doing amazing things for Detroit, a community still in the process of rebuilding and certainly could use more elite fitness role models like Aaron (Scott),” added Lauren Rao, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.

Everyone knows his name because Scott works with all sorts of different communities that need help, from the African American High School student-athlete community, to the African American senior citizen community, to the caregiver community.

Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy: For the last two years, 37-year-old Scott has been working with Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy, a non-profit organization that helps serve student-athletes in under-served communities across the United States.

  • “I go into High Schools and talk about nutrition and food security, because a lot of these kids don’t have access to quality food, so we have been working for them to gain better access,” Scott said.

He also meets up with the African American students on Sundays to do some kind of fitness, from CrossFit to Yoga.




Niki Brazier’s Interview with Adam Klink on The Bottom Line

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