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Affiliates Navigate Re-Opening Landscape

Morning Chalk Up

May 28


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The ELFIT CrossFit Championship is the tenth Sanctional to officially cancel its event for the 2019-2020 season. And, Lee Davis completed 16 rounds of “Murph” in 24 hours (what?!?). Today:

  • ELFIT is the tenth Sanctional to cancel, but the first to acknowledge the impact of CrossFit HQ’s announcement that no more invitations will be extended this year.
  • Affiliates across the country continue to navigate the shifting landscape of state and local re-opening plans, and they have deployed a variety of strategies.  
  • Lee Davis did Murph 16 times….in one day.

Tell us about the fundraisers and other good works going on across the CrossFit community. And, we want to hear those story tips and PRs.  Hit us up at [email protected].



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Sanctional Cancelation Tally Hits Double-Digits, ELFIT CrossFit Championship Follows in Other Hosts’ Financial Footsteps

  Sanctional Cancelation Tally Hits Double-Digits, ELFIT CrossFit Championship Follows in Other Hosts’ Financial Footsteps  

The ELFIT CrossFit Championship alerted athletes via email and followers on Instagram on Tuesday, that its Sanctioned event was officially canceled for the 2019-2020 season. It was originally scheduled to take place in Hurghada, Egypt on April 8-11, but had previously been postponed until June without a specific date. Ten Sanctionals have now been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One big thing: It should go without saying by now, that the cancelation puts the ELFIT CrossFit Championship and its organizers in a financially exigent position. Although ELFIT director, Adam Elzoghby did not go into as much detail as the CanWest organizers a few weeks ago, in his email to athletes, he stated “the 2020 event cancelation is costing us thousands of dollars which is putting us in a really hard financial situation. So we simply cannot refund everyone and we cannot refund the full amount — or it would mean an end to the ELFIT forever.”

A new development: This is the first cancelation announcement to officially acknowledge CrossFit HQ’s decision to reset invitations for the 2020 CrossFit. In that statement, HQ said, “The ten Sanctionals that were able to host in-person competitions this season will be invited to send their champions to this year’s CrossFit Games,” indirectly declaring that no more Sanctional invitations would be awarded for 2020.

  • In the email, Elzoghby wrote, “with everything happening in the world due to the COVID-19, and after the CrossFit HQ latest announcement, we don’t think it makes any sense nor is it responsible to hold ELFIT 2020 in June as previously announced.”
  • While we have yet to hear the official word on the status of the remaining Loud and Live Sanctioned events (Madrid CrossFit Championship, West Coast Classic, Granite Games and the Mayan CrossFit Classic) or the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship, the fact that HQ announced that no Games invitations would result from them makes it unlikely that any of them will take place in 2020.

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Trending: CrossFit Affiliates Continue to Work with Local Officials on Re-Opening, Experience Mixed Results

  Trending: CrossFit Affiliates Continue to Work with Local Officials on Re-Opening, Experience Mixed Results  

All 50 states are in some phase of re-opening following strict COVID-19 mandates, but CrossFit gyms have been categorized differently across the board, not only at the state-level but sometimes on the county- and municipal-level as well.

One big thing: Around the country, affiliates have been engaging local governments — sometimes working hand-in-hand and collaborating, other times pressuring and taking legal action — in an effort to illustrate that they have the ability to control their gym environments and create safe working spaces for clients and athletes.

Coal Road CrossFit’s Persistence Pays Off

Siggy and Ashley Hermann got their hopes up when the governor of Maryland announced outdoor fitness classes would be part of his state’s phase one re-opening plan.

That executive order was soon revised, and on May 6, the section about outdoor fitness classes was removed.

  • “Now, the only other mention of gyms was in phase two, which wouldn’t be until September,” said Siggy Hermann, the owner of Coal Road CrossFit in La Plata.

So, Hermann did what many other CrossFit affiliates have been doing; he put the wheels in motion to work with the local government to gain permission to, at minimum, hold outdoor workouts in small groups.

