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Adam Davidson to “Create the Real Games Experience” at Home

Morning Chalk Up

September 12

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Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This year’s CrossFit Games field contains many rookies, 17 in fact, including first-time Games competitors and individuals who previously only competed as part of a team. Our stories this morning profile several of those rookies and how they are preparing for their experience in the Games.

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Predict which athletes will finish in the top 5 in the order they will finish and you could win a $1000 Reebok gift card, signed Nanos, and a whole lot more. Pick your five.



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“Being a champion is not about holding your hand in the air and accepting a medal, it’s about the way you carry yourself every second of every day.” – Katrin Davidsdottir


2020 CrossFit Games Updates


It’s only six days until the kick off of stage one of the 2020 CrossFit Games. By this time next week will be very close to knowing who the top five athletes are in each division to move on to the finals in Aromas, CA. 

Format and Coverage Reminders:

  • No live stream — The 60 athletes competing around the globe will do so without real-time video coverage, but there will be regular updates, leaderboard updates and coverage segments through both days of the competition. 
  • Athletes will compete inside specified time slots throughout the two days starting Friday morning in Sydney (Thursday afternoon Pacific Time), ending Saturday afternoon. 
  • Here’s the full roster and a handy chart to help clarify the new Games format.
  • Take 55 seconds to get pumped up and ready. 

Premiering today at 12:00 PM PT on YouTube, Tommy’s #3 men’s pick to earn a top 5 Games spot.

On The Bottom Line, Armen Hammer and Niki Brazier discuss what the latest CrossFit Games updates mean for the start of the online competition.

Get to know the 2020 CrossFit Games athletes. We’ve been highlighting each of the 60 athletes competing next weekend on our Instagram account. All told, there are 15 separate countries represented and 17 athletes will be competing for the first time as individuals; for 10, this is their first-ever Games.  

Elite Athletes Put Final Touches on Games Prep:

Play “Guessing Games,” our CrossFit Games fantasy game. Select the top 5 athletes in the order you believe will finish the 2020 CrossFit Games stage 1 and you could win a HEAVY prize purse from Reebok, O2, Assault Fitness, JUNK and Macrostax.


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Worth Noting


Athlete News:

  • Two-Time Fittest Woman on Earth and fan favorite, Annie Thorisdottir announced this week that she would end her first term on CrossFit’s Athlete Advisory Council at the end of 2020 to compete again full-time in 2021. Despite qualifying for the Games in 2020, Thorisdottir sat out most of the season during her pregnancy.
  • Speaking of the CrossFit Games, HQ announced that there would be no live stream for stage one of the competition on September 18-19. There will, however, be leaderboard updates and analysis from Sean Woodland and Niki Brazier as scores roll in from around the world and standings are released. Guest analysts will join the pair throughout the weekend as well.

Industry News:

  • Mayhem Athlete, Four-Time Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning‘s programming company has announced the launch of MayhemNation.TV, an online portal designed to provide movement instruction and workouts from athletes around the world. The site is live now and the encyclopedia of fitness they are developing is constantly growing. Try a free trial now.
  • MisFit Athletics Sharp Days sale is currently taking place, offering up to 80% off apparel.
  •  Reebok has released it’s 2020 CrossFit Games Collection. Use code “FRIEND” to receive 40% off some items.

Everything Else:

  • Steve’s Club Virtual Leadership Camp is taking place weekend (9/12-9/13) and will bring together more than 60 athletes nd alumni, ages 12-26 who have demonstrated drive, commitment and an interest in challenging themselves, leading peers and changing their communities for the better. Guest coaches will include Chriss Smith Jr. (CEO & Co-Founder of Trident Mindset and Trident Athletics), Brain Chontosh, “Tosh” (Owner, Crooked Butterfly Ranch), Chris Hinshaw (Founder,, Cherie Chan (TrainFTW, CFL4) and Michael Cohen (2x U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team Head Coach & U.S. Olympic Athlete) and CrossFit CEO Eric Roza will also join in the conversation.


Rookie-Heavy Games Field Missing Magic of Madison

  Rookie-Heavy Games Field Missing Magic of Madison  

Anyone who has chased a CrossFit Games dream can admit they have probably spent too much time thinking about, daydreaming about, vividly visualizing what it will look like, what it will feel like, to be there.

For five years, from 2010 until 2014, I dreamed about the tennis stadium at the Home Depot Center, about competing under the bright lights with athletes I looked up to like Becca Voigt and Julie Foucher. In 2014, I finally did it. And I’ll never forget that first evening event — a one rep max overhead squat — in the tennis stadium. Of course, I was painfully nervous and missed by first lift, but hell, I was there, finally living my dream.


