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Affiliate Buys 90 Nano X’s for Loyal Members

Morning Chalk Up

June 30

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The big news story yesterday was Nicole Carroll’s announcement that she would be returning to CrossFit Inc. after stepping down three weeks ago; so far the community reaction has been overwhelming. And, the Mayhem Madness Team Competition online qualifier wrapped up last week; Patrick Clark breaks it down. Today:

  • Nicole Carroll: “I want to be part of this future.”
  • Super teams take on the Mayhem Madness qualifier.
  • One affiliate owner in Georgia treated all of his members to new Nanos, learn why below.

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“I’m filled with ever more optimism. There is hope and healing in the air for the community. There is an authentic commitment to creating a healthy & inclusive company culture, mending relationships, innovating forward, and restoring a sense of pride in the CrossFit name.” – Nicole Carroll


Nicole Carroll Returns; Says “I Want to Be a Part of this Future”

  Nicole Carroll Returns; Says “I Want to Be a Part of this Future”  

On June 7, Nicole Carroll, Co-Director of Training and one of CrossFit Inc’s longest-tenured employees chose to resign and walk away from the company. This morning, in an Instagram post, Carroll announced that she would be returning.

Carroll has been one of the most instrumental individuals in the growth and development of CrossFit from an underground, anti-establishment fitness movement, into the single greatest purveyor of health and fitness in the world with more than 13,000 affiliates in over 150 countries across the globe.

One big thing: Nicole Carroll returning to HQ is a huge move for the company as the CrossFit community took her loss hard and even created an online petition asking her to return to the staff. It also represents a significant vote of confidence for incoming owner and CEO, Eric Roza. Many in the community look to Carroll as a guiding force and will understand her move as an incredibly positive sign for the changes going forward at the top of the company.

From her statement: “Just over three weeks ago I resigned my position with CrossFit. Today, I could not be happier to make the announcement that I am returning,” she said.

  • “Walking away from something I spent so many years helping build; my livelihood, the only career I’ve known and a team whom I love dearly, was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make; both personally & professionally. While it may have appeared that a single issue or instance prompted my leaving, this was not the totality of it,” she continued.
  • “However, that’s in the past. At this time, I want to focus on the present and my hope for the future.”

Gym Owners: Are You Looking For Help Branding Your Business?

Healthy Steps Nutrition
Gym Owners: Are You Looking For Help Branding Your Business?

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Breaking Down the Mayhem Madness Online Qualifier Results

  Breaking Down the Mayhem Madness Online Qualifier Results  

As we wait for the results to be finalized for the Mayhem Madness online qualifier, the unofficial results have been posted, reflecting a star-studded cast among the top teams. With 54 teams registered and participating in five grueling workouts for a chance to compete in the team-only event, on the line was a prize purse of $6,000 for the top three teams, three qualifying spots for the competition on August 2-9 in Cookeville, Tennessee and seeding for teams that have already gained invitations through Sanctionals.

One big thing: The leaderboard from the online qualifier shows a wealth of “Super Teams” that look to unseat Mayhem Freedom as the top team in the world at the competition.

  • The nine teams that received a 2020 CrossFit Games invitation before the season abruptly ended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting cancelation of the team competition at this year’s Games received automatic invites to the Mayhem Madness.
  • With the exception of the two Mayhem teams, the remaining seven teams were required to compete in the online qualifier for seeding purposes.
  • Announced as a 12-team event, the remaining three spots for the live competition would be selected from the top three teams in the qualifier not already qualified.

Sanctional invites: Two of the seven non-Mayhem teams declined their invitations. Team Butcher’s Lab, the winner at the Pandaland CrossFit Championship, and Team Odd Squad, winner of the team event at the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge have each declined their invitations.

  • Butcher’s Lab team member’s Rebecka Vitesson (Sweden), Louise Wickström (Sweden), André Houdet (Denmark) and Julian Kragh-Maschvitsz (Denmark) declined due to travel restrictions.