Courtesy of Siggy Hermann (Siggy and Ashley are featured in the picture)

Taking action: Hermann wrote letters and emails. His members wrote letters and contacted town council members. And on May 14, Hermann attended and spoke at the town council meeting, where he convinced the mayor of his cause. Though the mayor voted in his favor, the other council members rejected Hermann’s bid.


CrossFitter Sets New World Record With 16 Rounds of “Murph” in 24 Hours

  CrossFitter Sets New World Record With 16 Rounds of “Murph” in 24 Hours  

While the CrossFit community set its eyes on Hunter McIntyre’s attempt to finish “Murph” in under 30 minutes, setting a new world record in the landmark Hero WOD, it was Lee Davis who might have had the most impressive record over the Memorial Day weekend. The 23-year old set an unofficial world record by completing Murph sixteen times in a 24-hour period.

The bottom line: Davis topped the previous record of 15 set by South African Pete Koopman in December and will now wait for the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm his achievement.

  • He started his record-breaking attempt at 6:00 pm EST on Sunday, May 24 and completed his final Murph at 4:04 pm on Monday, May 25.
  • Davis performed his feat in Charleston, South Carolina as part of Rhapsody CrossFit’s “24-hours of Murph” to celebrate the reopening of the gym after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to shutter their doors two months ago. He joined over 130 fellow members and supporters in the event that garnered local media attention.

Inside the numbers:

  • His fastest Murph time was his opening attempt, completing it in just over 54 minutes.
  • From there he turned it into an AMRAP as he would go straight into the next attempt, taking small breaks.
  • His slowest Murph was 1:47 which he started at noon on Monday.
  • He completed his first 10 in the first 12 hours.
  • His average mile time was 15:31 and he ran for a total of 8 hours and 11 minutes.
  • He did roughly a rep every five seconds when not running.
  • He did all 16 Murphs unpartitioned with a majority of his pull-ups being strict.



Your Whole Body, At-Home with Margaux Alverez and Melissa Koepke

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Joe Scali Discuss the Importance of Being Real

On this episode of the Made by Murillo podcast, host Hayley Murillo talks with CrossFit Games athlete, Joe Scali about how important it is to be authentic in this day and age.

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Quarantine Causes Creative Fundraiser Ideas for CrossFit 7 Mile Coaches

Coach Angela Pretorius, a coach at CrossFit 7 Mile in George Town, Grand Cayman Islands has used her time in quarantine to maintain her fitness while practicing “Caymankind” and doing good works for the local island community as they struggle with the complete shutdown of the tourism industry, cruise ships and marine activities — the main drivers of the local economy. Here are a few of the things she and fellow coaches, Trevor Amodeo and Brett Sepi, along with the CF 7 Mile community have done:

  • An Hour of Burpees: The coaches sought out sponsorships from the community and did an hour of burpees at their apartment complex parking lot (and were joined virtually by other members of the gym and friends). Together they raised more than $1700 which they used to provide 200 meals for those in need. The meals were prepared by Brussels Sprouts, a restaurant owned by another 7 Mile member, Anthony George, and donated to the Cayman ARK – Acts of Random Kindness.
  • Wagering on Gender: Their next idea, in the absence of watching or betting on live sports, was to invite the 7 Mile community to bet on the gender of member Anthony George and Russi George‘s second baby (the Georges chose not to learn the sex of the baby in advance). The details were, bet on whether baby George is a boy or a girl and if you are wrong, you owe either 100 burpees or a $25 donation to Brussels Sprouts to continue providing meals for ARK. The little one is due any minute.
  • 12 Hours on the Assault Bike: The next fundraising event will take place on June 6 and will involve coaches Angela, Trevor, and Brett (all roommates, by the way) pedaling the Assault Bike for 12 hours. They are hoping the community will sponsor every mile they complete so that they can donate even more meals through Brussels Sprouts and ARK.

To learn more about these creative fundraisers and to see pictures of the meal donations, check out Angela Pretorius on Instagram.

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