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An Update On Dylan Kade

Morning Chalk Up

September 2

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Happy humpday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Dylan Kade, a CrossFit Games teen athlete, contracted a rare form of a disease from a mosquito bite, after weeks in the hospital, he’s home and on the mend. Patrick Clark has an update. And, Spenser Mestel has another installment of his Wednesday series on the ten components of fitness, this week: “power.” 

  • Also, don’t miss the second episode in our series of 2020 CrossFit Games previews with Tommy Marquez, next up, Jeffrey Adler.

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Dylan Kade Continues His Road to Recovery

 Dylan Kade Continues His Road to Recovery 

After nearly two and a half months, Dylan Kade is finally home and on the road to recovery. The three-time CrossFit Games teen athlete was released from C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital on August 25 after being diagnosed with and treated for Jamestown Canyon Encephalitis. He quickly progressed from being on a ventilator fighting for his life to standing and walking on his own since the diagnosis.

The diagnosis: Jamestown Canyon Encephalitis is a rare virus that is spread through mosquito bites with symptoms comparable to the common cold. In the case of the 19-year-old Kade, the virus attacked his brain and spinal cord causing severe inflammation. The seriousness of his case stumped medical professionals as it was just the fourth recorded case of this magnitude in his home state of Michigan. The virus crippled Kade and left him severely hampered and cognitively impaired. Unable to eat and move he was later put on a ventilator to help him breath as he went in and out of consciousness.

The recovery: Since being diagnosed, doctors were able to treat Kade and he immediately responded to those treatments. He lost over 55 pounds after not eating solid foods and moving for nearly a month. His recovery process started with learning to breath on his own, talking and basic movements. After relearning how to do those basic tasks, he started four weeks of physical therapy where he was able to do a full depth squat, learned to walk with crutches and a strict muscle up. Doctor’s attributed his fast recovery due to his physical fitness through CrossFit.

The future: Kade will continue his physical therapy through outpatient rehab at home as he builds up his strength. With plans of training to become a firefighter, to make a return to the CrossFit Games as an individual competitor, Kade has his work cut out, but after this ordeal, he’s ready to take on any adversity.

  • “I just want to say that I’m grateful for everyone who helped me and my family out,” said Kade. “I was unaware of how many people were supporting me until I woke up after being sedated. It was very heartwarming to hear how many people were with me and made me feel so much better even though I was going through a ton of pain.”

How to help: With Kade’s father suffering from Alzheimer’s and his mother the sole source of income for the family, friends of the Kade family have started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the expensive treatment and recovery. To date, the page has raised over $90,000 with a goal of $200,000.


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Not That Fit: Unleashing Awesome Power with Snatch Record-Holder Quiana Welch

 Not That Fit: Unleashing Awesome Power with Snatch Record-Holder Quiana Welch 

After last week’s convo with Cirque du Soleil acrobat Jon Vellner, I’m feeling more accurate (and will keep chasing that 100-foot handstand walk) but #NotThatFit overall. There are still eight components of fitness left to master, so I’m counting on today’s guest to bring the power, literally.  

Not to be confused with strength, which is the ability to exert maximum force (like Stefán Sölvi Pétursson’s 400-pound axle press), power is force divided by time. That could mean something like broad jumping around a track or cycling Olympic lifts, which is a specialty of Quiana Welch, a weightlifter and former American record-holder in the 76 kilogram (167 pound) division for  snatch.


2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Men’s Dark Horse — Jeffrey Adler

 2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Men's Dark Horse -- Jeffrey Adler 



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Noah Ohlsen’s At-Home DB Workout

As part of Men’s Health Magazine’s “No Gym, No Problem,” the second fittest man on Earth and seven-time CrossFit Games athlete, Noah Ohlsen put together a three-movement dumbbell WOD. And, if you don’t have a dumbbell at home, there’s a body weight modification.



Congratulations to Brittany M., who was the first to correctly answer which Games individual men champions did not win their Regional they competed in the year they won the Games. The correct answer was Ben Smith, Rich Froning, and Graham Holmberg — Ben (CFG15, 4th Reg), Rich (CFG11, 8th Reg Team), Graham (CFG10, 4th Reg). Note, Rich Froning was prequalified for the CFG11 and did not have to compete as an Individual at Regionals, but instead competed on a Team. This was the second time that Brittany was the first person to correctly answer the trivia question.

  • Today’s question: Which women from the 2020 CrossFit Games roster competed at the 2012 CrossFit Games?

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Community Grab Bag

Here’s a quick grab bag of community stories that have come across our desks in the last few days:

  • PUSH Box: Based out of Seattle, WA, PUSH Box Fitness is offering online fitness classes remotely around the world. “PUSH” stands for “Pick Up Something Heavy” and Aidan Lidzbarski, the owner and coach provides workouts and coaching via ZOOM for athletes with access to a barbell, dumbbells or no bells at all. Join them Monday-Friday at 5:30pm PST and 9:30am PST on Saturdays. Their main goal is to create and maintain an online community to feel connected and supported, which means that even if you can’t make a Zoom class, you can still post your scores and see how other folks did on Sugar WOD. To join, reach out to them here.
  • CrossFit Shoofly Virtual Competition: Last year, CrossFit Shoofly in Fuquay-Varina, NC hosted their first partner competition, this year it is moving online. The details: Two person teams M/M, M/F, F/F in the Rx and scaled division; four workouts will be completed over 5 days from October 6-11 with video recording submitted online; there are prizes for podium winners and swag for those who register; the cost is $100 per team. Learn more and register. And check out this video about the competition.
  • CrossFitter for Congress: Political debates aside, this is a pretty cool ad from Eugene DePasquale, a Pennsylvania Auditor General who is running as the Democratic nominee for central Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District. Did you see those elevated pushups on the slam balls?
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