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Adam Davidson’s Joy of Competition

Morning Chalk Up

September 30


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Adam Davidson was a CrossFit Games rookie this year and despite the pandemic-interrupted season, tried to make the best of his Games experience; in the process, he learned a lot about himself and the joy of competition. And, don’t miss the fifth installment of Spenser Mestel’s “Not That Fit” series, this week he takes on “stamina” with pro climber and “ninja warrior,” Meagan Martin.

  • Also, Justin LoFranco and Niki Brazier make Games predictions on The Bottom Line.

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“Working hard when you feel hurt, when everything seems impossible is a great moment, because it gives us a choice — become a winner or stay mediocre.” – Unknown


Personal Growth and the Joy of Competition: Adam Davidson’s Rookie Games Experience

  Personal Growth and the Joy of Competition: Adam Davidson’s Rookie Games Experience  

Before the 2020 CrossFit Games kicked off, rookie qualifier Adam Davidson assumed he’d probably be a “one and done athlete.”

“I sort of thought of this as the completion of an eight-year journey. I thought I’d be content with however I did,” said 29-year-old Davidson.

He even thought that after finally experiencing the Games, it might be time to stop competing, to focus on his gym, CrossFit LoLo in Victoria, BC, and his wedding reception next May, which was postponed due to COVID-19.

Because he thought it might be his only chance, when Davidson found out Stage 1 of the Games would be an online competition, he decided to embrace the format, and to “create the real Games experience as much as I can,” and “enjoy every moment,” he said.


Register Your Gym In The Community Coalition’s Fall 50/50 Profit-Sharing Pledge

Register Your Gym In The Community Coalition’s Fall 50/50 Profit-Sharing Pledge

In the spring, our community was brutally impacted by Covid-19 in ways we’ll never forget, and gym owners were among those who took the brunt of it.

One of the most powerful gym support initiatives from the spring was led by a group of brands rooted in CrossFit called the Community Coalition.

As the weather cools, the Coalition is back with the Fall 50/50 Pledge. Register your gym to participate in October, with brands like O2, Born Primitive, GORUCK, RPM, Lesser Evil, Puori, and others sharing special deals for you and 50% of profits for your gym.

Registration is free and takes under 1 minute. Let’s show our gyms some love.

Make sure your gym is enrolled.



Not That Fit: Going for Stamina with Pro Climber and Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin

  Not That Fit: Going for Stamina with Pro Climber and Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin  

After my convo last week with YouTuber Jiemba Sands, my body is more agile than ever, but I still feel #NotThatFit overall. There are five components of fitness left to master, so today I’m learning about stamina from a professional climber and American Ninja Warrior: Meagan Martin.

Martin and I met in 2015 when we competed on season 7 of “American Ninja Warrior.” That night, we both made it up the Warped Wall, and since then, she’s become a staple on the franchise, appearing in five other seasons as an individual, three as part of a team, and one as a mentor to the junior ninja warriors. 


Games Events Predictions: More Benchmarks?

  Games Events Predictions: More Benchmarks?  



Why You Should Do More Monostructural Work

Very few of us love the grunt work. We want to clang and bang and sling that barbell, but focusing on some monostructural work as a key component in your training not only helps you build your engine, but it will also help you understand pacing and work to increase it.

  Morning Chalk Up  



A Free Bag

While supplies last, BRAVO SIERRA is offering a complimentary USA-made Toiletry Bag ($30 value), originally designed for their Special Operations Forces community of field-testers, with any purchase of their USA-made, bestselling hygiene and grooming essentials. No code needed the $30 bag will automatically appear in your cart at checkout when you shop via the link below.

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How to Get Strong — Percentages or By Feel?

On this episode of the MisFit Athletics podcast, “Unprepared,” the crew discusses percentage-based weightlifting for strength. If you have very specific goals, percentage-based lifting can be your roadmap; if you are simply training for fitness though, maybe there are better approaches.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Stringing Your Handstand Pushups Together

Struggling to link handstand pushups together? Try Brent Fikowski’s 30 minutes, 3 days a week program, for 6-weeks and you will be stringing together multiple handstand pushups.