Georgia Affiliate Buys 90 Pairs of Shoes for Loyal Lockdown Members

  Georgia Affiliate Buys 90 Pairs of Shoes for Loyal Lockdown Members  

Affiliate owner Nathan Black and his team at BGB CrossFit in Fayetteville, GA  wanted to do something for the 90-plus members who stuck with them the entire time the gym was closed due to COVID-19.

So BGB CrossFit dropped a little under $6,000 on Nano X shoes to gift to each and every member who continued to pay their membership dues during the shutdown.

  • “We did it because our members stood by us and kept paying their membership while we were shut down. Most didn’t even do our Zoom classes, but knew we couldn’t stay open without their support,” said Black, who owns the gym along with wife Dana Black, as well as Kirsten Guillams and Brandon Bergin.
  • “They are the reason we even started our gym. If we didn’t have them, they wouldn’t have us,” he added.

One big thing: To say that the last few months have been tumultuous in the CrossFit community is a dramatic understatement. But, stories like BGB CrossFit, a gym that retained 90 percent of its members in lockdown because they understood that they needed to keep paying their dues if they wanted a gym to return to, and the owner who rewarded them with a special and unexpected gift, remind everyone of the true spirit of community and support within CrossFit.




The Buttery Bros Visit Tia-Clair and Mat in Cookeville

On the next stop of their road trip, Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers hang out with the Frasers, Tia and Shane, and Matt O’Keefe while Tia competed in the Rogue Invitational. And, Mat talks a little about how he has been dealing with all the upheaval in the CrossFit world.

  Morning Chalk Up  



The Ultimate Rich Froning And InsideTracker Prize Package

Today is the last chance to enter to win the ultimate Rich Froning x InsideTracker Prize Package. InsideTracker has teamed up with Rich Froning, 8X Crossfit Games champion, to give you an opportunity to win a massive prize package worth over $3,700 featuring gear signed by Rich from Reebok, Team Mayhem, Theragun, Bear Komplex, 5.11, Rehband, Good Dudes Coffee and unlimited InsideTracker testing for one year. No purchase necessary but today is the last day to enter.

Jon Levell on How Seniors Could be your Next Wave of New Members


Jon Levell on How Seniors Could be your Next Wave of New Members

On the Open Gym podcast, host Patrick Cummings talks with Jon Levell, owner of CrossFit by Overload. Late last year, he built a relationship with a family medicine office that created a thriving, seniors-only program at his gym. Here’s his advice on building one at your gym.

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Healthy Moroccan Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Check out this healthy greek yogurt chicken salad with delicious Moroccan spices like cinnamon, cumin and turmeric. It’s an easy, lightened up version of traditional chicken salad without mayo, and comes together in just 15 minutes for a protein-packed lunch! Serve with bread, lettuce wraps, or enjoy on its own.





Three Podcasts to Listen to Today

Here are a few of the podcasts that we have our ears trained on right now:

  • Chasing Excellence, “The Last Two Weeks in CrossFit”These last few weeks have certainly been the craziest in the history of CrossFit. Patrick Cummings and Ben Bergeron break down what’s happened, the current state of things, and their thoughts on CFHQ’s new owner. (Bonus: check out Patrick’s 20 questions for incoming CrossFit owner and CEO, Eric Roza.)
  • The Mind Muscle Project, “Scott Stallings, PGA Tour Winner + CrossFitter”: This week, Mind Muscle Project hosts sit down with 3x PGA Tour winner, Scott Stallings, to discuss his health transformation and how CrossFit WODs have improved his golf game. 
  • The Consistency Project, “On Gaining Muscle and Losing Weight”: EC Synkowski and Patrick Cummings have launched a new podcast and this is one of their best episodes so far. The duo discusses why strength-building should be part of your weight loss plan,  how muscles burn more calories, the benefits of being strong as we age and why we need to work hard.
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