Rookie Games Athlete Adam Davidson to “Create the Real Games Experience” at Home

  Rookie Games Athlete Adam Davidson to “Create the Real Games Experience” at Home  

Adam Davidson is the first to admit this year’s CrossFit Games aren’t what he has been dreaming about since his first regional competition in 2013.

  • “I’m competing in the Games, but not at the Games,” said Davidson, the owner of CrossFIt Lolo in Victoria, British Columbia. “It’s not the same thing.”

But somewhere along the way, the rookie Games athlete, one of 17 total rookies (or first-time individual athletes who competed previously on a team) decided to embrace it.

  • “I just realized I’m so over feeling sorry about the situation. So I decided, ‘You know what, I’m going to create the real Games experience as much as I can,’” said the 29-year-old.

Kristine Best: Resiliency and Hard Work Leads to First Games

  Kristine Best: Resiliency and Hard Work Leads to First Games  

Kristine Best has known she belonged amongst the elite athletes in the world and for six straight years she came up short of proving that to everyone else. But in six days she will finally get that chance to showcase her fitness as she is one of 30 women that will compete in the online stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games on Sept. 18-19.

Remind me: At 30 years of age, Best is the oldest of the Games rookies and also one of the most experienced. She appeared in five-straight Regionals from 2014-2018 competing as an individual in four of them. At the 2017 East Regionals the former NCAA women’s basketball player from Marist College just missed out on a Game’s berth when she placed sixth in a tough field that included Katrin Davidsdottir, Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault and Kari Pearce, all athletes she will be competing against once again for an invite to Aromas, CA.

In 2019, Best appeared to have her first Games invitation in hand after she placed 13th unofficially in the Open. However she was later hit with a major penalty on her 19.1 workout. She dropped to 174th worldwide.


2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Tommy’s #3 Women’s Pick for the Games Top 5 Spot

  2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Tommy's #3 Women's Pick for the Games Top 5 Spot  



The Rocket Squat

Want to build explosive power and speed coming out of the bottom of your squat? Of course, and an effective way to train that skill while building strength is the rocket squat. Starting from a static position in the bottom means that you can’t rely on elastic energy stored in the muscles from the descent, your muscles have to do all the work.

  Morning Chalk Up  



The Digital Workforce

If you want a side hustle that affords you the freedom to work when and wherever you want while making a huge difference in people’s lives, take the WAG Nutrition Coach Certification. This is the last time they will be offering their current price before a significant price increase. Registration opens October 7th.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Baked Pumpkin Pasta

Here’s a new take on traditional baked ziti that has “seasonal fall dinner” written all over it. It’s a little on the lighter side than a traditiional ziti with a creamy pumpkin puree, ground turkey sausage, peppers, mushrooms, marinara and all that cheesy goodness from ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan.

  Morning Chalk Up  


50% Off The Nano 9

Through tomorrow, we have an exclusive discount code for our US subscribers that will drop the price of the Nano 9 to $65. Shop now and use the code “FRIEND” through tomorrow to get 50% the Nano 9.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Kara Saunders Train for the CrossFit Games with Her Toddler in Tow

Elite athletes have to balance all sorts of pressures at various stages in their lives. For Kara Saunders, right now that means making her return to the CrossFit Games while training with a one-year old at home. Get some insight on what a day of training looks with Scotti in tow.





Community Round-Up

Here are a couple of local competitions and a special memorial fundraiser we have our eyes on right now:

  • The TFX Online Qualifier: The Fittest Experience Competition is the largest fitness event in the South and takes place in January 2021 in Austin, TX, but the online qualifier kicks off in October. With Pro and Rx team divisions as well as four individual divisions each for men and women, and eight age groups, the online qualifier is a great way to stay motivated and focused on your fitness as the summer winds down. Learn more and register soon.
  • Festivus Games: The spring iteration of the popular beginner’s CrossFit competition, the Festivus Games, was rescheduled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a global event being held at multiple host gyms across the United States and in Canada and Australia on September 19. Learn about the WODs here and sign-up to compete.  
  • “A Climb to Remember”: Southern Pines CrossFit, in Southern Pines, NC hosted it’s annual memorial stair climb event to commemorate the events of 9/11 with all proceeds going to benefit the 17 Fire Fighter and Rescue Squads in Moore County. 
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