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Butternut Squash Bacon Spinach Quiche

Craving quiche but want to keep it low carb? Give this crustless butternut squash quiche a try. It’s made with only a few ingredients like tender savory roasted butternut squash, crispy bacon, nutritious spinach, protein-packed eggs and sharp cheddar cheese. And, it’s perfect for meal prep during the fall season!



Congratulations to Beth S., who was the first to correctly answer when was the last time the six Games Individual podium spots were a majority of United States athletes. The correct answer was the 2014 CrossFIt Games (4 United States, 1 Canada, 1 Iceland).

  • Today’s question: Which 2020 CrossFit Games top-five athletes qualified for the CFG20 via a Sanctional?

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  • Happy 22nd birthday to Gabi Migala.
  • Chris Spealler does a 53.5-inch standing box jump.
  • Magda Krolukowska does “Karen” in 3:56.
  • Ray Wells Jr. does a 61-inch jump over a hurdle.
  • Lucas Parker takes his weightlifting session to the middle of the lake on a paddleboard.
  • Happy Birthday Jacob Typskin.
  • Chandler Elliott-Fehle front squats 160 pounds for a PR.
  • Chris Wagner back squats 185 pounds for 20 for a PR.


Community Round-Up

Here’s a quick round-up of a few of the fundraisers and good works we have our eyes on right now:

  • WOD for a Cure: Julia Nicoll, a high school student and CrossFitter in Sparks, MD, along with her gym Outsiders CrossFit, organized a fundraiser for metastatic cancer research and in honor of her dad, Jamie, on September 13. Julia and her family found strength through their gym community during Jamie’s treatment and so far they have raised $8,000 to benefit the research.
  • Burpee Fundraiser: The Norwich Fitness Center, a CrossFit gym in Norwich, CT is holding a burpee fundraiser to benefit their youth programs. The fundraiser will take place on October 17, but they’ve already raised over $1,000. Learn more and donate.
  • Marie Curie Fundraiser: Ally McKinnon and Simon Thomson from Base Fitness and CrossFit in East Killbride, UK took on a 24-hour rowing challenge in an attempt to beat a world record and raise as much money for charity as possible. The goal was 364,464 meters and while they didn’t hit that number, they’ve raised over £12,000 and countingMarie Curie provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness across the UK. Our nurses work night and day in people’s homes and our hospices offer specialist care. You can still donate.
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10/1 – 11/2: Fittest of the Coast – Coastal Qualifier (Mt Pleasant, SC)
10/3: Rumble in the Jungle (Sterling, VA)
10/3: RedZone Summer Classic (Newtown, CT)
10/3: Legends of the Falls (Gadsden, AL)
10/3: Capitol Throwdown (Washington, DC)
10/3: Iron October Outdoors (Sacramento, CA)
10/3: Iron Anchor Throwdown (Batavia, OH)
10/6 – 10/11: Virtual Shoofly Lift Off (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
10/9 – 10/10: Crash Crucible (Spartanburg, SC)
10/10: 5th Annual Babes W/ Barbells (Huntington, WV)
10/10 – 10/11: Team Pack Series 2020 : Back to School Edition (Vienne, France)
10/10: OUTAthletics presented by the OUT Foundation (Portland, ME)
10/12 – 10/18: The Padawan Games (Norman, OK)
10/17 – 10/18: First Timers XIX (Køge, Denmark)
10/17: The Sacred Pine Throwdown (Ladson, SC)
10/24: Fittest in the Fall (Indianapolis, IN)
10/28 – 11/10: The Fittest Experience Online Qualifier (Austin, TX)
10/31: Come as You Aren’t (Jacksonville, FL)
10/31: BOA – Season 5 – Challenge of The Decades (Bensenville, IL)
10/31: CrossFit Imagine’s Wodtober Fest (Smyrna, TN)
10/31: WOD-o-WEEN (Minnetonka, MN)

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